Seachem Tidal 55 Hang on Back Filter Unboxing | Assembly | Review

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In this video we review the Seachem Tidal 55 hang on back filter. We unbox the filter, assemble it and provide our initial impressions of the filter. If you are looking to purchase the filter here is an affiliate link:

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mucks says:

First … :))

love the vid too 😉

Robert Fletcher says:

These are very good filters and as you have pointed out you can use what media you like. I did have some problem with the blue maintenance indicator popping up and Seachem is aware of this. Why I am not using it now? I have a very nice 110L (29g) planted tank and it spoils the appearance also I need flow for all the plants. I use a lily pipe set and to get things as invisible as possible. But the Tidal 55 is great just not in my planted tank.

John M says:

I have a Tidal 110 on my 40 breeder and I love it. I didn’t use what they gave me for the media but packed it as the Pondguru recommends. Been running it for close to a year with no problems.

Bumpy says:

I tried an aqua pro the other day with those Uv bulbs n mini protein skimmer. I love it.

SpeekofDee says:

Great filter. I’m using one in a 40b. Only thing I would want is the ability to turn off the skimmer. Or maybe make a non-skimmer version.

Caylor's Aquatics says:

I know you are a long time fan of Marina, and you know I am not. My last Marina, long since with no wheel rotation, died after less than two years _ giving me another reason to buy new filters.

When the Tidals came out, made by Sicci for Seachem, I read the initial reviews and decided to give them a try. As my Aqua Clears do not self prime, that is a big issue in this area with frequent power outages. Ive’ had two 55s for about a year, one on a heavily stocked 40 g breeder Rainbow tank, the second on a Amazon puffer 30 g breeder tank. Very messy eaters. Both pumps perform well with an additional filter pad and using the bio media provided. I also pre filter the intakes. The blue dial bothered me at first too, but i don’t notice it now and no one has ever mentioned it in a video. They are extremely quiet. Oddly, Cory with the Coop, trialed them and said the noise they made was an issue.

After six months I added two more to other new tanks. A 55 and a 75. I knew the 55 would not fit your 75. Both those have performed well, as have the original two. The overflow that gets mentioned seems to occur when people do not maintenance the media box, as needed. I maintenance on a schedule and am always impressed with the amount of debris the filter basket is holding. I’ve never had an overflow issue, so far.

Currently, I have a 75 and a 55 that the media is being cultured in a salt sump by lfs, as my next two tanks are salt. Setting those up and cycling now. I’ve had no issues at all with the four I’ve been using and expect great use from the two for salt. The skimmer, like all, needs to be cleared and maintained. They also function great with pre filter sponges on the intake. So far, these are my new favorites. The 110s have a laundry basket sized media area for those looking for such.

Good fair review. Hope yours performs to your liking. (Yes, turn the media sideways to allow the current to pass through and not around the custom pads.) Thanks Jason!

Leonel Ramos says:

Good information. For me the best filters are Emperor 400. I have two of them in my 125 gallons, results are amazing.

Todd Henning says:

Who needs directions when your a trained professional……hell yeah!

Jesse Gaflin says:

I think the bristle nose tank is a better choice to test the filter since it’s a known problem tank. When you do your final analysis could you please include a section on the protein skimmer and why I would need it and could you please compare performance with the marineland and aqua clear filters. Thanks.

Bernhard Kawell says:

Hmmm sounds good but what heater would be/ could be installed? If it’s doing this work well it is no money blast out of the window.. thanks for showing us

Frosted Frog Aquarium’s says:

Love them great filters

FourOh1 CichlidGuy says:

I have 2 110s on my 75g mbuna tank. only thing that bothers me is the bypass when turned all the way up!

Vicki K says:

Just bought a 110 and I am stoked to try it out!

Shari Bice says:

I forgot to add, is the water level in the tank must be maintained or it’s a loud filter.

Full Moon Aquatics says:

Appreciate these reviews. Considering this filter for a couple of our tanks. Just sent a link to my dad for the tank he has in his auto shop reception office. Looks like a better filter than the Penguin for him. I also sent him a link to that review you did. Thank you!

Gerald Tubo says:

i got the one for a 75 gallon and so far so good. i like the flow control and the indicator that tells you the filter needs cleaning.

Jairo Campos says:

What kind of filter floss do you buy

Paul Hite says:

hey man good video here’s another question for you would a uv light be ok to run in a tank or would a uv pump skimmer be more benifical for plants and to keep water clear


I have both Tidals and Aquaclears. Both great filters, but pros and cons for each. The Aquaclear seems to be more powerful and a larger media tray whereas the Tidals are self priming, have a surface skimmer and let’s you know when to clean it.

Sherry'S Fishroom says:

Great product review. Glue a piece of anubia right on that blue wheel. Problem solved. lol

Catfish Cave says:

Nice initial review – eager to see part two.
If 3″ magically appeared between the wall and your tanks, which HOB would you use then?

Kevin Brown says:

I own several of the seachem filters the 75 and also a few 55 you can pack them completely full with biological media I really like them in my opinion. You should be happy with the purchase I believe

Weldon Aquatics says:

I appreciate you taking the time to do these reviews! I always like these reviews because you actually give your honest opinion and that is gold to me!

Gerald Wallace says:

I run 2 Tidal 110’s as back ups. They have been 100% reliable and the build quality is second to none. My only complaints are the %$$%% blue dial that you noted and the surface skimmer. The skimmer is great in tanks with no fry. But…that skimmer is a fry munching orifice of death. So…I only use them on tanks with large fish unlikely to spawn. This issue could easily be rectified with an add on grate of some sort. Thanks for the unboxing. I look forward to your upcoming review.

Shari Bice says:

I have a Tidal 75 and loaded it up with three different grades of sponges coarse, medium and fine. Working well for me.

Melissa Wedin says:

Oh, That stinks having to spend money when you do not want to. I can’t wait to see how this one works.

Audri Sampson says:

I was thinking that filter compartment just begged for an Aqua Clear foam cartridge to help out that small sliver of foam they put in it.

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Good stuff Jason I really like how you do reviews on hobs I am a aqua clear guy myself but definitely have looked at seachem a lot since I use so much of there stuff definitely let us know down the road how you like it I have heard mostly good things about them

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