How to pick a aquarium canister filter

This is how to choose a canister filter for your aquarium
The key is to look at the flow rates your filter must turn your tank of 4 times or more per hour
Keep the filter cheap and upgrade the media as the media does the work and the filter just moves the water

I use pondguru bio home ultimate in all my filters as i find this to be the best media on the market


MrsBlueEyedBlonde says:

How often should you change your filter medium?

Art Hunter says:

Hi Paul. Great channel and fantastic looking tank mate.

Quick question. I’m looking at getting some Biohome media from Pondguru and was wondering how much I’d be needing. I have two Fluval 406’s and plan to use it in at least 5 possibly 6 of the trays. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Sothen says:

You are so helpful! Thank you.

Ironiic zero says:

thank you so much for this video, i was finding it difficult to choose between a two filters, one made by allpondsolutions 1400ef and some jeboa filter which did 1600 lph. no i know which to buy

Chris Starling says:

ta this helped with confusion oh all the different brands on another note when it comes to marine set ups do the canisters need to be different?

Two Flaps says:

easier to use a sump

John 67 says:

SunSun HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer, 525 GPH up to a 150 gallon aquarium, so for the money hands down the best canister filter. coast about $85.00 on Amazon

MrAllsorts2011 says:

Hi Paul,

Just come across your video, very good advice and I do understand what you’re saying however… I do feel that their needs to be a word of warning towards cheaper canister filters. I’ve found many reviews and conducted tests myself, where the advertised flow rates for these cheaper filters aren’t actually reflected in day to day usage. (E.g. Manufactures flow rate was performed with little head pressure and no filter media) therefore significantly increasing turn over.

Another thing I find with the cheaper units is that they are usually a lot noisy and fail mechanically (Pump wise) quicker than their premium competitors/Those with branding.

Top tip; Always read reviews and if you find a filter you like, a quick YouTube search can really help people out.

Cheers, Nath

Norman Hall says:

Your tank is mahoosive! :o)I’ve got tank envy! Great vid, thanks for the advice.

nmacog says:

i have a 260L Fluval Vicenza, been running a Fluval 305 on it for quite a while was ok until i got some Biohome Ultra from PondGuru, instant changes in clarity and water paramaters – just bought allpondsolutions 2000+EF with the naff media thrown in but gonna replace with Biohome Ultimate Media – you are right media is what its all about along with litres per hour filtration flow

Steve Slater says:

I have a juwel Rio 240,been considering a cannister filter.
But didn’t have a clue which one. Your video made that task simpler.

Harmonica In The Breeze. says:

“Yo what’s up YouTube” ha ha that was the funniest. just for a split second. I thought oh no another yank video.. but no…yeah keep it British …eh? good review.

Nat E. Ganes says:

I’m looking to buy a canister filter but I’m having second thoughts. Which one is better? The SunSun canister filter or the Fluval FX6? I’m not sure if the SunSun canister filter is self-priming, or do I need to prime it manually?

Thank you

Man on Earth says:

what media should I put inside ?? please let me know

tony leah says:

just watched this vid, totally agree with you. the pump pumps, the canister holds, but media is the crucial element in filtration,this does the most important job of all.

tabrez taz says:

how often do u do water changes when u have a discus tank ?

Two Flaps says:

nice video

Matts Aquascapes says:

Hi, loved the video!! I have a question. I have a 55 gallon with plants and co2! What brand and model would you recommend for a good price! I would really appreciate it!
Thanks! Matthew

Jasper Delgado says:

Superb Tank!!!

ylativ says:

Is Canister Filter is good for saltwater tanks?

Young Tank says:

Great video bro

MartinJG100 says:

Paul. I set up a new tank yesterday (newbie) and I have just got a Marina CF40 (Hagen Crystalflow). It claims to pump @750L P/H and my tank is @ 120L. However, the thing that is bugging me is that it is not that quiet. I can hear the impeller so more than just a hum. It is new setup so there is air in the system but most of it seems to have been purged. How long will it take to settle down? A noisy pump will drive me nuts. Thanks

REDCITY804 says:

So if I have a 75 gallon and a 90 gallon stack over top each could I still run one canister on both

Turbogeek 21 says:

Damn that is a goodlookin’ aquarium

BlueMoon says:

When you said hey whats up youtube like dustin i stopped watching.

MPWALL says:

Thanks for the info.I’m going to be starting out soon. Is there a relationship between buying a cheaper canister filter vs how loud they are?

Pepe Arteaga says:

Hi paul, great vid.

What canister filter is that? Model and brand, I mean.

roy cooney says:

thanks great just about to change
to out side filter just wanted to know will save me money will take what
you say

LordHeath1972 says:

Your explanation made a huge difference to me and saved me a lot of money – thanks mate!

Matt's Aquariums says:

I believe flow rate is important but media capacity is the most important.

Cynthia Bell says:

The Cobalt EXT has 4 large baskets, but only rated 210 gallon/hr. Would the slower flow rate make a big difference when it has large baskets?

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