The Best “HOB” aquarium filter.


Howard Mora says:

They are junk….Get an AquaClear..and get a big one…The 110 is bad ass…

Reeny MO says:

I had that filter on 2 different tanks and both filters were so loud and the little propellers inside get “stuck” or somthing and became even more loud lol

LoveJackieK says:

I love this Aqueon this is the HOB that you can modify at least 10 ways. And it’s easy to clean and maintain. I have one Aqueon 75 and Fluval FX4 in my 75g goldfish tank.

TheTourmaline57 says:

the aqueon filter cartridges made for this unit work very well. Ive used them for years without any issue. Please do not be deterred from using them. The extra cost imo is worth it. I’m curious about this tank and the fishless cycling.Especially because the pot scrubbers look new.

JJ Aquariums says:

aqua clears are the best

po dunc says:

i have aqueon and they are quiet.however,i have both in a space that is limited on over,i need to find filters that have intake tubes that can be removed to clean the screen/ clean the aqueon i need to try to remove the entire unit,which is full of is real wet mess because the unit needs to be tilted to be removed and put back in place due to the limited room over top of aquarium.putting in back is okay,not full of water but removing it is not nice.

Joe Kolb says:

These filters are know for getting clogged up on the chemical filter cartridges. Mine clogged up in 3 days and the tank isn’t over stocked

Flavio Design Aquairums says:

Hagen Aquaclear ( also known as FLUVAL)70 & 110 are the best…!!!!!!

Pray4Mojo says:

That plastic canvas is one of the most useful yet cheap DIY products you can get your hands on. I’ve used a ton if it for various uses over the years. I even super glue a piece to the outflow lip on my aquaclear HOB filters to stop the trickle sound.

MrReckshop says:

Where’d you get the prefilter sponge from for your aqueon, I need to find one?
Awesome video BTW.

J Man says:

What diameter bio balls did you use?

presouz says:

love not buying pre made filters I use pre sponge filter too, and I bought a media sponge and put my bio rings below the sponge. I also added a med size sponge filter

Joey G Gonzalez says:

Hmmm that’s not cleaning honestly

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