What I use in my Aqua Clear aquarium power filter

2 bag of ceramic balls, never clean them or replace them until they are completely damaged or broken

standard sponge

2 sheets of cut bonded paper




Did not see the link

Buddy Mayfield says:

I would recommend putting your filter pads above the sponge and turn them upside down. that way the larger particles are filtered first. it will give you more time between cleanings. nice video

Dontdalla says:

yes, coarse sponge first.

Sakura Yamashita says:

I’m setting my new tank up and also a new aquaclear filter, I noticed a lot of people prefer not to use the activated carbon and you also suggest not to also only when you were setting up your new tank. So can you please tell me how long did you leave the activated carbon in your filter for? Oh also I noticed a lot of people would use the sponge, bio ceramics and they would also add the bio balls to their filter too, would you recommend using the bio balls or just the sponge and the bio ceramics?
Sorry, I’m still pretty new bout keeping fishes so I want to make sure I get everything right so my fish won’t get harmed in any way.

John M says:

You are a good dad. Nice tank!

boomboompow says:

what bio medias does it come with? stainless steel sponge and what else? thanks:)

Dsanford12 says:

rinse your biological media in tank water

Dragon y2k says:

That is kids for you LOL Mine promised to care for the puppy and guess what end up happening lol

Frank Ramirez says:

Course sponge first, fine pad, media.

Thomas Moses says:

Off the subject but what kind of watch is that ? Looks nice

Robert Kowalke says:

Good video! Been using Aquaclear filter for over 30 years and they remain THE best HoB filters. Fluval recently took over the Aquaclear brand but didn’t change a single thing on them, alot of people think the older ones are better but if you side by side comparison them there is nothing different and they work the same.

Activated carbon is great for removing meds and also to remove discoloration and Odors, so I usually place some in whenever its needed, you should never run carbon all the time, especially if you have live plants.

J. Coop says:

Haha…”I haven’t seem em do anything. ”

Oh, the classic bait and switch from kids. We’ll do all the work, you just get the pet for us! hahaha

Spic and Span says:

great info, I ran power filters like these in my 30 gallon saltwater. Results were great. I recently came back to the hobby and I am searching for a power filter that I customize my media.

Jose Rubio says:

awesome video man

Pengyu Wang says:

May I ask what are those plants? Are they real?

Rick Barg says:

Take it away from them

Caitlin F says:

Do you find that the bonded paper slows the current? I currently have an aqua clear 110 and the current even on the lowest setting is making it hard for my goldfish to swim to the side with the filter.

greywolf de'lacey says:

like you i use a better filter pad in my AC filters ; i use pinky filter padding in mine ;
but i set it up a little different than you ;
i use the standard foam at the bottom and put the pinky on top of it and the bio media on top of that
this set up helped me remove the algae bloom i had in the water and has kept it controlled
taking and idea from your set up i could split the thickness of the standard foam in 2 ; and use half at the bottom as normal, then the pinky pads ; then the other half of foam as a 1st stage bio filter then the regular bio media to top off the media basket
i’m about to give biohome media a try to replace the standard media
thanks for the ideas

Spance Man says:

ppk use carbin and is always given cause driftwood puts of tannin and it takes the copper water color away not just meds 🙂

Aquatic Logic says:

Eddie I love what your doing here, but I would switch the mechanical media so that the water contacts the coarse first, then progresses to the finer material. It should last a lot longer that way 😉

pancudowny says:

If you put a sponge-filter on the intake, such as a Cal-Flo or ATI’s, you can eliminate that big internal sponge and add more of your choice of media… Like I did!

Larry bobson Butternubs says:

Is he in the mofia

William Begoyan says:

Don’t keep the bio media out of the water for long, you do not want them drying out. Carbon is really good for smells, mine has 0 fish smells and I use blended chemical media (not all carbon).

TL Ezzy says:

looks like your watch stopped… : )

212helpdesk says:

Awesome, just the info I was looking for, this is a
well done video!

jaykay18 says:

I certainly hope you very plainly understood when the kids promised to take care of the maintenance, you knew you were going to be doing it all yourself.

Nice job on that tank, looks really nice. I’d love to have one. However, while I see fish, the cats see lunch.

Brian Zambotti says:

Beautiful tank! That white media. Exactly what brand is that?

Bossray Twotiimes says:

Love the set up never thought about putting something underneath the sponge does this setup give you clear water

John Sheehan says:

I totally relate to kids not doing any maintenance. I started with a 20 gallon for the kids like you. Unfortunately I contracted MTS Syndrome and now have 4 tanks ranging from 10 to 75 gallons. Yikes. Nice looking tank.

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