240 gallon acrylic fish tank aquarium

240 acrylic aquarium review.


Huy Nguyen says:

is the tank that had the crack ? 

Dsanford12 says:

really like the setup , careful though, as the green terrors get much bigger , 1 will probably
dominate , and terrors are way more aggresive then the parrots , good job

jerryjunoirmint says:


westfourtwenty says:

Wow, that is one beast of an aquarium! Very nice. Awesome fish you have there, too! 🙂

Tyler H says:

Please take a look at my fish tank video i just started my account

Bryan Houston says:

Just 2 FX5??? I have a 300gl acrylic I was thinking of setting up the same way.

Dipu Bhujel says:

you can do much better on this tank like cable hide and more rocks covers back wall or put 3D background and gravels or sand and will looks better.

krishna ramaswami says:

what is the size of the tank ??

SXS Trails says:

what are the dimensions a.d thickness of the panels?

Cichlid Nez says:

Amazing…. mind blowing. Just subscribe to ur channel.

1989SPT says:

awesome tank matey

dvdfrnzwbr says:


Gurvinder Parmar says:

Nice tank but you should probably paint the rear blue or black so that the fish don’t get stressed…very nice setup.

Pit Dawg says:

240 gallons for those fish? What a waste of tank

MegaTimebomb098 says:

my dream tank <3

kenneth hanaburgh says:

pit dawg what a waste of your comment the tank looks great who are you to say how many fish should be in some ones tank

Bryan Houston says:

Sherry you better not put some gay ass fancy goldfish in a man tank like this.

Michel Carrasquel says:

Awesome size tank my dream size

Jimmy Fadil Thompson says:

Beautiful.  Was hoping you could talk more on your water changes – is there a way to drain from the bottom of the tank?  I just brought a 300g off craiglist that was SW that has a lot of plumbing with it.  I was hoping there’s a way to drain the water into the house sump that close to where the tank will be setup.  

cutie pie says:

that’s too much weight on the floor. that should be on a basement ground.

PaNdeM0niuM says:

nice large size tank!

I can think of thousands of ideas for this tank!

EZ's Aquarium says:

That one heater heats the whole tank?

sherryhable says:

Awesome tank. Would love one this size for my fancy goldfish.

Marty Lynchian says:

Whats up my nigga, can you tell me how much this aquarium cost?

Señor Cinco says:

man… you sound like you just smoked a fatty…

Jay says:

Mad Blood Parrots bud!

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