Fluval C-Series Aquarium Filter Maintenance

Maintenance tips on the Fluval C series filter. To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1bJQp9x



Can u send me 1 for free

Steven DiStefano says:

If I have a standard 5.5 gal tank with one fan tail gold fish that is about 3 inches, can I use the C2 filter? Even though it is rated for up to 30 gallons, I was wondering if it would still be okay for a smaller tank? There are no live plants.

pusc1f3r says:

I have an Aquaclear 50, size wise how do the C2 and C3 compare? Would the C2 compare to the size of a AQ50?

Desiree villarreal says:

Hey fluval do u recommend this type of filter or the u4 for a planted tank ?

Almita Moreno says:

my filter is making noise how do I fix it ?



Scott Veirs says:

PLEASE fix your audio – its only coming through the left channel, and its annoying@!

Mervin T Thomas says:

I have a 2 and half feet aquarium. Will the C3 be enough ? Looks like I d have around 100 litres. Please let me know ?

K-reef Aquarium hobby says:

Bought myself a c2 for the quarantine tank. Working good!! UNBOXING on my channel.

RIPPER334 says:

Can you tell me how much clearance I need for the C3 and C4?

I have a tanks that’s been set up for about 10 years… it’s running a Fluval 405… and I’d like to run another filter for filtration and circulation… but I can find the dimensions for “tank to wall clearance”…

Samantha Bolick says:

Hello. I’m a newbie to filters. I have a c2. I bought it along with the tank from a previous owner and know nothing about it. The pump started making a grinding noise. I just took it apart and cleaned it out trying get any debris. It didn’t seem to help at all. Also I was wondering if there was any part of the filter that I need to change out on a regular basis, how often and what would the product be called?

Evan Eversole says:

is there enough media in that little box

Cameron Nikolajew says:

Would you be able to tell me if the C2 Power Filter could fit on the gap of a 10G LED Marinia Tank that used to fit a S15 Marina.

Luis Rodriguez says:

will the filter be good for reef tanks like 29gallons

Wayne H says:

I agree with audio it was driving me nuts Too. I stopped the video …If your doing reviews for Fluval I don’t think they will be too happy

Vien Ton says:

hi, will the fluval C2 fit the fluval vista 8.5 gallons?

Luis M says:

hello, which filter you recommend for my aquarium 25g, I have a couple of scalar and is planted with Sagitaria, anubias, and many rocks

ruben vielma says:

I work on aquarium store for a 10 year, the motor mini metal tube it loosens, is the same like Aqua Clear bram filter, motor have that problem, i dont like

Lee Rose says:

will these be sold in the UK

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