The top 3 filter types for beginners with aquariums

by Paul Talbot


Nazib Uddin says:

what type of filter i should use for 16inch x 8 inch x 8 inch aquarium ?

xstuklikechukx says:

I use the HOB marineland canister. Best HOB ever! Have used the same filter for 10+ years already.

Elhadji Amadou Johnson says:

Thank you. That was short and succinct.

Julia Hatten says:

Help – I am using an Elite 5 stingray filter but my fish has died.

Fish Tales says:

I have set up a tropical fish aquarium. I have a filter on top of my aqua one aquarium and i have only got
a circulation pump running near the top for surface agitation and the fish seem fine with this. So does it matter that i don’t have the airstone as well? As my fish seem happy and are not gasping for air.


How come there only aquael at that shop lol

The Fallen says:

Hey man I have a question I have an aquarium and it seems to have a problem particularly with the filter the water is all hazy and the fish can barely be seen I Chiang the filter often but within a day it’s back to the hazy water

SpAceX Fan says:

Canisters are the way to go.

MrChicosuave10 says:

The filter in this link hands down is the best. i converted on my tanks to it. click and check it out

Hassan Shaikh says:

I m having guppy fishes so which is the best water filter for them and not to suck fry babbies


Aqua clears mate

Rene Rivera says:

I have a 10 gallon with 6 serpae tetras, 2 corys and 2 guppies. Iwould like to add two more corys…Could you recommend a filter for my case?

Bond Bondy says:

Hi have you got a Facebook page so I can send you a picture or video of mine,,i have a problem with the one I’ve got,,think it’s the wrong idea as it came with the tank

Oksana Kamensky says:

Whould this be for saltwater as well?

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