New Favorite Canister Filter! Unboxing and Review

Unboxing and my initial thoughts/impressions of the Cobalt EXT canister filter! This is an impressive filter in its innovations and affordability. My new favorite canister filter, the Cobalt EXT is dead silent and allows for disconnecting the hoses without turning off the pump!!

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EJ Fishes 76 says:

Nice review Carlos, I’m definitely going to check it out! Was it leaking a little or was that just water from the setup?

Dre C says:

Cobalt Aquatics… Too bad they suck at responding to warranty inquiries.

PRJ since1990 says:

Great video man. Loved how you showed us the whole thing from un boxing to set up. If I ever get a canister filter I’ll go with Cobalt. Also, sweet Koi Angel! My wife and I just got one. God bless man.

Nightrealms says:

Amazon please come to Australia sadly not here yet.

Lumpydog says:

Who you calling a fish nerd? LOL Thanks for the canister filter review. Looks like a real good value. I’ll keep it in mind for my next canister filter need. Cheers.

Jones says:

Just giving an update it’s $130 now, great review!

globalzero says:

thats an aquael product made in poland. lol

A.C. Aquatics says:

Awesome video as always Carlos. Thanks for sharing as always. I’ve been waiting for a good review on these canister filters for a while now. Keep doing what you do If it works for you.

Anthony Ragan says:

Interesting. The pump outside is an intriguing idea, and I like that the water keeps flowing even when you detached the hose connection. I really like my Marineland: it’s been a workhorse.

cynthia dameron says:

I got it for $85 thanks for sharing!

Jenna and rats says:

I have 2 and i love them!

freshlyunreal says:

Hey what light fixture so you have on your 55 to grow your plants? I have a single Nicrew Led and its not working

Freddy Got Fished says:

Eheim should learn from this Cobalt company, make in and outtake transparent. Im sitting here with mine alla green.

ThirstyRabbit Tanks2U says:

I like the loop idea.

Jeff Allen says:

That’s the one thing I hate about my Magnum 350 canister filter is having to shut of the valves. Remove the hoses (all the while laying inside the cabinet under my 90 gallon and keep water from dripping into the power outlet) to remove the canister for service. This quick disconnect looks awesome!

Michael Kosater says:

Thanks for the review, looks like a good canister. You going to the GCAS swapmeet this weekend? That would make a good video.

Friday Fish Facts says:

O man, like the video! Great review

BuckAnEar69 Aquatics says:

Great video and review! I lol’d at the subliminal messages flashing up. Reminded me of Fight Club….but, we don’t talk about fight club.

iamalemontree says:

Great video! Can you do a video of when you prime this, since u put the pump on the output tube

Anthony Romano says:

You might have said this but what is the flow rate/gph? Great review I want one now!

Grintchish says:

Would this filter be too much for a 20g tank?

Corey Graese says:

Good review and great timing. I’ve got a 55 gallon with a HOB filter that I’m not a huge fan of anymore. Been researching canister filters and had not seen this one yet, the in-line pump is interesting. Will definitely be considering this one. Thanks for the review!!

Tyler says:

Do you think the pump would overheat when you leave it running when disconnected just wondering

H.C. Aqua says:

Wow, slick design, on how you can keep the pump on while cleaning it. Awesome, I’m going over to amazon now to check it out and add it to my wishlist.

Cris Vega says:

Thank you for review, might have to pick one up. It is genius to mount pump on output line, that way water hits every phase of filtration before touching the impaler. With the filter floss on top layer, pump should be gunk free for a bery long time.

casey childs says:

Why does every fish channel refer to its followers as “fish freaks” or “fish nerds”? I suppose it’s to be cool, but I don’t find insults cool. “Fish fans” of “fish enthusiast” is better

Marcus Braun says:

Sorry. For me that thing looks very cheap and like a toy.

Mad Fish Diva says:

Had to rewind for your subliminal message. Lol. Nice filter, going to check it out.

Hashib Sadik says:

So cool! Just to know how do you keep an angelfish single?

Sir John Shearer kt. says:

Great filter!

Shelley G. says:

Looks pretty nice. Im glad you showed how it disconnects from the canister. Pretty easy

J. Levesque says:

Wow! $89 bucks on Amazon? Mine just came in from Amazon. The price with Prime shipping was $133 sold by Amazon, not a 3rd party vendor. It must be a good filter for the price to climb! Your video confirms the filter looks really good! Thank you for the video! I’m anxious now to set mine up!

Mariusz Stolarczyk says:

Hi Replace the pump with Aquael pompa UNIPUMP 1500 it’s better. 🙂

Grassypeak says:

How do you like it five months later?

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