Marineland Magnum Internal Polishing Filter | Product Review |

Thomas gives us his two cents on the Marineland Magnum Internal Polishing Filter!

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Emanuel Spada says:

is this fine for a turtle tank?

Tom Man says:

Can this filter be used in a 38 gallon bow front and if so where would the best location fit be ?


ChasiubaoBelly says:

Also can you adjust the exhaust speed because I don’t want it shoots out so fast that my fishes get frustrated ?

Howard Dixon says:

does the new filter work in salt water

Jack Wyatt says:

What size powerhead drives this filter? Is it just a regular Marineland powerhead?

Could you change the impellor to slow it down for GFO?

dANK MEME says:

Could I use this on a 55 as the primary with a biowheel 200?

Expert Aquatic says:

I know this won’t happen but can u please send me a marineland magnium filter please

Loretta Gallegos says:

Do you know how the fish react to one? I have an Oscar and he gets real annoyed with the volcano bubbles and pushes it around.

Anil Agiral says:

This filter is powerful and really works well. I got it from Big Al’s. My question is that how can I clean the impeller? It looks like some java moss stuck there amd filter is buzzing.

William Carino says:

Marineland filters lost me with their Penguin line. What a hunk of junk that was. At least they sucked so much that they convinced me to invest in canister filters. So there’s that.

Alex Tovar says:

Can I use this in a patio container pond ?

KLM M says:

Can this be used as a main filter?

Doragon says:

Name of song please.

Daniel Bautista says:

What’s the minimum tank size for this?

Tjita1 says:

I get that it might be a little difficult and maybe not of any real benefit to your company, but given as Thomas its probably the best presenter in the history of commercial YT channels he’s bound to draw some non american viewers. Is there any chance that maybe you could team up with some european manufacturers (and/or other continents, I’m just a little partial as I live in Europe) to be able to recommend equivalent products to those of us who can’t get these from the US (you know, the weird power you use over there and so on 😉 )?

asif hussain says:

How do you keep nitrates low do we have any media that removes nitrates?

Roger Guzman says:

how to avoid fishes getting sucked into filter

Joey _ says:

I love your shirt!!

D Leal says:

how quick do results come if I’m planning on having guests over? should I run it 24hrs, overnight, a few minutes?? holidays are coming and will have several gatherings. wanna look tip top shape

Kyle H says:

I’ve always felt I should have a backup filter
Definitely on my to buy list!

Fish R Relaxing says:

I really don’t understand the point of this? Anyone needing such a large pump would already have proper mechanical, biological and chemicals filtration in a canister or sump. Maybe for an emergency Incase a filter burns out.. however who doesn’t already run 2 canisters already just for that reason? Seems like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…

The Angry Fish Guy says:

how re useable are those JH floss sleeves? Are they high quality enough to rinse out and in a bucket and use over and over? Buying new “sleeves” seems like a pain in the butt.

Dominic J Cruz says:

can this be used as a main filter

Crispy27 says:

Was thinking about using this for 3 stage in a 75 gallon tank with a read eared slider. I know it doesn’t match the usual rule of thumb of using a filter rated for twice the tank size, but it’s a single turtle that’s fed in a separate tub. Do you think it would be up to the task?

Beyond Berlin says:

Can I use it in saltwater and as a primary filtration

darealness says:

where can i get the diatomaceous earth from? does big als carry it?

Andrew Messer says:

World this be a good primary filter for a 40 gallon freshwater thank? I notice the guy keeps calling it a secondary.

MrJuanpablo1997 says:

I️ don’t understand when do you use the white thing and , I’m using the filter right now but is it filtering my tank I️ don’t have the white thing in there just the blue with the black things inside

Esoteric Desi says:

but what is a “Polishing Filter” for? Is that normal filter? or some specific use filter?

Kenny Dubon says:

Just got one today for my turtle tank and it cleaned it in 1 hour

Jewell love says:

Am I the only one not seeing anything

Hellish Underwater Adventures. says:

back up…..maybe. such a small thin sponge means a lot of tank diving though eh? but yes. back up ? fine!

Lovebetta says:

I love this it’s like a internal reactor. I got one.

Mal Reynolds says:

great video. Thanks for the detailed review

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