New Aquarium Filter Products For My Fluval FX6 Filters (How Dirty Are these Canister Filters?)

It is time to do some filter maintenance on the 220 Lake Malawi predator hap tank. I am servicing the Fluval fx6 canister filters. When I do this (not all that often) I do the bare minimum because I don’t want to run the risk of removing beneficial bacteria. over cleaning can remove or kill beneficial bacteria which will lead to a tank crash and dead fish. So again, I like to do the min to be on the safe side. Don’t forget to always keep your media wet with tank water while you are cleaning your aquarium filters. If the media dries out, your beneficial bacteria will start dying off.

How often do you clean your filters? Deep cleans? Let me know in the comment section below. Please like, share and subscribe, thanks for watching!



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TheDiesel27 says:

I just set it up. I have a fx6 and a fx4 brand new

Cae Walker says:

Geez I can’t believe how clean your filter water was

TheDiesel27 says:

Love the video. Please send a list of all media you use.

GDee Cichlids says:

Don’t have an Fx6 YET but I do my service quite similar.

Willie Fistergash says:

Hey paul that was a great video! How long did thst ChemiPure elite last you? I

The Indian Fishkeeper says:

It always feels great after cleaning filter !!

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi Paula.. It’s always fun watching someone else get their fingers in the gunk!! =D

Joe Munoz says:

How often do you clean it Paul? I usually clean them once a month .

TheDiesel27 says:

Also where did you get the background at?

IFG says:

Dang dude! You’re short. Lol

rob sool Aquatics says:

wow arechannels have something in common we love fish tank equipment I subbed 800 gallons of man cave Madness swing over when you get a minute

B2 Fishy says:

I just cleaned mine for the first time in 2 months last night. One was worse then the other so that filter I’m going to clean it again in a month and a half and see how it is the other filter I left alone. I guess we can’t really go off of what other people do because we all have different stock and feeding habits but what I suggest to people is nothing wrong with checking them out, can always put it back and check another time. It helps to shut filters down while feeding and turning them back on a couple mins later. Thanks for the vid!

g bear says:

I want to switch from my Eheim 2260 to a fx 6 but I would need 2 to almost fit the same amount of bio media.. the filter has been running since 94

Matthew Moore says:

Man Dude I like that drain trick in the beginning. Never thought of that!

J Mo Cichlids says:

Does it matter what tray I put my purigen in?

Ben Ochart says:

Nice Paul. How long between cleaning? Yours was pristine compared to how mine looks.

TheDiesel27 says:

African cichlids

Gewglesux says:

You use the same stuff i do.. not for nothing… The chore of even opening up those damn FX’S and those stupid white nuts.after going through all that i always change everything.. Your sponges on the outside looked pretty dark.. I always give them a good rinsing or change them as i go along.

Adam C says:

do you chemi pure elite over the blue?

TheDiesel27 says:

I will post one that s weekend

TheDiesel27 says:

I’m doin a mix

wyzemann says:

I noticed you placed the pink side of the pinky filter face up in the baskets. The white side should always come into contact with the water first to easier trap heavier detritus; then, the pink side is the finer part for smaller particles. The way I saw in this vid will still filter but clogging may occur faster. Did you do it opposite intentionally for a specific reason?

Lisa Crowley says:

awesome video, as always love your tank.

Daniel Lupercio says:

That background is beautiful where was it bought

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