Freshwater Aquarium Filtration Systems Setup Advice – My take Aquarium Filtration setup

Freshwater Aquarium Filtration Systems Setup Advice – My take and advice for aquarium filtration setup.
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shadowleep says:

So, what you’re saying is that good filtration depends on the “surface area” of the filter. Right? Hint! Hint!

Uday Bhasuthker says:

I was about to purchase canister filter. Thank god i found your videos before getting fooled…

Ginny Tory says:

Thanks for this video! It’s been really helpful for me just starting out.
I have one question though. I get that you just need to make surface area. But what if you just fill a filter with only sponges? Or only biorings? What difference does it make what you use? Everything I’ve been reading says, one layer of sponge and a layer of bio rings. But if it is only about surface area, why do you need both? And when do you need to change the sponges/biorings, or do you even need to?

rich andy says:

Nice video.

Mr. Spock says:

Very informative video … perfect for an uninformed noob like me. :o)

Well done!

Find Manny says:

Hello, PLease help. I bought your hang on intake filter, but my wife saw all the poop not going up and into the filter and staying on the surface of the filter and she made me take it out… She said its slowing down the water flow and the poop and stuff wont get to the biorings so the bacteria wont be able to use that stuff… I can’t confirm she’s wrong, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!
my issue is that i just changed my filter to biorings & sponge that i got from co-op and now my Nitrates & Nitrites are high right now. .5 ppm so need to know asap

Amara D says:

Just had to pause this video to order an intake sponge, sponge filter and dwarf aquarium lily from you. Looking forward to their arrival. Thanks for the knowledge!

Michael Marquez says:

I really learned a lot thank you so much, and come to think of it whenever I see a large room of aquariums I do see those sponge filters!!!! And yes I have been wondering about them! GG

clizzle of 420 says:

Do the sponges you sell last for ever and do you clean them or do you throw them in the trash

Gardening and Goldfish says:

Helpful as always. Thanks for the breakdown of each type.

humphrey peek says:

good video. one major mistake bacteria do not take oxygen in from the water or air they neither have lungs or gills they obtain their oxygen by consuming nitrates and nitrites

Harley Butler says:

If you can’t afford his and you have left over aquaclear sponge or the likes, you cut that to work too.

Lourdinn says:

I know it’s an old video but they do sell one sided sponges now for sponge filters that you can put as a pre filter. Just fyi to future people 🙂

plushpossum says:

WOW. I’ve had it wrong all along. I’ve cleaned my fish to death, literally. And I just bought a dozen carbon filters (got ’em real cheap, so I stocked up) for my hang-on back filter. I’m going to get one of your sponges and stuff everything I can fit in my filter! SURFACE AREA!!!!! I’m so glad I found you! 🙂

Adam DAhlberg says:

I haven’t finished the video but I have learned something new in the first 2 min. of this video. Great job. New to the hobby looking at a 10g fancy guppy/yellow shrimp with java moss. Well that’s my plan so far.

Mark Hamil says:

Great info mate…thanks..I’m going back to basics

Tropical Fish Guy says:

Surface area But also flow rate is a big factor.

Rachel says:

Hi Cory, I really need help! I have a new 10 gallon fish tank that I purchased as a setup (which came with a HOB filter, cartridge pads, heater, etc.) I have a betta fish, some ghost shrimp, and a mystery snail. It’s been cycling for a little over 3 weeks now. I have live plants, so after watching this video I want to take out the biobag cartridge out since it has carbon and replace it with biomax filter media and a sponge but will this disrupt anything as far as the bacteria that may have started to grow on my cartridge? Give me any helpful advice you can please! Thanks so much, love your channel!

John Budziszewski says:

I’ma believer

Bishbashboshboshbosh says:

This is a 44 minute infomercial for his intake sponge.

Karen Vickers says:

Love the video, Big help thanks, Cory 🙂

Joshua Foreman says:

Helpful up front, salesy in the middle

Eric Allen says:

Cory, great video for beginners. I would like to add however, that flow rate is also an important variable when deciding which filter to go with. Many filters will provide enough surface area to allow enough bacteria to grow to handle the ammonia, but having enough water flow is also important for fish, plants, and to eliminate dead spots and waste buildup.

benji lit says:

I’ve had an Idea for one of my hang on back filters. Could I boil used legos and use them as filter media?

Travis Cook says:

I tried to buy this and there is no option to can be my country to Canada

Runer Warlock says:

Your forgetting oxygenation too though

Dave Jensen says:

I need the TL;DR version…

Hellblazer302 says:

Oh, wise aquarium fish man, thee have opened my eyes and filled my mind of clarity. For that, I am eternally grateful.

CJ Jones says:

tnx man.

Fish Man ROLY says:

Why not connect a sponge filter on the intake of the HOB filter ? Also you wouldn’t need A noisy air pump running.

Daniel H says:

Very nice video!
You touched it briefly in the video, mentioning a single guppy in a big tank, but the amount of waste a filter have to handle depends on how much “waste” you put into the aquarium each day!
So how many gallon the tank is doesn’t really matter.

If you feed the fish in a tank 1/10 oz of food each day, they will produce about 1/10 oz of waste.
If you feed 1 oz, there will be 1 oz of waste, so there will need to be 10 times the bacteria, and if you feed 10 oz, you need 100 times the bacteria.

That’s also why the “1inch of fish need 1 gallon of water” rule doesn’t work on filtration (and it should be considered very loosely for tanksize for other reasons).

My school of a dozen Ember tetras have a combined lenght approximately the same as my weather loach. But my weather loach easily eat more than ten times the food my entire school of Ember tetras do, so it require more than ten times the work from the filter system.

EO Rhino says:

Good one.

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