HYDRA Internal Filter Review

A detailed break down and review on the Hydra internal filters by Ocean Free. Including the Hydra Nano Plus, Hydra 20, Hydra 30, Hydra 40 and Hydra 50 filters.

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Pup314 says:

I also noticed it doesn’t have a UV sterilizer in it. Does it need one, and if so will they be adding that as an option in their future products?

Monkey Nut says:

So it does nothing for nitrates. Def no point buying for that ! I was thinking of buying for that, but no diff

You didn’t have an ammonia spike so you can’t tell if this magic technology actually works.. it’s better to have a bottle of biohome cycled to get rid of excessive ammonia,

Jose Montalvo says:

Hydra? Isn’t that a animal in that attacks fish? The candy Aides went out of business because of The disease of the same name.

Pup314 says:

Your severum is beautiful! Would love to see your BGKF if you ever get some footage of it. I used to have one my self who was best buddies with a Spotted Raphael catfish (they would share a cave for 3 years until I rehoused them into a 55G from a 15G, where they found new separate housing).

Sean Jones says:

I have a 30 and a 40 on my tanks. Very good filters and eliminate the need to cycle a tank.

Maxine’s 2 aquariums says:

Waste of money these types of filters are so basic and hold no biological media whatsoever just get yourself a good canister filter instead.

Peter Landy says:

Ridiculously over priced. I’d prefer conventional, old fashioned tank cycling over this gizmo and use a real HOB or canister filter. For bio media this thing contains negligible surface. A simple, cheaper ATI hydro sponge filter will blow this thing away.

Pup314 says:

It sounds like it will also remove ions of sodium, chloride, calcium, and other metals and salts dissolved in your tank which is not good if you want calcium for your shrimps to molt successfully. Do they address that possible aspect of their filtering system? I mean it sounds like it removes dangerous organics as well as essential TDS minerals, salts and metals dissolved in the tank’s water. I can see some instances where that would be a good thing if you wanted soft low pH and low GH and KH water, but shrimps need certain levels of KH for molting.

ZXBilly says:

The volume of water these filters claim to be suitable for seems wildly optimistic. Good review though and i always like to see what’s new to the market. So, thanks.

Plants and Fish says:

Really great review about something I’d been curious about, since it’s not a normal filter, thanks

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