The Best “HOB” style aquarium filter.

What’s inside my Aqueon Quiet Flow 30.


larry miller says:

Aqua clear is the best

dtip4life 8472 says:

Good choice of fish for your profile. The Pearl Gourami has been my favorite fish since 1969.

clubtc05 says:

I wish I saw this video yesterday before I bought some extra filter products. Can you help me out and see if this is not a bad setup? I have the Quiet Flow 30, the filter from Aqueon is still new, so I won’t get the pink floss just yet. But I also put ceramic rings behind the floss and the place where you put the bio-balls, I put a long filter sponge in that hole, what do you think? I am running this on a 15 gallon column tank. Thanks for your advice! 🙂

Just 1 aquatics says:

Aqua clear is a great filter but you’d pay $50 for one I own mostly aqua clear’s and canister filters but I have this filter also and it works good I use it filled with sponge and crushed coral in a media bag , good video

SpitnGames says:

I agree with some of the things said but this filter has major downsides.

Patsy Zaruba says:

Thanks, got one today and this video helped a lot. Some good ideas.

Bajaheat says:

Guessing you have never had a aquaclear or fluval c series filter. Blow these away

Ben P says:

Hi, I’m kinda deaf. looks very nice!  Just asking where you get craft mesh barrier?

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