Penguin Emperor 400 Filter Review – Aquarium – These are one of my favorite filters on the market. The emperor 400 filter is crazy powerful with the spraybars pushing the biowheels. Here is an amazon link:

Emperor 400 Filter:

This is my favorite filter. Emperor 400
I need help. My old long bubble bar wasn’t making very many bubbles. I try blowing in it and cleaning it and it still didn’t change. I bought a new one and followed the directions. The new bar is doing the same thing. I am currently running a single great choice air pump 20. The line doesn’t have any kinks. What could my issue be? Thanks in advance.

Must be the pump. That is what I was thinking, but I wasn’t for sure. I didn’t know if I did something wrong or not. Do u feel air coming out of your pump? The deeper your tank is the stronger your air pump needs to be. Where did you get it and how much? I am looking on amazon. I can take a video of the bubbles if you want to see it in action? Noce. This is for my 47 corner tank. What are you running for a filter? I am wanting to upgrade.

Those are nice. Someone was telling me about a good and reasonable canister for a fair price. I can’t remember it was, but I posted something in one of my other groups. Once I find out what site it was. I will let you know. It was a canister I think for a 75 gallon for around $60-$70. I could be wrong, but I think that was it. Yeah I saw inexpensive ones on. Amazon. As soon as my filters die I’ll get one.

Do you have a check valve in the line. I had the same problem and realized that over time my check valve was sticking. Bought a new pump and it was the same till I took the check valve out. Now it has lots of bubbles. Put the last be in the water, no bat attached… If there is little or no bubbles then you know it is the pump. If I don’t connect the bubble stone the pump seems to work fine, but I got it with the tank. I don’t know for sure how old the pump I’d Michael Pluta. I don’t have a check valve Joe Smith. Yeah pump seen better days it sounds like.. Sounds like you didn’t make a “great choice” with that pump…. Eh?

Don’t forget you will need water changes too! Here is my vid on the Aqueon Water Changer

Mine did the same, sounds like it still works and you could still feel air. Over time it just loses strength I guess, had to get a new one. Lol. I hear ya. Hate mornings. Fwiw I have a tetra whisper pump and I really like it. Have the one rates for 40 gallons powering sponge filters in both a 10 and 2.5 gallons and it does a great job. And quiet.

Ok, HELP! I’m going crazy. 10 gallon glofish tank. Cycled it for like 2 months doing a fishless cycle with ammonia and at first I used a bottled bacteria to speed the process but it really just delayed the cycling process so that’s why I cycled for so long. Well, it was finally turning 1ppm ammonia into nitrates in less than a day so the next day we got fish. Well….I think I let the good bacteria die off cause ever sense I have not been able to get my ammonia under control. He has 4 small glofish and a tiny pleco that I regret getting so I got some ghost shrimp yesterday to help battle it. I have been doing 50% water changes daily sense then and even after the water change my ammonia level doesn’t get to 0…still a 1. How is that even possible?! I have even been adding the bottled bacteria stuff again and that seems to not be helping cause today my nitrates were still at a 0. How do I get rid of the ammonia? Multiple water changes in one day? Over feeding was an issue at first so maybe that started it?

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Check out the shell-dwelling African cichlids. They can be pretty neat but need very specific water parameters. smile emoticon. Apistogramma’s or Gourami? Rams are temperamental little fish though. They get ich at the site of someone walking by outside. tongue emoticon Seriously though, their parameters have to be pristine. Was just in a store yesterday and the guy calls to his coworker, “When did our balloon rams get ich?! Everything was perfect yesterday!”

Checkerboard cichlids. .seen them on the wet spot then researched them. Pretty neat. Are you willing to upgrade the tank size in the future? I’d be happy to help with this topic. Yes, my next goal is a 55, but that won’t be for a few months. If you are good with water chemistry I’d suggest you do one of two things. Or both at the same time. Chemistry is something I also enjoy. Start with Discus. See how you like it.


Jim Tee says:

I always run 2 filters on a tank if you set up a new tank use 1 of the old filters it will cycle your new tank in a few days. I cycled a 90 gl like that in 5 days with 22 fish in it.

Hello There says:

those bio wheels barely even contact the water. don’t kid yourself cause you own one. 2 months your nitrates would be through the roof without a water change. can’t filter out nitrates….

chris witnall says:

That bottle of bacteria is no good will pollute the water with ammonia and the water will spike straight away, I never use the bottle of batercia what I did is use incept tap-safe and API Aqua-Detox to start up the cycling but leave it empty no fish but plant and filter running for 2 or 4 week depend tank size

chris witnall says:

Don’t do multi water change in a day! You will lose the best bacteria in the tank let the tank roll over normally it take 4 weeks to let the water settle down before added the fish 4 weeks is allow the filter get in to working order, best advise is do partial water change if the ammonia still too high just take 20% of water out, as I had same problem with ammonia and nitrate as well if your from uk there is way to remove it fast I will post second message along with the link that will help the tank

Fernando Lopez says:

You boss, I’m setting up a 55 gallon oscar tank and I’ve been looking to purchase a filter and i came across your page and i wanted to ask you personally which HOB filter i should use? Emperor 400 or the AquaClear 110. Also in the emperor 400 what should i put in the chambers and all the left over space in the filter? Thank you!

sabretooth 04 says:

Unfortunately Bio Wheel Filters produce Nitrates.

Bio wheels run in a high oxygen environment that encourages fast aerobic nitrification, but little else. This allows for copious amounts of nitrates to be generated in a short amount of time. This type of environment does not keep a stable bacterial colony to respond to sudden changes in bio load either.

With this environment, there is also no chance for a de-nitrifying environment to establish in filters that employ bio wheels. It is noteworthy that these negative attributes are multiplied in the Emperor HOB Filter with spray bars running the bio wheels.

Please read more here on why bio wheel filters may not be the best choice.

Willi Billi says:

in order to biologically establish your aquariums’ water try using a product called “CYCLE” in your water. I would NOT advise whatsoever to borrow a friends water that has already been established as you don’t know what if any, harmful parasites are contained within. (Ich being one of several) Another way is to add a couple of Mollys. A very hardy fish good for both Fresh and salt water… Just make sure you don’t over feed them.
I also wouldn’t use an overhead light as of yet as you don’t want the tank to grow algae while trying to establish the biology on your wheels. (algae will prematurely slow down the spin of your wheels and possibly choke out the bonding properties of your bio matter to them.

chris witnall says:

What I use to balance the water is API Aqua-Detox, it’s will remove 3 main things , ammonia nitrate and nitrite as well its will stable the water in few day time all you need to do is put it in your filter and it will do the job let me know the update of your tank

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