PF15 UV Filter Review

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This is a quick video on my new PF15 UV filter that I purchased from Tru Aqua. I use this filter exclusively for my quarantine tank. The filter has three main functions, filteration, surface skimming and UV sterilizer. I chose this filter because of its ability to sterilize free swimming parasites in my quarantine tank through the use of its UV sterilizer. Here are the specs:
The PFUV-15 is capable of filtering up to 64 gallons per hour with an adjustable flow rate, making it suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 15 gallons. This convenient “Hang On Back” style filter has a built-in, self adjusting surface skimmer for cleaning the surface of the water and to promote gas exchange. The featured UV Sterilizer of the PFUV-15 requires no extra plumbing, allowing for a quick and easy installation. The UV Sterilizer of the PFUV-15 helps eliminate unwanted algae blooms, keeping aquarium water crystal clear and aids in the health of your aquatic creatures by eradicating free-floating parasites. The PF-UV Series fits on aquarium rims up to 3/4″, and comes equipped for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. With a replaceable filter pad enhanced with AQUATOP’s Bamboo Carbon, ceramic rings, UV Sterilization and a self-adjusting surface skimmer, the PFUV-15 is a one-of-a-kind filter for all your aquarium needs.

Now includes 5 Stage Filtration
64 gallons per hour flow rate
Suitable for aquariums up to 15 gallons
3.5 watt pumping power
5 Watt UV Bulb
110v / 60Hz
Product Dimensions: 5″ x 5.5″ x 7″
Adjustable Water Flow
Independent UV light power switch
PF15-UV & PF25-UV will not fit aquarium rims with a thickness exceeding 3/4″


Firestar903 says:

Mine didn’t come with the bio media, but I plan to buy some to use. How much came in the little bag they sent with yours? Just so I know how much to use.

Peter Castaldi says:

Thanks for a good overview of the AquaTop UV hang on the back filter!!  Very useful, makes the device an attractive choice.  It is on for $49.99, 24 reviews are mixed with performance seeming good for fish health, but quality of product an issue for some.

adevor says:

Please let me know what you find!

jm0277 says:

Hi!  Thinking about buying this for my shrimp tank, but wanted to ask; are you able to remove or disable the surface skimmer?  I don’t want shrimplets being sucked into it (they are Opae Ula and REALLY tiny!.)  I already have a surface skimmer in operation that is safe for my shrimp (Ocean Free Surfclear surface skimmer,) but wondered if it would be possible to disable the surface skimmer on the PF range of filters?  It should be easy enough to cover the intake of the water inlet with sponge, but I wasn’t sure if the surface skimmer can be turned off or disabled like the UV light, on this unit.

MushroomPatch says:

I am attempting to create an aquascape aquarium.  Would the UV lighting hurt my chances of having a healthy tank?

BrownDarter says:

Great video. I am looking for a UV , just to use temporarily on my 20 gallon planted tank because I get green water now and than (by a window) but I read that this filter does not fit correctly on standard tank frames , I see in your case it does.

adevor says:

Be careful dosing with copper and using the UV light at the same time. Check the label on your copper solution for warnings. I have read that the UV can break the copper’s chemical bonds and create a toxic environment in the aquarium.

CeZaR NeBuN says:

clear water????don’t think so

chris ohara says:

wish i knew about these 2 weeks ago….they did make bigger models am sure….

r5123 says:

hi just for future reference I don’t know how quikly you got to the ich problem but quarantining the fish sometimes will not solve the problem. is one or two have ich you are better off treating the while tank. it may have infected the other fish and if it didn’t show yet it could be dormant and infect your tank another time. I do hope your fish are ok though

Keith McAskill says:

you really shouldn’t use copper with UV as it makes the copper much more toxic breaking down ionic bonds that make them safe in proper dosage.. I will make a relatively safe guess and say since the fish are alive that the uv is not very strong at all luckily for the fish.. but it also brings to question if the uv is even strong enough to kill the parasites and if it’s the cupramine or copper medication that did the job in the first place

Nvizn1 says:

Video 1 is having issues. Uploading a fresh copy.


Will definitely have this as my filter when I setup up the QT

Melissa Toh says:

Is this the smallest?

Paul Lyvers says:

Do you have any problems with the self adjusting skimmer? Mine just sinks. It slides easily however

Big Dubb says:

Do you keep your Quarantine tank on at all times, even when your’e not treating any fish with ailments?

Nvizn1 says:

Just a suggestion, you really need larger PVC, for fish to be able to enter and hide. I’ll take a video here soon of my QT setup for an idea of what works well for me. It’s a little more than an average QT, but it’s how imperative I believe they are.

Nvizn1 says:

New “working” video 1, re-posted.

OceanLife69 says:

Pretty impresive unit man, thanks for the 411. I am thinking on getting this unit and put it on my 5g quarantine tank.

Mike Gosselin says:

their is barley any water pressure coming out of the return on it.


I noticed you didn’t add the ceramic rings that came with the filter. What are you using as your source for biological filtration. 

براق العراقي العراقي says:

مرحبا ممكن اعرف شنو فائده منه

TechMoviesOfCod says:

Can this work for turtles?

CartoonsCreations says:

would this safe filter for a saltwater tank too?

wcdeich4 says:

How has it worked out?

humanoscilloscope says:

Hey buddy, you’re obviously doing well with ur quarantine tank I wish many more people could afford themselves the same thing. When you combine uv and any copper treatment it does make the copper much more active so if you already have that balance and have a feel for it that ‘s good.That is a powerful little unit

Robby Brown says:

Excellent review! How does one empty the skimmer feature? Kind regards!

Bryan Roberts says:

Hi are you still using this filter and do you still see any benefit from it?


Hi!!! Do you have newest video about your uv light ??

Robert Rainey says:

I was wondering why seachem says to not use UV while treating with cupramine? Then I read UV will break down Cupramine to a more toxic copper that will likely kill all your fish. I think the UV is a great idea so was looking at the Aquatop PF40-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization but can’t use it while medicating. It might kill the good bacteria in the antibiotics that are in the water too. Open for feedback 🙂

Martin S says:

Great review thank you

qwicxs says:

Have a bigger version. Run this and a HOB skimmer. Amazing job its doing. Better than my sump setup. Love it. Will buy more.

Paul Lyvers says:

Yes I’ve tried it at all settings to no avail, as far as skimmer goes and as far as the filter, only at the slowest setting does the water not go over the top

Leilany Marquez says:

is mine the only one thats take forever to star after water changes ?

Connie Fox says:

How would this work with turtles because I dont feel tank all the way up?

David DeLasho says:

How many plugs are plugged in? Is there plug for each (that would be ideal)? Thanks.


Perfect! I was thinking about having this for my quarantine and you just happen to be the only one with a review! Thanx!

Jean-Francois Prince says:

Does your tank have any bio media?

CartoonsCreations says:

would you recommend this for a 10 gallon tank?

Paul Lyvers says:

I took it apart and checked. It floats for 2 seconds then sinks to the catch. I also noticed it seems like not much water goes through the filter. Mostly back over the edge of pickup tube and over the filter

stephennuno says:

is this filter noisy,also for refrence ive owned an aqueon quite flow in the living room and a turtle tank whith an aqueon submersible 20 gallon filter and tetrafauna decrotive rock filter so i m thinking of geting this as ive gone through 2 tetra rock  filters after licking my rock filter so much and am just fed up whith the noise frome the 2 ive purchased so far apart from the 1 in my tank which does not have any isues

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