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In This Video:
Today we do a quick review of the Seachem tidal 55 hob aquarium filter. Theres a bunch of new features that I like about this particular hang on back “box” filter.

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PG'S World says:

Why not mix the both look cool with the rock and with the green contrast look really cool

Andrew Reynolds says:

why not mix it and add Pebbles

Pedro Henrique Alves Rodrigues says:

half and half substrate

The Mountain King says:

This should be sponsored

Kerry Phelps says:

Could you try and mix them together?

something to do about nothing says:

what is that white fish with the black spots and find over your right shoulder? left side of the screen

Matthew Bishop says:

ahhh, I want to try it, but the odd blue plastic is killing me! why didn’t they just go all black?

Luke Hartley says:

Brown sand looks better

MeinnameistDreck says:

Very informative video. You made me want to buy this filter!

X Royal T Shrimp says:

Great video man!!

Leigh Partridge says:

I would go with the brown sand. I prefer a more natural look rather than contrast.

Phil Collins Jr. says:

How well is this working for you?

Nadi Mian says:

I have saw this in my local fish store here in Taiwan

nipun mahajan says:

Hey Mike, I am trying to chose between the fluval c series and the tidal 55. Do you have a favourite??

cutie pie says:

you should be on tv!

David Fisher says:

sachems do self prime but the water flows over the interior basket not being filtered.

Marc Geolingo says:

dude thats matrix that came in the box… like the most surface are media out there

Fredo Holmes says:

brown sand

juliespore says:

How are you growing plants in a nutrient-less substrate? Are you dosing micro and macros or do you add a nutrient rich substrate under the sand????

Jonathan Netto says:

What’s that fish at 13:34?

David lee says:

I Mix them together looks nice kinda like Cory’s From Aquarium Co-Op Uses in his system you get a best of both worlds!!

shottymydotty says:

The brown filter sand as it will look natural and the waste won’t be as easy to see

travellife08 says:

Your Archer is so pretty, looks very happy.

David Fisher says:

brown is much more natural.

Dylan Chapman says:


Silas Mayes says:

I just bought a new hob filter darn it!!!

Ecartts says:

I kinda have a feel that this guy kinda looks like Joey / King of DIY

Maybe because his haircut xD

Elliot Bentley says:

Brown sand

JoeyGroux says:

Use the brown

Lou Correia says:

The 110 does NOT do 1000gph it actually filters 450gph… The aquaclear 110 filters 500gph

Tomas Kehus says:

Use the brown sand!

Zbionix / Caleb H. says:


Buddy Mayfield says:

i did a review on the tidal, and a review over the features

Warren MacDonald says:

Go for the darker substrate. It’s more forgiving….let’s say you’ve done water change and gravel vacuum as well, but you missed an area of the substrate and didn’t notice it ’till all your equipment is stored away for next time. THE LIGHTER SAND WILL TEND TO SHOW the non-vacuumed areas more easily.

Janice Stp says:

My fish in the tank with the black substrate are more active all over the tank. And the tank with the white substrate are active in and around the plants

Ivan Eduardo Veloz Guerrero says:

Damn! That’s a well thought out filter! I’m impressed.

Baran Demir says:

Hello mike, how’s the filter going? I’m planning one for my self, but I want your input on this… still running quiet (Going to be used in a bedroom)? Thanks

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