Fluval Nano Filter Review


zachtarr420 says:

O mfg thank you soo much this filter confused me so bad bit now I seen it in action… thank you

HardyAquariums says:

Good idea. i’ll give them a call. I know right? It looks so promising lol

Navjot Singh says:

Hi, I think the product is essentially faulty coz that’s not how it should operate. I have a 15 gallon tank with this filter on. The filters runs so quietly that sometimes I have to check it by putting my ear near the tank. So far it’s doing excellent job.

Slim Tim says:

Fry tank looks great, yeah the smaller Fluval filters thumbs down in my book

Jeremyplantoon says:

I’ve found that if you turn up the filter full blast it usually works out all of the kinks in the fan and fixes the noise. Mines pretty silent.

HardyAquariums says:

thanks ! I agree with you. It’s too bad too, because Fluval makes nice products otherwise

HardyAquariums says:

yea, that did work for a few weeks with mine, but then the noise started up again. Is yours noisy when you turn the flow down?

Chris Martin says:

I just got the $20 canister filter from Amazon and got it sat up. If I didn’t see the current from the speed bar you wouldn’t know its running. This thing is super quiet. However the 80gal per hour is questionabl.I got it for my 5gal dirted tank.

XaViEr3520 says:

wow i got this for $5 clearance and i dont know where i left it 🙁

HardyAquariums says:

haha thats awesome. ill try unplugging it real quickly. If the filter wasn’t right next to my bed, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Unplugging and replugging helped a bit!

Noah's fish n bass guitar says:

lol cool

Densch11 says:

Same Filter with pipe outside water and i hear nothing 🙂

Matthew Wygand says:

Hey guys if you want to make the fluval filter quite take the filter in the fish tank water then open it up and make sure there is no air were the fan blade is or any where in the filter . It makes sound because air lets the blades move around and hit the sides of the filter. Give it try let me know if it works for you .It did for me

shizdank says:

i have 2 of these filters and yes they get noisy when they start to clog. sometimes unplugging and plugging it quickly makes the noise go away. i use one of these filters upside down as a surface skimmer lol.

James Conrey Aquatics says:

spacer* not soacer lol

CrazyFishLady says:

I was initially disappointed with this thing until I started fiddling with it. I found that if you don’t restrict the flow, and you don’t have the media area filled completely (I removed one of the inserts and just left the two spongers), it doesn’t make a ton of noise. In fact right now mine is so quiet you hardy hear it.

But…you shouldn’t have to fiddle and all parts should be usable. So definitely not worth spending the money when there are better alternatives.

Christopher S. says:

How much was it

Lee OfBacup says:

Mine is super quiet. I run it as a second filter along with an Eheim Pickup 2010 as my main… There is no noise at all. I’m not sure if putting it together in the tank, like some of the other commenters have said, will fix your problem as I never do that with mine and, like I said, it’s super quiet. The only indication that mine’s on is because it “blows” the bubbles, caused by an air stone, across the tank. If you’d like I can video it and post it for you to see how quiet it should be. Maybe you got a faulty one? Maybe there is air trapped in? As I mentioned earlier I can post a vid to show you if you’d like.

Dakota Outdoors says:

its because there is air inside the motor chamber…put it together inside the tank tilting the top motor part upside down to let air escape before putting it back on

HardyAquariums says:

I think it was about 30$

Mokaphyyr says:

the cascade internal filters that are like that are TONS better. the two i have had are unmanageably quiet (i now have the Fluval u4 witch is also nice.

James Conrey Aquatics says:

Is it missing a rubber soacer maybe on the impeller that holds it high enough to eliminate it touching ? I would contact Fluval, bet they help ya out with it :). Nice looking mini filter

geetealove says:

I found the noise awful too! I went online and found a way you can help with it though (without using Vaseline). You take off the white part off the impeller and you wrap a bit of Teflon tape around the post (that’s underneath the white part) and put everything back together. It should help with the clattery noise. Here’s the link (it has photos to help) http://scapeclub.org/forum/showthread.php?14405-Fix-For-Fluval-Nano-Impeller-Noise

Nadia Kali says:

I also, found mine to be noisy. I had to put it to the max level of flow for it to be quiet, and my poor fish is flopping all over in there. So I might try your way of facing it upwards.

Katie C. says:

so you put your aggressive fish in with your fry? 

HardyAquariums says:

is it an internal filter?

Andrew Curnow says:

Aqueon makes a great filter I love it and it works well

Maxim Cosski says:

yes i could hear it also have the tetra filter whisper it is crap too

matsakas matsakas says:

is very quiet with no noise

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