What is the BEST Canister Filter you ever used!? Need Feedback

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canister filters seem to be the big hype right now in freshwater and some saltwater aquariums but what is the best canister filter that you guys have ever used. what is the best bang for your buck. i know i use the fluval fx6 and i love the thing to death but thats a pricey investment and not everyone is ready to drop some serious cash for a filter. so in your experience with your aquariums what is the best canister filter you guys have ever used.


ErnieDoesThings says:

Please tell me the #1 biggest canister filter there is

Sanjay Babajee says:

Hello please can you advice me which type of canister filter i need to use for an aquarium of size 96 x 34 x 24 inches.

Hellish Underwater Harmonica says:

They’re all a problem! There is no best canister filter.! Noise..humming.. maintenance..pipes everywhere..not enough biological bacteria ..which are washed away with very rinse.. expensive..untidy. under gravel is so reliable.. massive bacteria infusion..easy simple once a month gravel vac..one filter plate..one power head..no noise..no fuss.. no heart ache.

Sparticus says:

i have a classic ehiem 600 piece of junk!!! thinking of going to a fx5 or fx6 fluval called ehiem got nothing but a run around with them! filter top pops off as water flows in. Cheap little clips pop right off. had a huge disaster from flooding in the middle of the night.Cost me over 1k in damage. ill never support ehiem again for the treatment i recieved by the support team way to go arseholes!!!

Andy Kane says:

eheim enough said hands down the best

John 67 says:

SunSun HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer, 525 GPH up to a 150 gallon aquarium, so for the money hands down the best canister filter. coast about $85.00 on Amazon

Fishy Draws says:

November 31st? As far as I remember that’s has ONLY EVER BEEN 30 DAYS IN NOVEMBER!! Lol

Richard Miller says:

Believe it or not….I have been running 5 Fluval 303 old style filters for over 20 years straight! Never broke down and never died in all those years!

Elise Worrell says:

Aqua Top AF400.. just started it up… So far so good…..cheaper than eheim.

nano leboeuf says:

I have 2 eheim 2262 & 2260 and fluval fx6 eheim is the best but fluval is really good and easy to install with good instructions, the intake and out of the eheims are bad compare with the fluval fx5 & fx6, i used Biohome mini ultra in all my filters is the best

Aussie Soarer says:

Aquael uni max 700 is hands down the best most reliable filter I have ever used. 1700 lt/h, 38 watts, twin inlets and outlets, optional uv light. currently running 3 of them and one for almost 10 years with no problems.

bigrazzer says:

all Canister Filter can do the best if you put right media in it.what people think just adding light carbon will  works but it doesn’t.you must add ceramic, bio balls,  carbon and ammonia.i add about 2 pounds of carbon and ammonia chips in my canister

Fishy Draws says:

Cheapest has to be sun sun, I run 2 fluvals on each of my tanks which are great but I think a lot of time it’s luck of the draw with budget canisters, some run perfect whereas some leak and or noisy. There is no sort of quality control on the cheap ones or so it seems. The pain in the ass for me is the exaggerated lph ability. I couldn’t manufacture a car and claim it has a different size engine than what it has so why are these mf’s allowed to do it? I have never paid more than $120 (fx6) second hand and replace gaskets

James Feenan says:

eheim 2260 great second hand filter at right money not easy to get though i have review over on my channel

grigore razvan says:


Braiden Kreller says:

Ive been using flual 401 for 38 years. Still running

Tyrheem Smith says:

what type and size canister filter should I use for 180 gallon

svtcontour says:

I have been running an Eheim 2260 for 18 years so far and a 2217 for about 16 years.

David Foley says:

I’ve seen people complaining about the Eheim’s flow rate (specifically the 2215).

Go on Amazon and type 2217 impeller. For like $18, it fits the 2215 and takes the flow from 160 GPH to over 200 GPH. Keep in mind that Eheim is one of the only companies that gives real-world flow rates with media included.

Todd Hayslett says:

I had the original Fluval 404 when they first came out. Nothing but trouble. Wouldn’t prime, couldn’t get all the air out of it, cheap plastic fittings breaking, hard to remove impeller shaft. Multiple impeller cover redesigns. Maybe they have fixed all the problems but I would never buy another Fluval. When it finally broke the aquastop fitting I threw it in the trash.

peter mombearts says:

Hi I have a aqua one 2700 litre canister goes for a while then stops and then goes again I replaced with a brand new propeller and still does the same thing can anyone help me

paulone65 says:

i use the sunsun with 9volt uv light,and the price are so real low.and filter is great,the only con is the cheap piping,i made new ones out of pvc and have no problem.the fx6 are great but are to much money.

Magnum Mountaineer says:

Jack Brickson, head of design at Ehiem here… and Im here to tell you that we at Ehiem in fact ARE listening. We will be in contact with you regarding your thoughts, advice, wisdom and expertise in to the future of fish tank filtration! Your gonna be a damn revolution, kid.. the next new face of Ehiem!! Pack your bags for the big leagues, son!!! We’re preparing the Ehiem company jet now to come and pick you up for special Ehiem orientation… So Congratulations, DUSTIN.. ..from all of us here at Ehiem!!!

live free or die says:


Hellish Underwater Harmonica says:

As to the Angel fish laying on his side? So many guesses will come flying in, and whilst they could be considered, one guess might be overlooked. And that is ..the power of the wave maker. He could be just totally knackered of trying to fight against the current. And is simply tired out. After a while of laying on his side..he slowly recovers his strength and off he goes again. Then the whole process is repeated.
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Turn off or reposition wave maker for a while and study the Angels behaviour and note it?

Craig Woodhull says:

Woody’s Discus

Freemans Aquatics says:

i have cichlids in my 180 it has a fx5 and a sun sun 704b running my fx5 is 5 years old the sun sun is new i cant say for it longevity but its great so far check out for your self i do 1 50% water change every week on crappy Monday bought all of my stuff off ebay except the tank and stand free shipping always

Paul Bjork says:

I had good luck with 2 H O T magnums use strictly for mechanical/chemical filtration with the output piped to under gravel filter plates via reverse flow.

Inderneil Bose Roy Chowdhury says:

AQUARIUM – Eheim Aquastar 96,Filter Canister Eheim Professional – 3 with Three Different Type’s of Filtration Substrates,100 Watt EHEIM Heater,Eheim UV Bypass,Fluval Nano Co2 Cylinder and Reactor,Easy-Life EasyCarbo Liquid Co2 + Osmosis Water With ADA Substrates for Plant.Started on April,3rd 2016.Fish not added as yet.
My Small aquarium is running on Eheim HOB,Internal Sponge Air Filter and I have successfully Bred Blue dwarf Tiger Shrimp’s and Blue Dream dwarf Shrimp’s in It.
The Video is in my YouTube List.

Some Randy says:

Aquatop CF500UV 5-Stage Canister Filter with UV 9W, 525 GPH

Best Filter hands down.. I also own a Fx6 but the Aquatop beats it hands down all day long.

Pinballpete007 says:

A real good top notch filter is never about cost but about never ever letting you down and failing.  In my opinion Eheim is the best you can get since it will never let you down period !!!

Rodrigo Zamudio says:

Fluval works best for me. I use it for my saltwater fish tank it’s been running for six years.

Tyrheem Smith says:

wayne’s Fish world…Thanks..i also have 4 predrilled holes 2 on each side how do I plug them or should I run pvc for intake and out take

Laurence Twist says:

I use All Pond Solutions Canister Filter. it has a UV sterilizer it pumps 2000lph it comes with carbon, and ceramic, and bio balls. And also sponge of fine, medium and course. they also have 1000 lph and a 1500 lph the starting price is £49.99 to £75. you can buy them on Amazon.

Paul Rigby says:

All pond solutions 2000ef (sunsun 304b) packed with bio home ultimate media with 2.4l filter booster canister, beats all of my fluvals

mike scully says:

I run 4 FX5,s on a 125 g with 2 75 g hangers as well my 90 g has 2 75 hangers with 3 ML 360,s , my 55g has 2 75 hangers with 2 eheims 2215,s and a fluval 304 as well as a old scool 403. my 45 has a 75 hanger 2 eheim 2211 a old school 2313 with the built in heater and a 2213. have a 2227 old scool on stand by as well as 2 new in the box FX6,s . the sun sun is basically the knock off of the ML canister with a uv ster built in. Personally I love all of my stuff.I am over stocked with cichlids in all tanks other the the 45,, its a comunity take for a bit of everything.

redjack56 says:

Eheim classics are the best period !

wayne L says:

AGREED NEVER had issues
David Foley

Go on Amazon and type 2217 impeller. For like $18, it fits the 2215 and takes the flow from 160 GPH to over 200 GPH. Keep in mind that Eheim is one of the only companies that gives real-world flow rates with media included.

Andrey DaGiant says:

fluval all day long

Uteopia says:

I used are dynamic power canister filter from eBay 1400lh UV light self priming button works like are charm, I think I have had it for over 2 years and it hasn’t gave me any problems, the only down side is the media and thats really are downside it’s just me being fussy I like to use my own type of media which is different to the stuff they give you and it only cost me $89.

Scott Olson says:

Gotta go with the Eheim Classic 2217 – picked one up used 15 years ago and immediately ordered a replacement impeller “just in case.” Well guess what? The replacement impeller is still in it’s unopened package – I have never needed it. Nor have I replaced any other parts and it is till running strong. It still has great pressure and flow. Also, with regard to filtration media, the options are almost endless. They’ve been made the same way for 30+ years, and for 150 bucks brand new, I don’t know how you could beat them. The one drawback some people complain about is the lack of filtration trays – that is a non-issue to me. The sponges and polishing pads are all self-contained anyway, and I put my loose media in mesh bags – so no real big difference there. I actually think this filter is more effective because it doesn’t have trays – trays take up space and they have space between them. I would rather have the entire canister dedicated to massive filtration! I’m running a 75 gallon planted tank with 14 mature Rainbow Fish and I clean the good old Eheim about once every 4 months, and it could go longer. I just ordered my second 2217 to start a new 90 gallon tank. Maybe someday I’ll use that new impeller.

Susan Smo says:


Ed O'Neill says:

You sound like Danny McBride

Rotter Tube Reef says:

any brand will work great as long as you clean them out minimum once a week.

Logan Vapez says:

i love my fluval 206 on my 20 gallon over kill i know but works

AmnScottNN says:

Hydor and Eheim… period.

Alan Tavares says:

I’m looking for a canister, and I saw JBL as an option, what do you think? I found it good by the price range

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