SUN SUN HW- 704B aquarium filter REVIEW

SUN SUN HW- 704B REVIEW This thing is a tank and well for good reason at 528 gph and a price point of $80 you cannot go wrong with this amazing canister filter. #northfinusa #northfin #northfinfishfood


SunSun Hw304B:


Alex Hawkins says:

The box says 703b?

mohammad ideis says:

8:05 self endorsed can cozy just casually on top a canister filter, lemme just get this out of the way…


Hi Jay. I just recently purchased 2 304b.How do you have your media setup on the canisters..Great review buddy

edwardsdeacon says:

Your enthusiasm for keeping fish and reviewing products is truly appreciated. I have ( up to this point in time )been keeping fish for 35 years. I appreciate your honest reviews and common sence approach to the hobby. Thank you for the videos.

Turchitu Bonduli says:

Sun Sun Rocks! JAY I have an issue with a used tank I just purchased, Silicone is dyed blue, looks like it was from an ick treatment.. What can I do to clean/remove this?

Kerry Pitt says:

Honestly, isn’t it about volume and medium capacity? So why do we spend so much on an FX4, FX6 or any other? Budget is a big deal for me. That is not to say I wouldn’t buy an FX4,6 or whatever, but for the money I save buying a SunSun I can buy fish and accessories.

Chad Sanders says:

Love the plug via the coozi!

The tattooed One says:

Hi Jay, can you please help with some advice on what African Cichlid to purchase. My main Choice of fish will be peacocks cichlids and would like to know what would coexist in the tank with peacocks. My tank I have had made is 100 gallons. I have never had African cichlids before and have been researching what to do from people like you for two months now. I will be running 2 filters on this new tank each one will filter 2200 L per hour. I live in Australia so the fish may very a little bit compare to what you can get but few tips on what is the best fish and put with the Peacocks would help greatly thanks and love your YouTube show

Gavin S says:

Hey Jay, where did you get your 704b from? Just bought a 125g and I’m thinking I’m going to get either 2 of the 704b, or 2 eheim 2217s.

Tim Carr says:

Hey bud love the videos keep them coming .but i do have question was wondering what your thoughts were about putting two of these on a 125 gallon would just the 2 be enough filtration for this tank?

Pacer says:

Great video.
Is the canister longterm durable ?

Chad Sanders says:

CAMO CARGO SHORTS in the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neil cole says:

What is the name of the app jay wilson please link me

Jared Mcallister says:

You da man

Sherry'S Fishroom says:

Thanks for review. I really needed to see this.

James Williams says:

Would 3 sunsun 304b’s adequately filter a 220 gallon?

Airtime456 says:

Damm why can’t I fine this 704b no where????

Auto Auction Rebuilds says:

Another killer video man. Thank you. Looking to upgrade. Question, I have a Fluval 405. Would it be better to keep the 405 on my 55, or move my 304B to the 55, and get the new 704B for my 75?

Rob P says:

I bought one for $60 with extra Media it was the 704b and So far all I had to do is Mod the Inlet and Outlet tubing because my tank is only filled 1/2 way for my turtles of which there are 5 and some Sun fish and Gold Feeders that have become pets. It works Amazingly Good I don’t leave the UV light on 24/7 because that worries me.

ad78 says:

returned the 704b. basically its junk and i have the FX4 now. what a beast!

Y D says:

1:00 “Bravos” the fancy way to say B.

Snorkl e says:

Just an FYI, if you don’t like the included plumbing you can make really nice ones from 3/4 inch cpvc.

Michael LaHonta says:

Where to get glass cover for UV for 704b? Too easy to break!

A.C. Aquatics says:

Great video brother. This really helps explain the mystery of the sunsun number system. Thanks for sharing and as always do what you do if it works for you.

Fish Tropic says:

SUN SUN is the way to go !!!! Way to go Jay .

Kelvynn Lee says:


Sanjay Kishen says:

I have a 220 gallon tank, I also use 2 of these 704b, is it enough?

Jose Rivera says:

Do u no were I could find some egg crate filter pads for my 704b

Fish R Relaxing says:

Question the 304b round uv right before water returns to tank like it should.. the picture on the 704b shows water going through uv first? Is this right or is the picture on the 704 box wrong. Would make zero sense to run dirty water through a uv light as the dirt would prevent the light from actually doing anything..

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