You don’t need an Aquarium Filter. You need…

Almost every tank in the world has a filter on it. But do we need a filter or do we just need a….
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Gurl No says:

Detritis worms in the substrate! ONLY way to go. My setup now have them and they are like little vacuum cleaners!

cindy127 says:

I have 3 bettas two bettas five gallon 2 ten gallons. how to keep clean and some circulation. I have two whisper and 2 canister filters

toriless says:

It’s the charcoal that will kill as tank.

Justin Stuart says:

I hate clickbait titles

rrr rrr says:

I have no filter for my betta fish… he is in a 5 gallon and have zero amonia, nitrat and nitryt

William Viers says:

Very informative video thanks

jack jill says:

One of your best so far!!!

I’ve said it a bazillion times……Beneficial Bacteria is grown in the tank!!!! Not in the filter!!!!
The filter is simply used for mechanical filtration and you should empty your “TRASH CAN” as needed.
So many fish keepers wonder why their tanks are so unstable….go figure!!! LOL!!!!

Jose Montalvo says:

Hey Corey,
Does this rule also apply to a 125-150 Gallon Aquarium? I hear what you’re saying, but I’m planning for a bigger scale of being a aquarist. Thank you for sharing! I enjoy your You Tube.

Thir7een says:

Carbon does not remove Ammonia, you also can’t use it as biological media the pores are too small to support anaerobic bacteria something you need if you don’t want sky high nitrates.

Henry Teh says:

Hi, out of curiosity I’m wondering can filter media used as aquarium substrate? Ceramic bio ring for example.

McPotin says:

Hey Cory,
I am willing to help
about: “✅Know two languages? Help us Translate our Videos:

but I have no idea how to contact you in private.

cindy127 says:

can a plant in front of filter for Betta cause not circulation? as I was trying to keep low flow for bettas.

360 View says:

Yeahhhh… I’m still keeping my filter on my goldfish tank lol. I think that is a necessity with goldfish

Aquarium Co-Op says:

Make sure you vote in the Poll. You can use code Heat10 to save 10% on the website this week.

fenrirgg says:

I had an aquarium for many years, my fish lived many years. I had to return them to the store when they were too big or too numerous (like guppies, they breed a lot). And I didn’t have a filter, only a cascade and a bubble thingy, I changed the water maybe 4 times a year (it was bottled water, and refilling due evaporation was also bottled water) and that’s all (I never could get good light for living plants). So I’m one of those that think filters are not indispensable.

Melissa Spurlin says:

I think this makes a GREAT case for undergravel filters. Powered by a power head or air pump and this checks off all the boxes.

Jacy Light says:

I added unobtanium to my tank its expensive but worth the risk. My comets have x ray vision now. I know this because they swim away fast when I walk bye. Lol

toriless says:

…not mention a Venturi pump.

Ace of Ariums says:

Lol Corey, It made me unreasonably happy scrolling over the thumbnail of the timeline watching you wave your hands above your head because you’re a hand talker and the camera’s framed high. XD I’d say to zoom out but… is so entertaining.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on overclocking sponge filters with aquarium pumps. I have a couple hundred gallon pond on my back porch, currently with a sponge filter advertised for about half the water volume I have, but I have it on a pump that cycles my pond water about 20 times an hour (Yes, I know that’s excessive, but my fish don’t know that and seem to heavily disagree) So far after a few months the only downside I’ve encountered is I have to clean my filter every 3 days because it’s clogged entirely after 4.

MsBoredom22 says:

Hopefully this will be my last question for a bit, sorry… In a planted 10gal tank with a betta and some easy plants, what type of filter would you recommend, if any? I know bettas don’t like much if any water flow, and since I can’t afford to buy CO2, I’m worried about off-gassing from surface agitation. I have to start with only four or five plants, but I’m hoping to add more as time goes on until it’s fairly heavily planted.

dk bk says:

i disagreed slightly but alll in all i love these videos and you give out the best info for beginners and advanced aquariums keepers.

jacques alexander IV says:

Can you do Fluval stratum with an undergravel filter?

Inqu'aanate says:

The slime inside the filter doesn’t see the light and is in an anaerobic environment, this means that denitrifying bacteria that you need to deal with fish waste outcompetes algae because algae needs light and oxygen.

CromoAquatics says:

0:01 completely unexpected


This video seems in conflict with your one on maximizing your filter. You suggested adding all kinds of added sponges.

Tara Vanflower says:

I wish you could come to my house and optimize my tank. I feel stupid. HAHAHAHA

Fish R Relaxing says:

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for sooo long.. so glad someone finally addresses this. This is one of those things that is wide known in saltwater but not in freshwater. The single most important part of fish keeping is water circulation. My freshwater systems are setup similar to salt with 30-40x circulated flow and 4-6x filtration flow which is mostly mechanical filtration just to keep the water clear. However I also run fine sand bottoms in most of my tanks which adds tons of surface area. The only bio I run is super heavy stocked tanks and a little in other systems just to season the media for larger more heavily stock tanks. Even when pulling all media from a tank To place in another I’ve seen no crash or mini cycling

As for eliminating dead spots.. its best to use wave makers near top of tank pointed upwards. One each side opposing up to 6’ then you need some on the back wall facing forward. Cycle them off and one one at a time. I like the jeabo that come with controllers as they will slave and master each other and cycle each other off and on every 30seconds. In a 6ft tank it takes about 20seconds to get a full gyre from my experience. That leaves really only 10seconds of full circulation before flow changes directions. I stop cleaning my substrate a long time ago once I started doing this. Looks as good as if I just added the sand today. The key to eliminating dead spots is constant changing flow patterns. One speed constant on pumps do nothing but create dead spots.

Rachid Takieddine says:

nice camera quality

toriless says:

A plant to two? I can’t count them.

Clive Ennis says:

Keep up the good work.

Cody Willingham says:

I use a hob filter and a airstone

varanidguy says:

I feel like this was cut short. The ending was very abrupt. lol

Logan Ross says:

If the flow is higher (45gal bowfront tank, 70 gal filter) will it not move the water sufficiently??

Mike Kell says:

I know someone who runs hundreds of tanks off of a massive air pump and lines to each tank.. no filter is needed but you have to know what you are doing.. and water change is important..

Pamela K says:

I think this is one of Corey’s greatest videos. Very helpful information.

Yuvraaz 007 says:

For a few seconds i tought my phone is Not working

Spivey C says:

Could putting a heater on the bottom of the tank give adequate circulation in a 10 gallon tank through the convection currents? Also are there any fish that can thrive in a tank with no heater or filter? What adjustments to the tank would I need to make in that case

Samuel Forsyth says:

hang on back filter? not without understanding fluid dynamics lol

toriless says:

I have never changed my pads or sponges on my filter. Just rinse with old water rarely. I also leave the back side of the back of my tank alone most of the time. I also always put my heater next to my filter intake.

Joe Bowyer says:

Whatever Q says

Neil Waight says:

I left mine off for 3-4 months, had no problems water crystal clear, but i have a bubble thing running the entire center of the tank. If your tank is healthy it should survive without a filter

Find Manny says:

So I can get away with transporting fish in a half filled tank across the state because the water is moving all over the place and doesn’t need to be plugged in or any special needs. I have Hardy fish. Thank you so much for insider info, they making too much money on ignorance. You sir, help us human elevate


I’ve had AQUACLEAR filters for years, and with these 2 new ones, Aquaclear 110’s, the baskets rise, even after only a few days being cleaned. I don’t know why they rise, but I do know, that even with the intakes cleaned off regularly, from blockage, they still rise up. I have to use paper clips to prevent it. I’m sick of it!! . I used to love AQUACLEAR, but now, not so much.

Michael Whitwell says:

Maybe, I’m weird but love the “angel hair algae in my tank.” I trim it back occasionally but love the look. It reminds me of a reef tank, especially in conjunction with my live plants. Great point Corey about not cleaning or over clean algae on aquarium walls. I’ve always lived by this practice, and personally done as a beneficial bacteria component as well. Never new it was in fact a good practice within limits of course…

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