Fluval C-Series Clip-On Aquarium Filters

Discover the features and benefits of Fluval’s powerful Clip-On C Filter Series, the world’s only 5-stage filtration series. To learn more, visit: http://bit.ly/1bJQp9x
For maintenance tips, watch our video: http://bit.ly/1KDDs2m


LUC1FER says:

Whats the size of the filter from the clip on to the back of filter, as I dont really want to try to move my fishtank in case it doesnt fit lol, I have a HOB filter at the monent. the space between my tank and wall is 10.4cm.

Steven Richards says:

Are any of the c series filters compatible with the fluval edge aquariums are this would be a perfect upgrade if possible

teddytexture says:

When is this filter available in the UK?

Navjot Singh says:

We have Marina Style 60 tank. We have the following inhabitants in the tank :
5 x Albino Corydoras
6 x Guppies
4 x White Skirt Tetras
4 x zebra danois
We have Fluval Nano filter. We do 30-50 % water change weekly. Our concern is the filter sponge gets dirtied  very quickly. We prefer to clean the sponge every second week. On cleaning the sponge with tank water, we find a lot of debris. Of course, the filter is doing a great job but I fear too much bio load is being exerted on the filter.
Would you guys prefer upgrading the filter? So far, the tank has been running very well with all the fish growing very healthy.
If you guys, do prefer upgrading the filter, please do suggest the model and type keeping the above scenario in mind.
Navjot Singh
New Delhi, India.

anthony pope says:

Hi fluval can you still get the filter media for the C2 hang on I have one on order and how thick is the intake tube as I want to put on my Aqua 1 nano tank what as a glass lid and I can slide it forward so my wires can stick out I have also read some reviews on the Hagen C2 hang on filter and some people say it’s noise and one more thing how long as this filter been out on the market

Moises Monreal says:

You should tell what is the length width and height

Anal Avocado says:

That area for carbon is huge! How much bio media should I get to fill that?

shizdank says:

awesome product!!!

Boston Budz says:

I bought the C4 and I cannot get it to suction any water into the tube!? I poured some water into the filter and turned it on for a few and it wont do anything please help!

Timothy Yong says:

what’s the different between the 2 packaging ?

Fluval Aquatics says:

For technical information, including dimensions and aquarium capacity for the Fluval C Series, we invite you to visit our website: http://bit.ly/1bJQp9x

Ben Macleod says:

Why cant I find these on your website ?

Hendro Kusumo says:

i still confuse which one is the best, the c4 or u4 to be pairing with canister filter for my tank

Ra'uf Azman says:

can I use fluval surface skimmer with the c3 and c2?

lcy2020 says:

just wanna clarify something..would using ammonia remover such as zeolite starve the beneficial bacteria growing on cnodes as it absorbs all the ammonia..from my understanding zeolite is only a short term solution to reduce extreme ammonia spikes but is not advisable to use as a permanent bio – media ?…care to enlighten..thanks for your help

Andy Gold says:

I realize it’s not one of your products, but would you happen to know if a Seachem Purigen pouch ( or Chemipure pouch) will fit in the red, carbon area of the C2, or would i need one of the bigger C models? The pouch does fit my Aquaclear Mini (20), in place of the carbon bag but only if i use a smaller sized pouch of ceramic pieces above it.

Darren Arnett says:

Gonna try one soon.

kidsWearCrowns says:

So when is FLUVAL going to make a nice big 75G fulval edge style aquarium? like a 5 foot version of the fluval edge 6G.
the design is so cleaver with the glass on top and the water comes up under the cap just like toe 6G.
FLUVAL make it happen! I’d be the first one to buy one. You guy would blow innovative marine out of the water with a tank like that lol

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