Top 3 Best Aquarium Filters Ever!

Top 3 Best Aquarium Filters Ever!

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Dwain Kitchel says:

nice range of comments!

inventoryking says:

Nice vid dude. Never had a eheim. Or sump. Maybe one day.

SantaMonicaHelp Assistant says:

Would you like to make some special videos using one of our upflow algae scrubber water filters? 🙂



The Fx6 weakness is the motor

alfred vara says:

Rule of thumb don’t over crowd do partial water changes feed properly. Even sponge filters will work

Karl Sparky says:

Just got an Oase 250 biomaster.
Great filter range.check em out

Bk_WiŠêR_78 CI says:

Have u had experience with the aquatop forza canister ?

Denny's Aquatics says:

Hey Eaven, this was truly a great video! I personally agree that all 3 filtration types are the best out there. I personally run a sump and 2 FX6S on my 220. I have had outstanding results and never had an ounce of trouble both mechanically and biologically for almost 4 years now. I do disagree with the gentleman that claims the FX6 does not put out 500gph. I would question his method of testing and comparisons with Eheim or other canisters. My FX6S pump so hard with the media in them that the outlets actually slash water off the glass lids of the aquarium. I would really like to have the 2262, but I don’t have anymore tanks right now to put it on. Anyways, thanks for running the survey and makings this video. Peace!

Adam C says:

never had an eheim so I can’t comment. I like my fx6s but I agree on sumps. if I get a bigger tank I will be switching to sump

redjack56 says:

If I wasn’t worried about accidents via overflow I would try a sump, but my living area is completely carpeted and never having had a sump they make me a little nervous. On the other hand if you were just talking canister filters I would always choose an Eheim classic, they are just the best and will usually run trouble free for years.

Tdgauthentic1 says:

I am fully satisfied with my sun sun on my 90 gallon but if and when I’m able to go bigger like a 150 or larger I will probably go with a sump for easier maintenance

Deon 0026 says:

Wow awesome video complete break down

Eddie T says:

1st view 1st comment, yeah! Totally agree with sump. Heaters out of sight & no bubble wall inside tank. Plenty of aeration from bio-ball trickle & surface agitation from 1800 gph return on the 150 gallon. Love my sump, makes for a cleaner more natural looking tank. (just my preference)

Ben Ochart says:

Nice format, good topic. When I grow up I hope to have a sump.

IFG says:


ActOfHonor says:

Solid video fam. I have Fx6 and I feel like it’s….underwhelming. I do like the design and engineering behind it…just seams a little weak for the ticket price. Take care

rocko112camaro says:

Are the Hydor 350 canister filter any good? Plan on using it on a 20 gallon tank but wanted the option to go to a bigger tank later.

Igor Mitic says:

I have a freshwater tank that has 60 gallons. I don’t have much moneyy and can’t afford the fluval fx filter – is there a good filter that’s $150 and below (for a tank of the size of mine?). Thanks.

AquariumKonnection/com says:

great video

KG cichlids says:

Great video ifg, still getting fluval though lol

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi Eaven.. I have The Eheim.. and the Fluval.. and the API.. I also have a new cobalt with the motor inline.. I love them all. If they work and do a good job I love em!! I’m kinda like.. yeah I love red cars lol

alfred vara says:

For the price sun sun is the best. Parts are on line they work great for a lot of people.

Dave Riley says:

Imo, the FX6 is the most overrated piece of aquarium equipment in the hobby today. Overpriced, overhyped, & overestimated.
The best filtration is a sump. Hands down. Keep the great vids coming, ifg!

Matt Webster says:

Sump is where it’s at! Thanks for the shout out IFG! I think for the most part people are intimidated by sumps because they don’t understand them. Once you understand the basic concepts you quickly begin to see all the upside and opportunities. If you’ve got questions ask in groups like the Aquatic Lounge on Facebook and watch lots of videos. For bigger tanks it’s the only way to go!!

NYCity Cichlids says:

I don’t run a dump but it has way more advantages than canister filters. If you know what you are doing when using one.

Free Swimmer says:

Wutzup !?  I have never had any negative issues with the FX canisters with running them for many years. I cannot compare the to eheim as I’ve not run them.  I did have disappointments running a UV canister and Cascade canister and SunSun canisters previously. But now in my 540 gallon DIY plywood and glass aquarium I am running a sump as well as the 2 FX canisters. I agree that the sump gives me 2 media towers as well as an 1800gph return pump and 2 300watt heaters. Good topic !

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