NEW FILTER TECH??? HOB Aquarium Filter And Tank Maintenance

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In This Video:
Today I take you along to my friend house and do some work on his 40 gal planted tank. We take a look at the “new” LED PRO hob filter and see whats cool/new about it.

Adventures by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
Music provided by Audio Library

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starfan6299 says:

the led is kinda cool. I can’t imagine that it’s anything more then just a timer though.

toycar foushboy says:

Hahaha! I spill water all the time and piss my girl off every time it’s water change time. You shouldn’t have video’d the evidence dude! Nice tank, needs more plants and CO2, you’re right on that.

Bryan Pena says:

Interesting I’ve used Aqueon before as HOBs but I prefer the Aqua Clear brand. It’s still nice to see that Aqueon is improving it’s basic filter which already on its own was decent enough, nothing amazing but it works. They are also more quieter than Aqua Clears. I’d recommend either.

William Selman says:

Its has 2 probes under the lid that’s runs off watch batteries. When the filter clogs up the water rises. It touches the probes. The lite blinks on top. If you use anything other than there filters it comes on faster. I use the these aqueion filters because of the extra space in the back for the media I use. I removed the light sensor since it goes off more when you don’t use there filters. It’s a great filter with or without the led.

Rich's Fishes says:

yikes….seems like a great way for the manufacturer to make sure you keep buying products faster than you really need to! I think using carbon is great for removing meds…..but not much else. Seeing you put the filter together makes me think the sensor will get wet when the pads start getting dirty and the flow slows down filling up the filter body.

Kodiak Bear says:

what is the catfish species in the tank

Zak Rafik says:

I seriously think that you should have shut down all filter and pumps before doing such larger changes inside the tank. Wouldn’t the dirt and all the organic waste mater be kicked all over the tank and in turn worsen the algae issue? What do you say?

Anthony Ragan says:

I prefer Aqua Clears, myself: much more flexible with the media. And, to be honest, the LED seems like gimmick. BTW, he has a 40-breeder on a desk? (If I saw right) That’s one sturdy desk.

Ruben says:

I have one of those HOB filters without the led on the 29g tank where I have two 6incj plecos. I have it because it keeps the surface of the water really clean and they really do a good job. I also have a canister filter. Thanks for sharing.

boss bully boy says:

i have one, its kinda cool just to let ya know when to clean out the media.
i think it just lights up when the water level gets backed up to a certain height

Fredrek1994 says:

Can you do a how to get rid of snail in your tank

The Legend 27 says:

What temp should a fresh water fish tank be? It’s a 20 gallon

Marcus Nerison says:

this filter came with my bowfront .. i tried it out for a bit wasnt a bad filter , did the job but it splashed no matter how high your water level is because of the little grid with the ammonia remover, i upgraded to an aqua clear

Anna yurkiw says:

Smoking hot

yakza5 says:

I though having snails in your tank was a bad thing


Have you guys tried this HOB filter? What do you think of it? Do you use carbon?
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Wes-Fish Care says:

No HOB tops the aquaclear

solar clapson says:


Jason Stroman says:

Where do you find an 800gph powerhead for $12? Please tell me!

American Aquatics says:

wow. I used to watch your video years ago. Glad you started putting out content again. LOVE YOUR VIDS!

Russ Polk says:

my fav is aqua clear and fluval c2 c3 c4

MrJdub1210 says:

how have I been missing ur vids. wtf YouTube. I hit that Lil bell…. won’t miss anymore now

Iim Rohimat says:

A great tool, simple can immediately use another without additional tools. what is already available in shops?

The Legend 27 says:

Is this a good filter for a 20 gal

The Angry Fish Guy says:

I have like 6 of these Aqueon 75’s Ever even installed the LED light, soon as you fill it with sponges and the like, it’ll activate the light.

Samuel Delonge says:

The white pad turned brown quick

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