Tetra Whisper 3i (1-3 Gallon) Fish Tank Filter Review.

Info and Opinion on the tetra whisper 3i filter. *PLEASE NOTE AS STATED IN THE VIDEO THE BETTA & SNAIL DO NOT LIVE IN THIS TANK. Their current tank was being cleaned (reason why I had the filter out). The bowl they are in is temporary for cleaning! Thank you!*


Blahblah says:

Excellent review! Thanks for posting it. Ignore the haters because losers often thumb-down other people to raise their own ranking. This review was superior to a lot of others on this topic and you answered my questions fully! Thanks again!

ReviewCam says:

Good filter that works better now that it has a clip to attach it to the tank rather than suction cups

em1jnky says:

is it supposed to bubble up and send little bubble out?

yogosans14 says:

I don’t get why people out there fish in bowls when cleaning out there tanks. You should have done that BEFORE the video to not give people the idea that your are keeping the betta in a bowl.

Dorito Fish says:


Riottzz 23456 says:

you know you could use topfin ammonia remover you should that and i use it and it works fine

danny french says:

how do I add the bactria supplement to it?

Moon Dancer says:

I was hoping you would show how to put it all together. I just bought one and can’t figure it out lol…I know I know, but I am + 0 on a scale of 1-10 in mechanical ability.

Flaming Arrow says:

how many inches is it

Gerard Stephens says:

Oh no, reminds me of my first betta… RIP Bret

Justin Rizzo says:

What type of pump are you using?

razorXblueXeyes says:

can you do a video of you setting up n working ?

Serbia Strong says:

a betta needs 3 gallons

Alex Thomas says:

you didnt even show it running! please delete …your wasting space on the cloud

suntanbeach says:

Thank you very helpful 🙂

Tia Wheeler says:

I’m puting it with a betta do u think it would be okay? And the instruction manual says to attach a “check valve” so the water doesn’t get siphoned out. It’s that really needed?

Frazier Medina says:

um uh um uh

Tatsuhiro Satou says:

ive been using this in my ten gallon since anything bigger upsets my betas

Micayla Nicole says:

i know this is an old video, but for anyone wondering how to adjust the flow, i just tied a twisty tie around the tubing gentle enough so it still flows but its not on full blast. works for me 🙂

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