Regent / Aqua Tech 30 To 60 Gallon Aquarium HOB Filter Review

Regent / Aqua Tech 30 To 60 Gallon Filter Review | Cheap Aquarium HOB filter
It’s been real hard to find information on this filter due to being 10 years old. I was able to find out some information. Here are my thoughts on the Aqua-Tech 30-60 gallon aquarium hang on the back fish tank filter.

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Coraga 1 says:

Hey Aqua Nut, can the Aquatech filter cartridge #3 fit in that Marineland filter? which i believe uses the Marineland E cartridge

Indie In The Blood says:

you need a light on your camera mate, also id say a better mic or if its a phone mic or camera mic if you add some foam to it, will act as a pop filter and help the sound out a bit. good information mind just hurts my ears on headphones lol

Seer King says:

What is that power head that is spitting out water? Seems pretty powerful. I think I want it to make micro bubbles in my tank!

Gabe Varns says:

Would you say they are quiet? My tanks are in my bed room and I want to have a good, cheap filter that I can sleep through. I couldn’t tell in your video because of the multiple pumps/filter and the air system.

Melinda Unknown says:

Good information given. Thanks!

Sky's Fishroom says:

You can order the parts from amazon

Buddy Mayfield says:

you need a light on your camera

The Ruler 87 says:

What’s that pump spitting out water ?

Delwin Jackson says:

Yeah I have had mine since 2002 and been running the whole time. My pump says Regent but when I buy filter replacements it says AquaTech

Kevin Hodge says:

Just bought 30-60 and only one side is flowing. Any suggestions????

Dino Orlando says:

I have 2 of the Aqua Tech 60’s and just like I saw yours do, the water overflows from the middle of the filter.
That is not suppose to happen. The only time when water should come back into tank from the middle section of
Filter is when the filter pads need to be changed. That is the warning sign that your pads are dirty and need to be changed.
I have called and emailed Aqua Tech, they sent me a brand new filter that has the exact same problem with new filter pads installed. This in my opinion is a defect in all these filters.The

EJ_5150 says:

is Aqua tech a better filter than the aqueon 55/75?

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