Review: Aquaclear 30 Power Filter – Size Tank? – My personal review on the aquaclear 30 Filter. These smaller filters are crazy work horses! This is my favorite smaller filter. Here is a link:

Aquaclear 30 Filter:

More topics: Who cares what other people think .If you are comfortable feeding the fish live food which is after all its natural diet good for you …Stop worrying about what the hippie trippies think and go for whats best for the fish

Edit : since I’m Apparently showing attitude, because obviously people can “hear” the way I type .. whatever.
Notes to be taken are :
– the filter flow was turned down minutes before the video was taken.
-this is a 5ft x 2ft x 1.5ft tank.
-there is an aerator in the tank (the filter end).
– this fish is in the slower end of the tank, I have a plastic ruler dividing The surface of the tank, just out of shot that keeps the duck weed to one side & keeps my betta happy.
-the middle is heavily planted for this reason so mr Betta doesn’t have a hard time.

Hey, it matters not what others think. Many love fish, all fish, so seeing some die is difficult. Keep that in mind when posting such videos if you do not want negativity. But you have a fish that requires special dietary needs that must be met. The care of your fish must be your first concern. If the fish would not eat anything but live, I do not see where you have much choice. Understand the risk you run by feeding fish you yourself don’t raise.

I mean we breed feeder fish. Can’t be that bad. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Alternatively you could buy raw shrimp/fish and chop it up into pieces. Guppies will repopulate fast but when you see a pregnant female move it into another tank. Let it birth in there then remove her. That way the babies are separate and won’t be eaten by the parents. You should look into what food you can feed baby guppies.

I have a friend who breeds ball pythons and he use to have a colony of mice to breed for their diet. After a bit he started feeling bad for the mice and he felt cruel so he switched to frozen mice.

Not as cruel but the mice still died for his snakes so really nothing changes. And it’s the same here. Whether its frozen, flake, or live there are fish that have to die to support the fish in your tank. Idk I dont think people should get sentimental toward food.

It’s the circle of life (cue lion king song) I’d get a few guppies, mollies even have larger fry that grow quicker and reproduce just as fast even then have you tried the 30 cent goldfish? He may eat those. Don’t use goldfish goldfish are a cold water species and there more fatty then most other fish the only thing goldfish are our fillers.

Can’t be sorry for feeding your fish man.. Look at it like this we eat cows deers moes and so much more game.. It like if we just stoped he likes what he like don’t feel bad for doing what any good pet owner would do take care of there fish. I have a few that I have to feed live but I would so do the Lil 25¢ gold feeder fish just cuz most fish make most sick. I had one get one of my not feeder fish and two days later I lost my bit 14in big boy very sad day..

Absolutely nothing wrong with live feeding in my eyes. For some animals it’s a requirement. For some it’s a treat. But in all cases it’s great mental stimulation. I keep fish but I sometimes feel bad for keeping them in a glass box- life must get so dull. Mental stimulation is very important. Tbh I keep my betta (female) in my gubby tank because 1) she refuses to eat other food than live food and 2) she keeps the population at a reasonable level. Only because she’s extremely docile though.

Guppies are easy to breed and good feeders. When you breed them at home, you know if they are sick and you don’t have to keep paying for them individually. I feed guppies to my angels and goldfish. My friend, feeder fish are like Doritos, Crunch all you want, we’ll make more… You should feel good about feeding your pets, not bad, don’t have any worries, or moral issues, you’re good, and I’d like to see that video, good luck.

Aquaclear 30 Filter review
Fluval Aquaclear 30 Filter


oliver Tweddle says:

Do you know if 2 new bristle nose catfish is suppose to be easy to see in a 350l tank

Cade C. says:

Hi am a 12 who just bought a 120 gallon and was wondering if oscars can go with clown knife

Vince Smith says:

Just get a few amazon swords. They love to lay eggs on those

clubtc05 says:

Random here, but do you think the AC 110 is still better than the Tidal 110?

Cichlid Insanity says:

Dont forget to throw your ceramic ring out too just like filterpads…SEACHEM MATRIX ALL THE WAY!! Have had it for 18mos no problems

wyzemann says:

My 3yr old AC 30 on my 10-gallon quarantine tank with an ATI prefilter surpasses perfection! I rarely worry about incessant water changes on that little beast of a holding tank. I loved it so much that I bought an AC 50 to replace a dreadfully noisy Emperor 280 on another tank…that was one of the easiest and best decisions I made for my fishies.

John Lewis says:

My dad bred thousands of angels on slate strips leaned against the glass.

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