Side by side review of 3 main HOB filters

I do a quick review of the 3 HOB filters I have in use on my 125 gallon aquarium. A Marineland 350, Aqueon 55/75 and AquaClear 110


Cadon Barton says:

the water is cloudy because you moved that filter

aaaheim says:

The aquaclear is by far the most effective biologial filter, thats all that really matters! People often complain ooohh it´s sooo expensive but WHY the hell do they buy like this case 3 filters…?? Thats a waste of money so don´t complain, The aquaclear would handle that aquarium exellent by it self! 🙂

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:

Great video and info, thanks. How is the tank now?

Philip Wood says:

i have the fluval 110……great

Richard Portelli says:

What a waste of money for a bunch of mechanical filters

Kenney says:

I had an Aquaclear and just loved it. You can fill the entire chamber with sponges and as long as you monitor your nitrogen cycle and do water changes as required it will do a wonderful job.


Could i put a fan on the bio wheel to make more arraition

Dustyi says:

Thank you for this video.. I just bought a tank that came with an Marineland Penguin 200 and I was wondering if I should upgrade to a AquaClear which I already love. Thanks – this help push me into getting the Aquaclear filter instead. So I won’t even waste my time setting up the Marineland one. They are so much quieter, easier and CHEAPER to maintain. Only the carbon needs to be replaced regularly – bio max – never and sponge will last years if you take care of it during cleanings. Thanks again!

Wubster100 says:

i mean cartridges XD

Dontdalla says:

you can keep the sponge and media for life….Just rinse it once in a while.

Pa. Fish Preacher says:

check out Dr Fosterand Smith they are cheaper

GB Train says:

On the Marineland filter it doesn’t matter how fast the wheels turn just as long as they turn. Since all your bacteria is on the bio wheels you can just rinse the filter cartridge like a sponge.

Ninja k says:

How often should i replace the filters? They are expensive. @ Petsmart they sell for $14.99 3pk for marine penguin 100. I only used this HOB filter for a year. Now im worried in the future ill have to get a bio wheel if it stops spinning.

mike scully says:

3 360,s and 2 hob 55/75 on the 90g 4 eheims 2217,s on the 55 g with 2 hob 55/75,s 45 g with 2 2215,s 2211 and a 2313 with built in heater with 1 55/75 . all tank are hastle free.

varanidguy says:

I know the cost is steep compared to other HoB’s, but AquaClear is worth it for every tank. The only other one that I’d be curious about on a larger tank would be the new Seachem Tidal.

Mike Liang Liang says:

I wonder why 3 Hang on back filters and the water is not clear

Basher - says:

The marine land penguin 350 is 22$ on amazon right now, the best deal currently of these 3 HOB’s. I love aqua clears but the penguin with the 22$ price tag blows the competition away currently.

hulmil says:

IMO marineland hob is the best for the work, price and long lasting filter cartrige and biowheel, i never had problems.

Wubster100 says:

dude your wasting $$$ on filter cartilages. just replace them with a sponge and some filter floss or other type of media

Shannon Lee says:

dude I’ve been running aqua clear sponges in all my tanks and haven’t replaced one in 3 years. all you do is rinse them out in tank water 4 squeezes and put em back in. good as gold man!!

John Cutesack says:

I want to live in America just so I can buy these three HOB filters because I dream of them, honestly in my place of birth I can not find where these brands, thanks for this wonderful video very well explained.

Sly Bulldog says:

That poor Marineland, it is disgusting! Filters should be cleaned regularly. it just goes to show how superior the Marinelands are. They last way longer than the rest, even if you mistreat them like this guy and don’t take care of them. BTW Marineland makes re-useable cartridges for all their filters. You just fill them with what you want and slip them in. The throw away ones are just an option. I have always just gotten the re-usable ones and filled them with my own media. Cost wise, Marinland is cheaper, and they last longer.

D.P. k says:

sponge filter or lava rock works even better on emperor filter will give u more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow on I did that to mine and work better just my opinion

Todd Hayslett says:

Hagen/Fluval (same company) makes the Aquaclear filters

svtcontour says:

I’m not sure why you keep mentioning cost of the aquaclear when its only like $20 more than the others – and you don’t have to replace the sponge (just rinse it) and youd ont have to replace the bio media – again, just rinse it… so over time, it would save you money. In fact if I were you, I’d dump the bio wheel filter and the other filter and just go for another Aquaclear 110 or better yet, just go with a canister.   Also you don’t need carbon unless you’re trying to remove odor (which should not be there unless something is wrong).

Kriswixx says:

i lke my 110, the only thing is that if water is pouring over the same ledge that the up tube goes in, then it’s time to clean the sponge at the bottom. also the water level could rise, and the lid is kinda best to hover it a tad, the water level could rise. also, it doesnt sit flush on my acylic clear for life, and i have to prop up the back with a large foam piece or piece of tubing to level it out. its awesome for flow, and it’s on my 30 gallon acrylic. its a workhorse. but watch for leaking over top corners.

SpookyAquatics says:

hey you don’t have to buy different cartridges for the marineland 350. 3 for 15 bucks? bro use because i order my cartriges there and its 5 bucks for a 6 pack! don’t waste your money!!

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