Lets end this hype train on the Ziss Bubble Bio Filter- Aquarium Co-Op

Lets talk about this new Ziss Bubble Bio Filter, and answer your questions about anything and hang out!
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Ricky B Fishing says:

How do you get on the community page?

Grace Bee says:

You don’t like it because you’re selling it, you like it so you’re selling it. One of the many things I respect about you and your business practices is that you test things thoroughly before deciding what to stock in your retail store. I was in your store yesterday and saw a lot of the ziss filters in the tanks, they look pretty cool (imo) and the water looks great!

jonmuis bainson says:

pss it’s green because plants don’t use green light

Marc Jones says:

I’ve got 5 of them in a racking system. I like it because it’s a decent alt to a sponge filter, also like the fluidised media. They are on top of having a sump full of marine pure. Firstly it’s air secondary and bonus biomedia

Boston Maine Mike says:

Just received my Ziss’ last night and installed 2 in my 150 Planted Discus Community today, replacing air stones. Fun and anticipating usefulness for these…

Philadelphia Aquatic Experience says:


I guess this would be the 10 gallon one

Calvin Cheng says:

Hi Cory how manny of this bio filter for my 125 gallon tank

Chris Tellier says:

Thanks! Video looks super clean.

Cullen Kawano says:

This video was great!! Enjoy your time here! If I happen to see you, i may smile and say hello. if in maui check out the food trucks at the kahului harbor or truck lot at costco =) great local foods. especially Kalei’s food truck =) Pipikaula Hurricane Brussels sprouts…

tiffani brousseau says:

Hello Cory I’ve watched hundreds of your videos and have learned so much thank you!!! I make resin ocean jewelry/keychains with real shells and crushed shells for color they look like the bottom of a river or ocean I would like to send you some for you and your loved ones for Christmas to say thank you if you want.

Clive Pugh says:

If your not in USA. You can get it on amazon .co.uk. Thats where i bought mine (UK). And seems to work well but only time will tell if it does anthing for bacterial control.

RatMan N LibertyHound says:

It funny that people have been making this filter out of water bottles. Now its a pattented product.

Marvin Xox says:

I couldn’t agree more with what you said about stores that offer maintenance.
I have some in my city and their opening times are aweful (like two hours in the morning and one in the evening on two days a week and on the other days they are open for like 5 hours)whilst the stores that don’t offer maintenance and will maybe help you find someone for maintenance if you ask them are all doing quite fine.
It just can really be seen how small stores will fail when they offer maintenance services. One of these stores already had to sell half of their store-space to their next door neighbor because they couldn’t finance it anymore because apparently they can’t sell any fish when they are nearly always closed.

ER1C0 5U4VE says:

yup, jae barbs are sweet

Kristie Mowry says:

I heard that the carbon footprint for fast shipping is not good. You should check this out cause I know you are an earth friendly guy.

GeoAquariums says:

Hey Cory, you got a typo in the description of the video. Not sure if you care or if you copy and paste it in or something. But the word shipping after the t-shirt section.

As always appreciate your analogies and contributions to the hobby!

Vincent Vader says:

I want that filter!

Aquarium Co-Op says:

You can buy the Ziss filter from us here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/ziss-bubble-bio-moving-bed-filter

Naritasha Ritchie says:

Hi Cory. Do you do international shipping?

K Patrick says:

I have a quick question.. I have a 10gal tank (smallest I’ve ever owned), I’m currently thinking about getting 4 corydoras, 7-8 neon tetras, and some ghost shrimp. Think that’s too much? Got a nice filter and some live plants. Water changes every two weeks

Todd Miller says:

This was too funny to
Watch……. I’ll get this when I buy my bigger tank 🙂

Matthew Bartkowski says:

Hi Cory I’m catch-up watching.
What’s the word you mention at 1:12:17 ?
You asked somebody to write it down to be looked up.

Darth Rylocke says:

Bought one for my 30 gallon goldfish tank that is overstocked by one goldfish “3 in a 30 gallon” as additional filtration to keep up with the bioload with my HOB. Thanks for providing great products Cory, your the man! Easily my favorite aquarium youtuber. Keep up the amazing work!

Rico Suave says:

deff dont buy a peacock bass unless your sure you want one fish in a big tank

Kristie Mowry says:

very uplifting to hear you trying to co exist with the heron. love you for that!

Revaria says:

Ironically I bought a handheld vacuum cleaner on amazon and it got annihilated in the mail, might have to refund it and get a new one.

Steve Sheldon says:

Thanks, Cory for all the info on the Ziss. I got one from you and am using it in a 72 bowfront. I’ll let you know how it goes!

bcd182 says:

Not really relevant to this video but do you have experience using CaribSea aquarium sand?

Tristen Ezell says:

I had no idea what was happening for the first 30

Brian Perrotta says:

Will it work in a 20 gallon long

Shelley G. says:

Yes! Please make a fish food that looks like tiny cheetos, I WILL buy it LOL…I swear to God

Holly Fifa77 says:

Could you put denitrifying pellets in it

Mike Schwitzke Jr says:

Devils advocate we need one half that size for smaller tanks lol.

Shelley G. says:

Another fabulous video. Thanks Cory. That Ziss looks like a great filter….I appreciate that very thorough description of it, and its mechanics.

Shelley G. says:

Ok I think I have caught up on all the Co-op Videos, was there one where you talked about discontinuing selling the NLS fish foods? I see you no longer sell it on your website, just curious why? I hope its ok to ask here

なSwampFox says:

I have a question about pearl Gourami. I was wondering how many of them I could put in a 40gal planted tank

David Mercado says:

I bought the filter on black Friday. I use it in a 65 gallon tank along with a canister filter. I use it as a replacement for my air stone. I like it. It works great.

william martz says:

This all makes a lot of sense. I like running a hang on back in addition to a sponge filter in my tanks…. I could see the benefit to running one of these in place of an air stone like i use my sponges. or possibly in place of a sponge filter. I think it would be a nice addition to a larger tank. That thing would take up a lot of space in a 20 long. I like to run something like an aquaclear 20 on one side of the tank with a small sponge filter on the other side of the tank to create surface agitation along with adding some water circulation in the tank.

Wushujimmy says:

Could you make a Taco Hat or Taco Union icons for longer term members? Heck, even a double taco or a ACoop Taco pack.

Keith Hoagland says:

Looks like a reactor.

Steve Parker says:

Have you found a way to “Quiet” it. I pulled it right back out after trying to minimize the noise. This is the loudest piece of aquarium equipment I now own. Ideas?

Glenn Ball says:

First off thank you aquriam coop for your awesome stuff. But i have a quick question i recently purchased a ziss filter and having trouble getting it to fluidiz i have tried new pump turning the valve wide open and turning it all the way down to but the media just sits there no cirulation or anything. Any ideas what im doing wrong proably something dumb i missing but i thought this thing was kinda idiot proof i dunno

Stacie Steagall says:

I really want one of these for my bn pleco tank. I think it could be the missing link in my filtration in that tank.

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