The Best Shrimp Filter Ever ? Do You Want to Know?

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J Lathem says:

Mark the small piece that goes on the end of the air hose (hanging out of the tank) is designed so that you can put a small piece of cotton in it to act as a filter for airborne particulates and oils. Try using it in one of your filters for a month and you will be amazed at what it will filter out of the air and keep from putting into your tanks.

WanObi1972 says:

nice video i have multiple of these filters with succes and btw its 4W and u can change the strenght of powerfilter in front with the slider cause when its on high the foams have the tendency to colapse on them selfs

Angie Steinbach says:

Hi Mark . I have noticed that you have your sponge filter sideways in stead of upright. What is the reason for this in the shrimp tank?

ĘŇŽÖ V says:

I wish he would start keeping Sulawesi shrimp.

Pretttttttttty please

dottty1 says:

Just ordered these for all my tanks.  Thanks so much once again for all the tips!

H Ca says:

I’m currently using the JBL m green line corner filter. It’s got a compartment for media and looks nice in a corner, only down side is it’s a little big.

Charles Bradshaw says:

hi mark, do you have vampire shrimp? I’ve looked and haven’t noticed any. if you don’t have vampire shrimp, why not?

Robert Martin says:

I very mach like your videos

Nancy Dee says:

Your videos have been so incredibly helpful to me as I’ve gotten into shrimp keeping over the last few months! Thanks for putting out such informative videos.

Shrimp Life says:

I love your shrimp room. So natural and serene!

Hossam Nashar says:

I think you should cover powerhead back slots maybe suck baby shrimp !?

let's playA777 says:

nyc one

shrimper says:

Great filter but be careful pulling the air tube off the venturi outlet, mine was a snug fit and snapped off, superglued it back on and its fine.

ThisBoyPodcasts says:

Hi Mark, me again…. I have a few of these filers and using them in the same way you are. i started to worry about the grate/vents on the back of the power head. Im unsure if they draw in water, if they don’t then I’m not sure what they are for. Any insight my friend? thank, David

Eshed Resch says:

hi mark,
i have this this Aqueal filter as well.
i didn’t really like all the bubbles the filter is making so I’m trying waterfall filter.
is it necessary to have bubbles in the tank(oxidation matters should be the same right?) ?
my tank is 30L so too many bubbles and hurt the visibility.
?is it true that shrimps don’t like the strong current.

Wet Sleeves says:

Mark what are those self tapping air valve things you use called where do i get them?

Isak Vinding says:

With the sponge filter on lowest flow. Could it be good for a betta fish? Couse I want to keep my loved betta fish in the same tank with some crystal red shrimps.

Pit Shrimp says:

Mark. As usual excellent video. Learning a lot, thank you for sharing with us. When do you start with genetics ? Would be awesome.

JJ Clark says:

I recently started watching your videos and I really appreciate the knowledge I have been able to glean from them. THANK YOU! Also, do you have any recommendations for a filter like this that can be purchased in the USA?

Brenda Murphy says:

Great video Mark, thank you.

Bucky rabbits says:

Could you please do an update on all the moss un your tank in the next video….it’s so soothing…^_^
Thanks in advance.

george nelson says:

Sir thank for the videos I really got a lot of information form your videos. A friend from India

Brad Clarke says:

Anyone know if the smaller dual sponge filter (XY-2831) would work for this mod?
I can’t get the Pat Mini over here, but I believe I could make my own equivalent using a Cobalt MJ 400 powerhead.

Gordon Hamilton says:

How adjustable is the flow rate on these ?
Thanks, Gordon…

ISayonaraI says:

Just installed this for the Atyas gabonensis because i was tired of using a regular filter with a tight on it (i have some red cherries with the atyas, hence the tight) and having to clean it was a chore. The atyas and cherries both seem to love it for different reasons. Cherries love the sponges, and atyas love the water current.

chucknorisclone says:

I hope you see this I am planning a new shrimp tank and would like to do something similar could i this same idea with a “normal” circular sponge filter?

Allan O'Donnell says:

Hi Mark, I have both of these filters, but the mod is a superb way of getting flow and increased filtration. What would you say the max size of tank that one of these would service? I have a 55 litre tank which was set for a sponge but I’m going to swap onto this if the double smaller sponge would do.

John Hierons says:

Having watched your video I purchased a Aquael Pat Mini Filter and separate filter all for less than £20 pounds and they work fantastically. Have removed my Fluvial (shrimp safe) filter. Why did you not make this video earlier. Thanks again for all your videos, they are really informative.

adrian charles says:

I’ve ordered mine, waiting for it to come.
Just a quick question, would you say this is quieter, louder or the same as a normal sponge filter?

Malevolent Duppy says:

Can you not get them with a UK plug?

Anthony Yau says:

I can’t purchase them in US. Someone comment a link if you could. Thank you. Send some over to the US Mark! Great video, very inspiring

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