Sunsun HW-303B canister filter review

Since I set up my 40 gal breeder and used this Sunsun canister filter I wanted to do a review specifically on the filter.


Ali_daboss52 says:

Why do you just leave an empty tray you should put some carbon in there or something

daniel herrera says:

so I’ve had my new Sun Sun for almost 3 weeks now and everytime I clean it my top compartment is always the dirtiest is that how it’s suppose to be or is something wrong?

Clifford Johnston says:

I cannot tell from this video if there is a rubber sealing ring where the top of the canister attaches to the base.  If there is apply some plumbing silicone (“grease”) to the sealing ring.   This is also available at some pool supply stores too.  This material will prolong the live of the rubber seal or O-rings.  I’ve been using it routinely for over a decade now.  I find that O-rings last longer and seal better.  It’s inexpensive too.

minhng90 says:

the problem is the canister needs to sit lower. the siphon is not keeping up with the pump flow. ive had something similar happen to mine before. also the smaller oulet tubing would provide more pressure to circulate the tank as long as its not too small that it creates back pressure on the pump. with the floss tray i would add a sponge before floss so floss doesnt clog up too easy. and it would also acts as a bio filter at the same time.

Dusty Mitchell says:

Just so you know, the little blue light is not actually a light, you are seeing the ambient light from the UV light. Great Video btw.

miguel contreras says:

whats a good canister filter or a 125 community freshwater tank with about 40 fish from corys to mollies tetras gouramis. im tired of the hob

destiny island says:

You want air in your tank as to keep up with the fishes oxygen demand especially a breeder for the fry

Jenavive says:

you mentioned you got your own black tubing for thr out take. the larger one your currently using in the tank. where did you buy that?

hayleypc123 says:

I have just sent this filter back to amazon this weekend, it has been fantastic since christmas then last week i got up to 2 rooms completely flooded. The reviews on amazon where brilliant but there where half a dozen which said that the locking system on top had snap, that seems to have happened to mine for no reason, im not saying yours will but keep an eye on it i nearly lost all my fish :(. While im here could someone recommend an external filter that is enough for a 40 gallon tank thank you

Brian M says:

Dude, do your dishes before bringing aquarium equipment to your sink.

Nithin Pk says:

please help… can I use this on my 30gallon planted tank or is it gonna be too much for my small tank?

Blake Williams says:

It is not recommended to Vaseline seals of filters, despite it being popular in the hobby. Overtime that actually increases your chances of the filter leaking. It is actually recommended to use silicone grease/oil. Also, I don’t get why you have an empty tray in your filter in the first place? Why not do more lava rock or something else to maximize the use of the filter?

G Man says:

Where did you get that intake and outtake tubes, I need to know please

I Iee says:

agree . thanks

Shawno Leary says:

Lock before you unplug

Dan Mc says:

good tips.
the smaller tubing help us who have a 5 foot column tank on a 3 1/2 foot stand.
less water flow less stress on the pump. although your filtering nearly twoce the water.
keep your sponges on top when doing quick changes, easier to get to.

Kou Vang says:

Where did u buy the two pipes

kishore s says:

hii their, i am new to the canister filter, i have 100 g tank, can i use this to filter my tank..

Iron City Rob says:

You modeled your intake off of the spray bar. To have better draw from the bottom of the tank you should have a single opening or perforated/slotted opening on the last say 1 1/2″ of the intake. And I would recommend adding a pre filter sponge to avoid fry being pulled in and it adds additional mechanical and bio filtration. Besides that, nice video.

Tropikal akvaryum says:

O nasıl dizilim amk

Fatih Gurtekin says:

sakın ama sakın almayın paranıza yazık

chris lu says:

I had one of these 304B at about 6 months i started having problems th uv bulb melted the media baskets, it got leaky, the media it comes with is crap plain said, even after 2 weeks it was filthy inside like the walls & trays,the media dont seem to hold the waste,so after spending 30.00 on new media it got better,its loud.i finally got a fluval 306 its 3Times the filter the sunsun is …its so quiet silent.. the tank has a crystal clear look to it it never had with the sunsun,matience is a breeze,great media i add 1 pouch of chemi pure its been over a year and the 306 is like the day i got it great filter..
just my review you really get what you pay for in a canister filter

Pradeep Nair says:

Try doing a review after 18th months to let us know how long the filter lasts. Thanks.

Rafie Raphael says:

Have you tried soaking the hoses in warm/hot water for a few seconds first? This makes the hoses soft and easy to accept a new shape.

Mark McNamara says:

Whilst I agree with most of your statemenets, personally, I think that having the intake and output hoses at opposite ends, would be more beneficial, that is, total water flow turnover, eliminating dead spots. In saying that, loved your honest and complete appraisal of the SunSun. Thanks mate.

Derek Casey says:

you reminded me I hadn’t cleaned my filter in several monthes. I broke it down and it was dirty, but I have seen it worse. I fill the bottom tray with mechanical media then bio in the rest.

Venancia Vargas says:

That call a spray bar

David Tinti says:

wat is that vasaline

SPXC says:

Will this filter work on a 40 g pond which is outside

Alexis Gonzalez says:

Should I get 2 402b for $100 or 1 404b for $100 for a 125.

electric water says:

it’s nothing to do what way your trays are situated bio media should be the top try as the water hits that last.check the ends of your hoses


I hope you know that wasn’t a intake pipe that was the output pipe

Rodolfo Lobo says:

Por lo que veo estas limpiando el filtro en la cocina, donde limpias los platos de la comida, un poco antihigiénico no. YO lo hago en el baño, Pero bueno cada uno a su gusto. El filtro y la explicación excelente. un saludo.

Erik J says:

I would use a different intake design as you want adequate flow direction which requires the intake to be further down concentrated close to the substrate

Eric Green says:

Here’s a video I just made with a update on my 75 gallon turtle/fish… Hope you enjoy, any advice will be appreciated!! God bless!!

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:

Great video, any problems priming

foy the tank boy says:

people worry to much about water flow its more about media mass infact its better if the water stays in the filter a little bit longer watch the aquarium co op video on the subject of filters

Hao Flor says:

Hi where did you bought your tubing?

Susanne Ayotte says:

There you go. I commented before I saw you rocking it.

Aqua Master says:

Hi great video and well explained. I will be getting an external filter for my new tank as soon as i have the money! I came across this one because the price is very cheap, i was originally looking at the Fluval 406 which i believe is the best one out there but the price is also very high! Only real problem I have with this filter is that it run on 55 watts which is a lot because when you compare it to the fluval 406 which runs on approx 20 watts and after reading lots of reviews it seems the 406 is a much better filter. Did you notice your electricity bill going higher when you had this? At home im on a meter so would defo notice any considerable rise if there was

Brian Hunt says:

can you please tell me how put the two hinges that come off . I can’t figure out how to put the back on please some one help

Michael Piccirillo says:

how do you know what the pump is pushing out from rated 250gph add longer hose and you’re like it goes down to 180gph then add media and goes lower. Do you have a electronic meter to register actual pump flow? Or just guessing?

Todd Hayslett says:

All pumps are rated at 0 head height with no load. As soon as you start running this through media and tubing the gph will drop. This is for all pumps and filters. Also, i see Vaseline on the table. Please never use Vaseline on O-rings and rubber parts it will cause them to deteriorate. Use O-Ring silicone grease. You can get it on eBay for cheap and it won’t mess up your O-rings

Freshwater tanks says:

First tray should be mechanical and then bio and optional chemical don’t put the bio on bottom other wise great video

Robert Holst says:

how’s the canister holding up?

Susanne Ayotte says:

You may need to rock it in different direction when you start to up to remove all the air in the filter. When you no longer here the air you are all set.

Kevin Smith says:

floss and sponges need to be at the bottom.

AL says:

Your setup isn’t correct. I used to run 304b’s for a few years and then I
was informed from another hobbiest the correct way to use these. Run a
hw603b pre-filter inline with this one you have shown (303) or the 304b
and then remove all the filter pads out of the bigger canister and just
fill it with media. clean the pre-filter once a month or as needed. you
will improve your filtration a lot and never have to open your main
canister and disturb your benefical bacteria again. I do this now on a
bigger scale, i run a cfs-1000 as my prefilter and another inline with a
cfs 14i as my main filter, and both are clear so i can see what is
going on inside.

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