Marineland Penguin 350 Filter Review

Marineland Penguin 350 Filter Review


Whiskeyfox says:

I’ve had this filter before, and after awhile the wheels stop turning and becomes less effective. if you want a quiet filtration setup with no bubbles, please check out fluval’s canister filters – they are amazing and require little to no maintenance.

RedDestroyer Gaming says:

You mispelled penguin on the video title

John Hugo says:

Bubble haters good surface break up

Gatortrax Aquatics says:

I’d recommend crushing some barbecue lava rock from Home Depot and washing them and putting them were those second filter pads could go. Much better for biological filtration for very very cheap

Bradley Zimmerman says:

I like aqua clear

Jason Plunkett says:

Aqua-Tech filters fit perfectly and are cheap. Made by Marineland too and better filters.

Jason _ says:

Hey, could you let me know how much clearance is needed behind the aquarium for this filter? I’m considering this one but hoping to get my tank as close to the wall as possible. Thanks

Todd Hayslett says:

You can also get media baskets for the 350 like the 400 comes with. You can get them on ebay for $3

SamsonAKAK80 says:

I recently got this exact filter- having recently got an aquarium for the first time in almost 20 years– and I love it … and I had pretty much every size of the Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel filters they have ever made for different tanks at different times in the past… these are by far the best filter you can get for the money, time, effort, and result. Bar None- These are the best Value-for-Dollar and Quality-to-Price Ratio you could get. The Bio-Wheel is literally the best biological filtration medium available in a HOB filter, and with the disposable cartridge being very reasonably priced, you get outstanding chemical and mechanical filtration that you can quickly, easily, safely (no risk to bacterial load & colony) and fairly economically — These pads are less than $1.25 each … so theoretically, you could have FOUR high-effect fiber floss padded/activated charcoal-filled filter cartridges installed in your filter for ~$5 a month …. plus the Bio-Wheel is literally unmatched in home-aquarium biological filtration. … and just to point out to some people I have seen comment here and elsewhere — YOU WANT the Bio-Wheel to slow down. It’s not necessary for it to be spinning fast. The slower it spins, not only does it mean it has increased weight because of more beneficial bacteria colonizing the pads, but also the more surface-to-air interaction is happening with the water that splashes across the pad during rotation. I am very happy with these products and believe firmly they are the best value-for-dollar in aquarium filtration. The best example I can site is like spray-foam insulation…. it is a much more efficient and effective method of insulation, even comparing it to fiberglass batting is not fair, it’s completely better in the way it works and much better long-term. (Plus as you stated, you have 2 of them…. You can always add another for very reasonable price, rather than saying, “Oh I need more filtration now, I have to invest $100+ in another system and dump this one.)

Super Franny says:

Can I live with you

Dade Pomsouvan says:

The bubbles are good for the water because they provide oxygen for the fish.

Mark Davis says:

I took the bio wheels off & tossed them in the trash, much quieter & no more annoying micro bubbles, in my experience I found that taking them off didn’t make my tank cloudy since it’s already established & recommend everybody do the same, I feel like it’s an awesome very quiet filter as long as you discard of the wheels

Cjt Diesel says:

I recommend a additional sponge filter it will help produce and keep good bacteria in your tank

9 h says:

How long is this filter ?


good review and thanks for the info on them

Max Penrod says:

Thx should switch to a 400

Chris J says:

And welcome back to Cody’s Lab, oh wait wrong channel.

Dee From Brooklyn says:

As much as i liked these they always stop turning and the little piece that holds the bio wheels eventually gets lost

Chewy's Bro Aquatics says:

I hate the micro bubbles. I returned all my Marineland filters because the bubbles just look so bad

John Hugo says:

I have had this filter for 20 years only 1 broken impeller , water fall noisey evapo splasho

Mystic Creep says:

What filter do you use for your turtles?

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