Fluval 406 Canister Filter for Turtle Aquarium Unboxing First Impressions Review

Here is an unboxing video of the Fluval 406 Canister Filter where I also give my first impressions/review.

Filter was purchased at Petco for $219 before tax. Over all I am impressed with it although the tubing that came with this doesn’t seem to be very durable and you have to separate it into two parts yourself.

The Media filter compartments come with all the media (charcoal and bacteria pellets) needed for filtration so it is plug in and go. The waste debris filters are also washable and reusable. It can also be used for salt water and fresh water aquariums.

I purchased the 100 US Gal filter for my 40 gallon tank as it will give me stronger filtration and also usable when I upgrade to a bigger tank.

Comes with a three year warranty so even though the price is a little high, you know you are getting a working filter for three years.

Any questions on this filter, please leave a comment. I will have a set up and full working review soon. Have a nice day!


didimitten says:

I am still yet to install it. I am waiting on my new tank before I do so I haven’t tried out the priming yet. See if you can find an installation video on here and if it seems like you are doing everything the same, you could have a defected one. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, as soon as I set mine up, I will record it and post it.

Alex Clark says:

You don’t replace the ceramic( biological filtration media) you have to colonize them and keep them. There not already colonized with the beneficial bacteria just leave them in the filter and they will do just fine.

Aqua Master says:

Cant wait to get my one…. was going to get a cheaper filter but have decided to wait and get this one. Seems to be the best one around

Victoria Chu says:

I have one of the whisper filters that hang over the top of the tank and it is so loud. I refill the water in the tank frequently to try and make it quieter but it is still very loud. Do you have any tips to make it quieter without completely buying a new filter?

Alex Magallanes says:

Don’t ever replace the bio filter. Infact if anything after a few months throw out the carbon and replace the box with plastic pot scrubbers and they work as well if not better than the ceramic biomax filters. The bacteria seem to establish colonies in them better. Also any be filial bacteria u establish u want to keep to house ur tank.

Kazey says:

shouldve bought a sunsun

Stacy Jackson says:

There’s no need to replace the ceramic media. It’s beneficial bacteria. It’s actually the most important part of your filter. Replacing it is the last thing you would want to do. But good video. Covers the whole filter.

Michael Norman says:

I set this filter up for my water dragon tank and cannot seem to get the thing primed. The booklet says that you have to leave no more than 7 inches at the top of your tank but of course I don’t have that much water in my 55g. How did you manage to get it primed for your

Atheria Co says:

Ugh, now I’m stressing because I too have a turtle and have a little over 7 inches lower from the top of water level.  After reading Michael Norman’s posting I’m crossing my fingers that it primes and WORKS!  I have spent so much time and money setting up the layout of the tank that it better work!  Wish I knew how to post stuff cause I would post my turtle tank to show the layout, it’s awesome!  You’ll just have to trust me on that I guess.  = )  But as long as Hot Rod (my turtle) loves it that’s all that matters.

Seer King says:

That black spong is not fine but another coarse filter pad, just like the white ones. I added filter floss ans polyfill on top of the black sponge on mine.

Dillonxxxx says:

very nice video, I was thinking of getting the same filter. let me know how you like it when you get it set up!

Ernestine Henry says:

How much water do you put in your tank?

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