Tetra Whisper i Series Filter Review: How to Improve Filter – Product Reviews

Review of the internal filters by Tetra. In depth review covering the filters performance as well as including a method to increase capabilities of this filter (or other filter types).

7:12 for filter performance improvement
8:54 to vote for next type of review item

Comment below anything I missed or something you would like reviewed in the future.

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AimeeLoL says:

My filter on my 10 gets horribly nasty in less than a week. I’m going through filters at an unreal rate and if I don’t change it weekly it overflows the top of my filter and leaves the floor flooded. We only only have 3 small fish and 2 small algae eaters. I don’t understand why it gets so dirty so quick.

Deon 0026 says:

very interesting system fish buddy

Boone Hall says:

I can only find Seachem Matrix Bio Media. It looks the same as your ceramic but I just want to verify. Thanks!

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Very imfromative.. new to me. You did a great job Buddy!

inbedf says:

I installed 10Gallon filter in 10Gallon tank, that broken and not satisfied. used Tetra 10-30 the best result. I recommend now if you have 10 Gallon tank for best ultimate clean tank water go for 20gallon filter. Some experts are just speaking free on youtube & over smart. But my experience with 10G tank & 30G tank, I always use higher filter. never issue with filtration, clean tank water and fish all time happy. crystal clear tank as well. I recommended tetra filters are nice.

Shan Nonymous says:

2:08…EXCELLENT heater location.

Leah Nicole says:

Do you know if you can adjust the flow rate on the 10i? I got a used one so it didn’t come with instructions or anything, but the flow seems a little strong for my dramatic betta.

Damion Markham says:

thanks buddy ,

Chris Alexander says:

Great information. Needed it. Lol sucks that all of these are like 10 Dollars more now, three years later.

Duilio Biccari says:

Can I decide the height of the filter compared to glass or the hook is fixed?

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