Hydor Canister Filter Review

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rancher2112 says:

Nice filter.  Are you still happy with it?

TheBravo101 says:

I think that Hydor filter puts my Fluval 205 filter to shame 🙂

Enrique Goitia says:

I was gonna get the larger hydor but I went fir the eheim classic since buying from the internet from a German suite would be hard to claim warranty or problems

Rob St.Helen says:

Top notch as always!  I had a canister once “RENA” worked great … I just may go back to that style of filter.

514Designer says:

Hi Jacob, thanks a lot for the review
Quick question on the filter.
How noisy it is?
I just got the HYDOR 350 model, the vibration is close to zero, but I literally can hear the shaft rotation and some mechanical humming inside.
Thanks in advance

jaiizwaii89 says:

I have this & hate it. It’s going back to foster & smith

KingKoopa __ says:

thinking about getting the 150

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

I didn’t even know that Hydor made canisters.  How many gallons is this model rated for?  Thanks for the review.  Very helpful.  I may have to look into these next time I need a new canister.

Ivan Corona says:

Hey Jacob I was wondering if you now of any medicine to cute fin rot?? I have tried melafix and pamafix and none of them work! Is been over a month and I see no results. So if you know anything please help me

Fishkeeper59 says:

Update:  Just received my Hydor 600 yesterday.  This is a very nice filter.  It’s much larger than my Fluval 305 or Magnum 350, and as nicely built as the Fluval, if not nicer.The motor is whisper quiet,  and the filter has a nice solid feel to it, while also having a nice industrial aesthetic.   If it stands up as well as my other filters, it will have been a very good purchase. Especially at the $148 price.Earlier…Very professionally done video on this fine filter.     Just purchased a 600 on sale and will be installing it on one of my planted aquaria.  I own several canisters  from Eheim, Fluval and Marineland.  Have been wanting to try a Hydor for awhile, however wanted to wait for the prices to come down.

Dorito Fish says:

How is it now?

Keith's Planted Aquariums says:

cool! I should get one of those!

cousin rukus says:

Hello, thanks for such a helpful review. I am really interested in buying the 450 model and was wondering if it would be ideal for a turtles tank. The water is only filled half way in a 75 gallon tank to make way for the turtles landing pad and lights. Would the filter parts reach down low enough?

Gators Fins says:

Love the Vana impression Jacob! Great review.

Ryushei says:

How would u compare this to the fluval 406? I was deciding between a 406 or this but I choose the 406 due to more gph out put and more knowledge behind the company. What are your thoughts?

Alan says:

no primer tho with not an necessity but a huge advantage on any cannister

the lazy fish keeper says:

what kind of pricing are we looking at?  do you feel it is as good as the other brands out there?  will this filter be used on the planted tank you are setting up in the store?
  stay well

Amber Courtney says:

Looks like a nice filter. Didn’t know Hydor made filters like this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

The Cichlid Nut - Tim Howard says:

Hey Jacob. After the months that have gone bye since you made this vid… Do you still like your filter? Still running good and all?

Alex Blanchard says:

Does it state the wattage of this unit at 230/240 volts? The Hydor website claims that at this voltage (UK) the 450 consumes 15W compared to the 350 which consumes 22W. Doesn’t sound right

Jacob Wang says:

The one thing with canister filters is that you don’t have to worry about your biological media drying up and killing off the bacteria whenever you have a long power outage, unlike wet-dry filters

willzy says:

This looks exactly like the aquanic 1000 canister filter I bought 2 years ago. Hydor must have bought them out and rebadged them.

xxstitch69xx says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing!
One question though, can you tell me the inner diameter of the tubing in the 450 model please?


naushad semna says:

is it better than eheim 2217 filter?????

Thomas Estrada says:

Would you recommend buying one of the 450 models for $75

Frederick Dunn says:

OOOhhhh Dang! Love the presentation, but wanted to see and hear it working. Thanks for the video, thumbs up of course!

Manoj Negi says:

Thanks for uploading this video… Do we need any internal filter or air stone or oxygen pump once external canister filter is installed? I am just wondering that in most of external filter review, I have not seen anything like that… Could you please answer it?

willzy says:

You should include disconnecting the hose from the filter as it’s quite messy compared to some other filters.

Don’t forget to get an absorbent cloth when you do it. 🙂

Eric agua says:

Thanks Jacob I been looking at this filter but didn’t see to many reviews online about them. Looks like a good canister filter.


Eheim is pretty good too. I know people who have been running an eheim canister for 20 plus years and they still run the same. 

Justin Barr says:

The largest sized GLA inline diffuser will not fit a Hydor 600. Couldn’t find this information anywhere online so I’m posting it on both your videos so hopefully it will save someone some time.

Shahriar Farkhan says:

Hey Jacob, What size tubing does your filter have intake and out? I want to plumb a Hydor heater and CO2 reactor on mine and I want to make sure I have the right sized adapters.

J.Cruz671 says:

Yo Jacob,  does your filter leak out the seam on the motor housing. The red and black housing inside the canister?

Calm Sea says:

Do you have a video on the best way to change the canisters for the Hydor?

MattacksRC says:

according to their specs the 350 is good for 60 to 100 gallon. and the 450 is good for 75 to 125 gallon.. what would you use for a 72 gallon bowfront with 3 commen goldfish?

Floaty-Goat says:

I just got the 350 version of this filter for my 55 gallon after watching your videos. I love it except I find it crazy difficult to prime. My start button on top does nothing and I often have to pour water into the filter first before even attempting to prime it. Just wondering if you had the same problems or had any advice.

Mike Mckay says:

Looks like a nice filter.

Chad Davis says:

I own the 600 and have been using it for about 6 or 7 months now.  It works excellent!  I am going to be buying another to do away with my HOB filter. 

KingKoopa __ says:

how do u like it so far

jartar1223 says:

I appreciate the time you spend making these videos

Job amazingly done

Alex Hayden says:

What size are the hose connectors on the filter? 3/4inch? 5/8inch? Do the smaller models use the same hoses? I really need 3/4inch hose connectors, my tank is a 65gal so was looking at the 350 model. Is that the right choice?


Excellent review in a product few kno about! Well done

Noah Mchood says:

Thanks Jacob I’ve been looking for reviews and couldn’t find any

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