A very informative video by Mike from DIY Aquapros.
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Thanks again Richard, you’re the man!

Mike Kollin says:

Ok, I just received the Ultimate Biohome media a few days ago!

I noticed at the very end you put the Ultimate Biohome media in the back of the filter. I have a Marine Land Bio Wheel Power filter. There is a little slot right in front of the media and just behind the Bio Wheel… I put it in there… I assumed that was the place for it… 

Is that ok?

I Have Fiber Floss in the back, then just in front of that I have a finer Media, then the Biohome in front of that in the slot… 


Dr.Albert Vonfranz PhD Of Biology says:

Seachem matrix I best biomedia, for sure!

Sre_ Rich says:

can I replace it with yellow cleaning sponges

anthony pope says:

Hi I have some bio home in my fluval 206 and there really good my nitrite and nitrate and ammonia are spot on you can get Richard bio home media on eBay really cheep I would never have another kind of media I have tried k1 media in a moving bed but the one that comes out on top is bio home I can go about three months before I clean the filter

AntonyTrickrider says:

Whats the differens between Zeolit and Zeovit? Can bacteria be populated in those media ment for the complete cycle?

Homero says:

What do you all think of using hydroton as media? i have a aquaponics setup and seems to work pretty well.

paul holdsworth says:

Help me realize my fishy dream please take the time to look and if you can help thats amazing even if you just help me spread the word!

Spaztek12 says:

K1 is used in sewage works here in Norway ,i know its also used in ships to make the sewage water safe before its dumped into the ocean ..When i lived in Briton i used it to filter a 3000 G pond ….i also use it in all my canister filters at home where i breed Dwarf shrimp …

United States Of America says:

Why did he poo poo logs in his hob filter? Does Poop make good media?

Metalfishead says:

I was wondering, how big it’s the k1 micro???

anthony pope says:

Can you use bio home media in a sump I have a better duo tank its two tanks in one would it still work if I put them in a stocking and sit it on my pump where my pump is. on the back it as four section two for sponge one for putting in a cartridge to filter out fine stuff and the fourth one is where my heater and pump go

Rudy Soto says:

Do you think you can send me some k1 media please to Chicago? Because I can’t find it anywhere here.

Bryanna Rosario says:

Can you replace your filter with this or is this intended to be added with your filter to your tank?

moose says:

Is Fluval Biomax Bio Rings, same as the ceramic ring?

Chris Caragiannis says:

I have to say your videos are very interesting to say the least. I took your advice and went the Biohome way. I currently have a 55 gallon setup with Seachem Matrix and some hornwort. It took me almost 4 months to do a complete cycle ( I am now losing Nitrates outside of regular water changes). I’m setting up another 60 gallon in my classroom with a pimped out Fluvial 406 (like you said) with Biohome Ultimate in it and with an added pre filter sponge on the intake. Waiting to see how long it takes to do a complete cycle. Thank you for your amazing videos! Makes grade 7 and 8 science more hands on for my students.

Henry LionHeart says:

I am considering amoung other things using wood chips and moss in a trickle filter. Any input?

NSCaquarium says:

I have already watch this video great video love how your giving other channels chances pondguru been watching you for 3 years when I first started my pond and recently noticed you have been making aquarium videos last year

john doe says:

I currently use hydroton as media and it makes the water reddish for like 2 weeks. Will the biohome ultimate leech color or powder into the water?

Tommy Ohlrich says:

Ok, so I’m making this big ol aquaponic system in my apartment made from recycled 10gal jugs. Just bought a nice canister filter, that runs like 250gallons an hour. Everything has been goin great, only thing is I like to see my koi. Why I picked em. And the inside of their jugs has Algae’d over. Is there anything I can do to keep the sides clean short of emptying it out And cleaning it? There isn’t more room for sucker feeders… I was thinking maybe, freshwater snails of some kind?

Quantum Aquatic says:

I didnt really catch which one of these media’s I should use. I have 20 gal planted tank (javamoss walls and a babytears carpet growing in) however I looked up some DIY media and had made me some using straws and PVC sticking the straws inside it compact before cutting them into inch size pieces. Would a sump be good for a planted tank. I honestly just wanted my filter and powerheads out of my tank except for my surface skimmer.

richard mitchell says:

how do i get rid of waste?…food and poop with this work for that?

pothuss says:

i use lava rock. a great bio-media and its cheap. i use it for my pond and aquariums. i find it works better than bio-balls and rings. all my filters are home made because all though i respect people trying to make a living. most pre-made stuff cost more than they are worth.

sten beetlex says:

what is purpose of adding zeolit in a canister ?….i have 1kg lava rock and foam as u advised ….. wil this b sufficient to ammonia nitrite and nitrates???.wat more is should do

rodmm says:

what country are you in

J Squared says:

I do not understand why you are showing the small moving filter! It is basically ineffective for its size, and you would need several to make any impact as far as bio filtration. These types of filters have been promoted because they look cool in a tank, or at least some people think so. They are a waste of time and money, and I wish YouTube would stop promoting them!!

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

Hi pondguru, can I use all these media in one sump with dividers?

Eric Hardy says:

Question on biohome mini ultra in a external filter i am working on getting a set up together and i see all these different flow rates. what is better for the tank higher or lower flow rate the 4 tray 320GPH (1200L/hr) filter or the 3 tray 265GPH (1000L/hr).

I am thinking the higher GPH but then I over think it and think the water is moving to fast for good cleaning.

Abhijit Patil says:

Can i use Clay Brick or AAC brick as media as both are porous from inside?

Mombuscus says:

Great Video and Such an amazing a public speaker.

Maurice Aquariums says:

Ah ha I love how it started lol

Abhijit Patil says:

can i use silver ( Ag ) as filter media to kill harmful bacteria?


Hi Richard i received my media today the order for 5kg of bio home ultimate and 5kg of the bio home big boy also the 3liters of micro media im very pleased with the amount you send its a lot more than i thought id get thanks so much for the speedy postage. I thought i make a video on the media you sent if you get chance check it out thanks Richard regards paul from Doncaster.
Ps. The media is for my up and coming 6ft by 2ft by2.5ft discus tank due to arrive in 6weeks

Fish N Tips says:

Very good video this one, im nearly done on mine, its become more a video advertisement for the biohome range rather than just a review. I planned on it being a review of which i would point out some pros and cons of the products but i just cant find any cons! I like the way you have integrated their video into yours too, its a very effective setup.

Reid Smith says:

can bihome be shipped to the US? 

Ronald Rosen says:

I’ve only been at this for a couple of years and currently have 4 tanks. I’ve found much good info on many videos but am always turned off when an informative video becomes an infomercial. Also, information is worthless without backup data, sources and techniques used. Always follow what works for you and, information backed by good science is far more trustworthy than someone’s opinion or rave review…you’re observations and judgements are as good as theirs. BTW, lab coats don’t impress anyone but the most vulnerable.

Michelle Olson says:

Really great. Thanks for posting!

Aidan YU says:

I got a Nano cube aquarium what type of media/ceramic type

William Harvey says:

What’s the best way to introduce this media with an already well established filter? I have a fluval 305 with the bottom tray with brown round balls you will have to excuse my ignorance as quite new to the fish world! The middle tray has ceramic media and the top tray a bag of ammonia! I’ve watched countless amounts of your videos and enjoyed watching them. Any information would be gratefully appreciated!



bilal solmaz says:

I just ordered 3kg biohome for 150 gallon discus tank. I have 2 eheim filters. lets see how result will come up.

Hello There says:

is rinsing ceramic media recommended after being in use to clear out some passages?

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