Ziss Aquarium Filter

Have you heard about the new Ziss Aquarium Filter? It is a moving media filter, and the first of its kind available for the aquarium market. I got my hands on one and have been very pleased with it so far. Watch to hear my take on the Ziss Bubble Bio, the world’s first bubble moving media filter.

Link to where I bought my Ziss Bubble Filter, and where I buy my aquarium lights, plants, fertilizers and other fish-related supplies: http://bit.ly/2NcdwkD Make sure to use the code “TAZAWA10” to receive a 10% discount on your first order!

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Yancy Hammond says:

I have a 75 Gallon Aquarium and I wanted to know would you suggest getting one of these filters or a Sponge filter?

Ryo Watanabe says:

Nice video! This filter looks great to me and has been I singapore for quite a while but I’ve never thought about getting one 🙂

Sod says:

I can’t seem to get the media inside to move around properly. I’m using an Aqua One Precision 2500 (160 L/Hour 19kPa). Don’t know how “strong” of an air pump I need.

LAURIT311 says:

Great review! Does the filter come in different sizes?

Catfish Cave says:

You’re the first youtuber I’ve ever heard say he cleans his sponge filters frequently-kudos to you! I don’t use sponge filters but I use prefilters on all my tanks – and I clean them all frequently.
I’m eager to try these internal fluidized bed filters – I love internal filters but they are so hard to come by (good ones anyway) in the USA. I’m currently designing and building my own internal canister that will be super easy to clean – like the eheim pickup filters not sold in USA. Mine will be for mechanical… and these Ziss would be the perfect match for biological! Nice video!

augusto castaneda says:

Lately it seems like you have been a rep for aquarium co-op and i hope to see more of you and less of the rep. In regards to the filter it is just another way of harboring and feeding aerobic bacteria and really unecessary unless you plan to have no plants and or are running a saltwater tank w/high nitrates,but there are better products than this in the saltwater world. This is all just my opinion since the hobby mostly consist of this.perhaps in the future you might be able to come up w/scientific solutions to some of these questions like brs does. It is definitly something the freshwater hobby needs. Best wishes on all your future endeavors.



John Smith says:

be good if you have critters eating normal sponge filters i guess

Chris S says:

Can you replace the media in the filter with K1? Would there be any benefit to doing so? I’m thinking as K1 is larger, it has more surface area? The drawback is you wouldn’t have as much as the supplied media due to its small size.

Shawn K says:

King of DIY made one of these out of a soda bottle a couple years ago. Neat filter.

Andrew Goldfish says:

Ug it looks like a little washing machine. Gonna stay with the sponge filters. But thanks for showing us another option with the air pump.

Swhiskey says:

Pretty much hit the nail on the head here. I think it’s ugly and only sufficient enough for some sized tanks. Def a time saver.. Great video zenzo!

dennis says:

I’m concerned that as the internal media wears out the fish will be ingesting the material. Do you think this could be so?

Lito Rosario says:

It’s on my wish list too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Brian P says:

I’ve been using mine in my 55 for 3 months or so. I already have 2 Seachem HOB on the tank as well. This replaced my sponge filter I had in there to get seeded. I’m still 50/50 on this filter. I like the look and design of it, just not sure about the function. I may go back to the sponge.

AJ Naps77 says:

2 questions 1. can I cycle a ziss filter in an established tank then cycle a new tank faster? 2. Would this filter be good behind an aqua decor background? Thanks

Steel City Aquariums says:

This reminds me of a reactor for a saltwater tank

Kit Craft says:

But sponge filters look neat with algae on them. Plastic bodied filters, not so much. Lol. Looks like a neat filter though, might have to give one a go when setting up my new 40b. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Jerry Martin says:

Great video and interesting concept. What size are they rated for as far as gallons of aquarium they can handle

janets9179 says:

I bought one of these, haven’t used it yet. I am always interested in using a more natural and energy saving filtration device, and that is why the ziss appealed to me. Right now am using 1 or 2 sponge filters + an internal power filter on each of my tanks. I will try to replace the ziss for the internal power filter; then 1 fewer device to plug in. Last year Cory made a video about under gravel filters. That seemed very natural and appealing to me, so I bought 2. Tried it for a while, but it wasn’t for me; didn’t like filling up my tank with so much gravel, and it was too dirty and hard to clean. But it is an option and might work well for some people. Bottom line: my goal is to have only an air pump and maybe a heater for each tank, and whenever possible, use nature to take care of business.

Northern says:

I have several cheap moving bed filters using K1 kaldness, just using plastic pop bottles, like the canister tho

ATF intheHouse says:

Fluidized bed filters are nice and efficient, but they are very hard to clean, the media gets jammed up and becomes cement over time. You have to keep a close eye on that the media is always moving.

TM Aquatics says:

Nice review. Fluidized K1 filters have been around for a long time. Why the sudden hype with you tubers and this particular filter?

David Chen says:

The filter is definitely aesthetically pleasing and your argument about saving time is interesting, but I am skeptical. Because the Ziss filter is still using a sponge for prefiltering, it would probably still require the same maintenance schedule as a sponge filter. The media may not require cleaning, but the sponge still does. It is the limiting factor. And because there’s less sponge surface area, it is prone to become clogged even faster than a traditional sponge filter.

In addition, the Ziss filter probably doesn’t hold as much beneficial bacteria than a traditional sponge filter of similar size because it simply has much less surface area. Think about all that space that is needed to move the media. That could’ve been more surface area for more bacteria. In my opinion, this filter probably cuts down biological filtration and probably has just the same maintenance, if not more, when compared to a traditional sponge filter.

Palmer Aquatics says:

Do you work for aquarium co-op??

Lmao I’m just messing with you! I just knew hearing that would bug you (evil laugh! Sorry)

Jay Wilson says:

Good job brah! Fluidized is def a legit option for harboring MASS AMOUNTS OF bacteria WOOT WOOT

BaseballBatDad says:

Really hard to know how good this filter is since you can’t really measure the number of bacteria that are living on it. Hard to argue that it is better than a sponge filter in terms of bacterial growth. You’d have to do a little experiment with similar bioload on identical tanks to see if it’s really any better. Personally, I don’t want to see something like that in my tank as it is unsightly and evening. Seems like overall this would be similar to an under gravel filter in terms of function, essentially trying water through something with lots of surface area. This arguably would have more surface area and the name under gravel filter, but again once you reach a certain level of bacterial growth, it’s hard to know if having more bacteria really changes anything. As long as you’re knocking out the harmful nitrogen in the tank, more bacteria probably wouldn’t do anything and in fact growth of those bacteria would already be limited by the amount of available food for them namely nitrogen waste

Ace says:

I’m surprised it took this long for a manufacturer to finally come up with this commercially. And it wasn’t fluval, marineland, or another much larger company.

CichlidAddiction says:

What’s the foil insulation you used on your walls?

worddunlap says:

In a perfect world it would be great and work at 100% efficiency on day one. The problem is that it has to be colonized with a specific type of bacteria and it is 100% dependent on that happening. Not at all something to ‘plug and play’. Moving beds have great efficiency in theory, perhaps even the most efficient. I would have a filter running in tandem for a few months…or perhaps always?

Midraj says:

Hey Did you ever do any more testing with that quiet bladderless air pump? I remember it had a low flow but would it be worth it to try to test them together to see how it does?

KG cichlids says:

I’m going to have to get my hands on one, great video zenzo.

Aquascaping 101 says:

Man I may have to pick one of these up. Nice review Zenzo!

Aqua Man - Аквариумистика says:

Hi) I’m an aquarium blogger) let’s be friends channels?

H.C. Aqua says:

I got one myself. Love the filter. Even fun to just watch for some reason, lol.

Random Robert Renditions says:

Tazawa, just a suggestion, but when doing your intros, most of the time you sound like you are ending it weird. It sounds like you are racing to get to the end of it and as if you aren’t completely done finishing your “sound” from your mouth at the end of the snippet. Just something I noticed and thought I should share to perhaps help influence your techniques a bit, in a good way. Great video btw. Keep up the good work!

Barbara Jackson says:

That’s a nice fluidized bed filter in a jar! Very convenient for those who don’t have the time or talent to do diy. If they come out with a shorter version I’ll try it.
Nice video review, thanks!

Tazawa Tanks says:

If you are shopping for a Ziss Bubble Filter and want to take advantage of a one time 10% discount to Aquarium Co-op, follow this link and enter the code “TAZAWA10”. Link: http://bit.ly/2NcdwkD

Monkey Nut says:

I replaced the plastic media with scintered glass bio motion. Nice filter!

Amol Tiwalkar says:

Not available in india

Ethan Gilbert says:

It’s definitely more aesthetically pleasing than the sponge filter but for $30 you may as well buy an aqua clear and get a lot more water flow and hob filters really are not that difficult to maintain

norman plummer says:

there’s only one problem about ordering a Ziss Bubble Filter from Aquarium Co-op they do not ship overseas. I live in Thailand and i know on one will have that item . Is there some where i can order online. my email is plummernorman43@yahoo.com Thank you also I’m also a subscriber

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