1 year review of wall mounted aquarium with recommendations

This is my 1 year review of the wall mounted aquarium with my recommendations for fish selection and decorations. This is my first salt water fish tank, and I found it very easy to maintain, and want to pass along the tips I’ve learned with other beginners.


Manny Sousa says:

Same question what brand and model number filter are you using ?

Potsgirl22 says:

Where did you get that live rock?

Jordan Willing says:

That one is is fake, and I got it from my local fish store. 😉 Everything else in the tank is real.

Jordan Willing says:

@frostyan I’ll try to get this up in the new year…but in general it’s simple to feed..I just give them some brine shrimp from the freezer. I thaw it in some water and pour it in. For the filers, I just open them up and rinse out the sponge..that’s all there is too it.

Jordan Willing says:

I bought my 5 foot bamboo tank with mahogany finish at museumtour. com for 999.00. I have seen them in some stores for as much as 3500.00 for the bamboo ones! just go to museumtour and search aquarium for all their options…they have quite a few styles at different price points.

matty dean says:

Hello, how do you find the salt levels etc with a tank like this? and how do you add salt ? or maintain this?
Your tank was my inspiration to buy a tank x thank you

jasonalexjohn says:

love it! u should do more reviews!!!

Joliane Chiasson says:

Hi , What is on the middle of the aquarium(the white tree) ? What it the name of this , I love it so much!

deamoon says:

How many litres is the tank?

Jordan Willing says:

keeping a salt water tank can be expensive…it’s not for everyone…but there are beautiful things that are reasonable. Each fish store prices are different but I think I paid around $100 for live rock and live sand, clown fish and damsels were around $10 ea, but some of the others were more so around $100 for fish. Then another $100 for corals…of course you build up slowly so it’s usually around $25 – $50 per trip to the fish store. For me the enjoyment is worth it. 😉

mybrickwall says:

How often do you have to change the water on these tanks??

W I says:

How much BS on this video, I have a $1k wall fish tank from 3 years ago that is a pain in the AZzz to maintain and I lost count of how many fish I have bought, all dead.

adonemmett says:

Adon Emmett
Love your tank!
Tried something similar, but no one wants to sell me a blue tang in such a small volume. They say that it will really outgrow the tank. Why inyour 3 year review is the blue tang the same size? I really like the blue tang. What do you think?

youngmatthias says:

Hard coral too hard to keep? Say what? As long as you stick to LPS coral, hard coral are just as easy to keep as those cauliflowers you have.

matty dean says:

And do you clean your water filters? if so how? x

Jordan Willing says:

I have had the blue tang for almost 3 years and he has grown only a bit. In a small tank they grow very slowly. I wouldn’t worry about it. If they ever did outgrow the tank I bet that most fish stores would let you trade it in for a smaller one. 😉

mybrickwall says:

Thanks for that..

Kenneth Jensen says:

What’s the aquarium called? Can you buy it online?

deamoon says:

I would like to get wall mounted fish tank but was told at pet shop that its not good enough its to small. I really like your set up and could you tell me how did you set it up what filters and all other stuff you use please.
Thank you

Ay H. says:

how do you change the water in those kind of tanks ?

frostyan says:

Great set up . Can you do another video showing how you feed them and filter changing

Janith Dasunpriya says:

what size is your tank like to make a one

billsisback says:

How noisy is this tank? I’m contemplating putting it in my bedroom, but I don’t want to do that if it’s too loud. So…too loud for your bedroom?

Dominique King says:

Your tank is beautiful. I tired to find the website where you purchased your fish tank, but I am unable to. If you can provide a direct link, phone number address, anything would be helpful. http://www.museumtour.com/ is a website for educational toys for children.

shishu miah says:

Hi what’s the size of your tank? How many fish can be store to that tank?

Emir Ali says:

what filter do you use?

Adriano Ruiz says:

HI, I’m a fan of your aquarium, I’m planning on setting up an equal or at least try to approach her​, but I have many doubts and would like to take these with you: 1-You must have some equipment that is not built-in skimmer? 2 – I think if you put a movie showing all the accessories used would help me a lot! and I would be very grateful! I am sorry for my English Brazil! laughs
The I almost forgot what are the dimensions of your aquarium

Fabrizio Bortoletto says:

Hi, i am concerned on how do you clean the glass tank… Are u doing it from the back?

Howard Wu says:


how much altogether you have buy
can you get everything (fish pump coral) in under $1000 nowadays

intoxicologist says:

overall very nice tank, good advice too except i also would not recommend a blue tang in such a small volume as it will outgrow the turning area it needs.

Jordan Willing says:

@jmw1234567 wwwmuseumtourcom

shishu miah says:


Jordan Willing says:

I actually think I might have found it at walmart. But I’m sure you could google it and find some online store that sells plastic decorations. good luck!

FarRightFred says:

you DONT add a tang to a tank that is 4.5 inch deep, no matter how fucking long it is.

worst advice I have ever seen!

IndigoBlu35 says:

I really enjoyed your video; because I am sick and tired of people advising against salt water tanks, what a difference a positive thinker makes for similar minds!

aztec boi says:

Hay Isn’t bubbles in the water stress them out

Jordan Willing says:

They are pieces of Coral. I think they are stag coral but I’m not sure….my local fish store had them as one of their live rock options….you might ask your local store if they can bring some in for you. They’re really great for the thin tanks because they stack well and you can put your soft corals on them closer to the light source. Plus they give the fish lots of places to hide.

Jordan Willing says:

The tank is about 5 feet long x 1.5 feet tall, by 4.5 inches deep. I have no protein skimmer. Just two filters inside at each end. I do water changes every 1-2 weeks. Good luck with your tank.

Jordan Willing says:

Museum Tour sells them. It is called a wall mounted aquarium. They have many styles. Google museum Tour and you will find it.

Corvux IX says:


Jordan Willing says:

My fish seem to like it, and the bubbles aerate the water which is good for the overall health of the tank.

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