Tetra Whisper 10i Power Filter Review

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afe2331 says:

This is not fucking helpful. The suction cups are a DICKBITCH to get in and I’m about to fucking hulk smash this shit.

Keco Bomb says:

How do I setup

NutBustingHistory says:

mines stop working -_-

Dennis Younger says:

nobody cares if you post a video or not. There are thousands

Mwingreen says:

It is probably sliding down because it is supposed to have a wide plastic hook at the top that goes over the tank edge. I have two whispers on two different tanks and they both have the clips. The suction cup is just to keep it tight to the glass

Shreejit Rimal says:

My works fairly well doesn’t have that much current.i added a extra cup to hold it up.(I have 5 gallon srimp planted tank

The Unknown Soldier says:

i have one and it is ninja silent

Kourtney M says:

do I need a lid if I buy this?

GordonFreemanGaming says:

is this good for betta fish?

Vince Townsend says:

I have this In my marine land 3 gallon. Now all the sudden the damn Bottom part that does all the work keeps falling off. It’s really annoying! I had to make a gravel hill to keep it from falling off. Anyone have this issue??

Kimsotus Orelius says:

The suction cup is more for holding the vibrating motor away from contacting the glass and making a godawful rattling sound.

Mrsotobean says:

the motor is so loud anybody know how to fix this? I just got it and i doubt its dirty already

philip jeanmard says:

They are extremely quiet but the motor tends to burn out even with a surge protector. Very annoying..

Drag Society says:

Would you say that this is better than the top fin power filter?

Russell Egan says:

Horrific aquascape…..

Alma Castro says:

I was abut to purchase the small filter, but if it does keep sliding it will bug me a lot. i’m glad i saw this first. I’m going to buy the one u recommend.

Brilliant Bettas says:

+ FishTipsTV would you recommend for a 2.5 gallon tank

Celina Chow says:

Thank you so much for this !!!

Lhin Doh says:

I knew the suction wouldnt work. I can fit the internal but I have backgrounds that I don’t want to cut anymore to make it fit. Either way the review was great. I would get the hanging version but I need a long enough tube into only 2.5 inches of water in 20 gal high tank.

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