SunSun JUP 01 9W UV Sterilizer Submersible Filter Pump Review

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My 29 gallon show tank continued to have an algae bloom so I decided to buy my first uv sterilizer. I bought a SunSun JUP-01 9W UV Sterilizer Submersible Filter Pump (rated for up to 75 gallons). While it was an eyesore and very powerful for my tank, it did a nice job and I hope to only use it when there are algae blooms (don’t plan on making it a permanent fixture. Bought on Ebay and inspected it before I used it.


JG Castle says:

i have the same ? ass Chuck Walker can u let it nows please

larry bulay says:

thank you know I know what I need .

zsdg15 says:


Tim Pruyn says:

I have a JUP 23 UV sterilizer for my turtle. At the bottom of the bulb there is what appears to be a silicone holder for the bulb. Should that be left on? I assumed it was just for protection during shipping. Thanks much!

Mir Sadek says:

i recommend running chemi pure elite on your filter it helped with my tank

Dan Nguyen says:

My plastic cover the light was dark, do you know how to clean it? Thanks, Dan

Sarpa salpa says:

You shoulda just gotten zebra mussels!

Krystalyn Trammel says:

I just got shocked from mine I’ve had 2 running on 2 sep tanks for awhile and just put my hand in there and got shocked.. my poor fish I turned them off and am throwing them away

Puchi Maria says:

Hello, I have 5 red slider turtles in my 265 gallon tank and my water is cloudy… What should I do? Thank you

yzzwhsm yzzwhsm says:

It is wonderful product!I like it too.
I find this item on dhgate,maybe you will be interested to purchase it.

Brian Zavala says:

Nice fish are they glow fish

Irfan Hafeez says:

Hi what are those colorful fish called

JP Perez says:

Just do a constant water change!!
It will stay clean and I’m pretty sure it will be good for the fish too!
Good luck!!

Joan Boudreau says:

I just got the same one and put it in 2 days ago. I had a Corey fish’s mouth get sucked into the intake. I got him out but he is injured. Not sure if he will make it.  But my real question is that after 24 hours, I noticed my tank temperature is 80 degrees. My tank is a 36 gallon tank. Got scared, so I unplugged the uv sterilizer.  Mine looks just like yours. Yes, the instructions were humorous due to the bad English. Should I maybe run just 12 hours a day? My tank is looking a little better but has a way to go before I would call it clear.  Any suggestions?

Mal Reynolds says:

Great video series!!

Doraemon says:

Can the uv bulb be replace?

Anthony's Malawi Predators says:

Dude you gotta let that sucker run 24/7

jamie smith says:

Did you have any issues with fish getting stuck on the side of the sterilizer. Is it better to completely submerged.

Adam Qureshi says:

Thank You for the amazing video. I have two questions please.
1. Why did you mention in your description not to use it permanently. Does it do any harm if used on regular basis. And also, for how long does the uv light or bulb lasts if you use it regularly.
2. Can I use this for tropical fish aquarium also like for goldfish, tiger shark, parrot fish, flowerhorn, black ghost, arwana etc.

Carl N says:

Seriously ? You want proof then buy one watch the plastic disintegrate.. put your hand in it take your own picture for all I care or better yet call up the company in China like I did for them to simply not comment on how it’s constructed. You get what you pay for this product is a piece of shit… find out for yourself

Danny Hoogenboom says:

Whats type of fish are the color ones?

Puchi Maria says:

How much?

JRaquarium says:

The light to see if the uv bulb is working,Is it very obvious? I have bought one and i dont see if is on or off

Carl N says:


Puchi Maria says:

I need a 40 watt,my tank size is 265g

shaun208 says:

excellent filter, used it for my 250litre tank, cleared it in 2 days, did a 30% water change on 3rd day and now its crystal clear.i have an arowana and2 clown loach..

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