3 gallon Tetra Glofish tank/aquarium kit

I unbox the 3 gallon half moon glofish tank from Tetra. Thanks for watching:)


Marine Image says:

How big is that because I’m getting that for my dad for fathers day and I need the width of it, can you help me plz and thank you?

Charlie Yang says:

Should have just called it a 3 gallon Betta fish kit, Tetra.

ThunderClanGaming says:

Can a betta fish be put in this tank

Kelly Jansema says:

I was given one with no manual. Can you tell me where the flat heater goes? On the bottom under the rock or on the side or ?

We the People says:

That filter is perfect for a 3 gal that’s used for fish that like calm water like glos and betta

Darksorcer778 says:

Do we really have to genetically modify fish?

Steve Gee says:

3 gallons is too small, with only enough capacity for one glofish, two at the most, and all three of the glofish species are schooling fish that should be kept in groups.
If you work in the pet store you should already know this.

shawna mccollom says:

i heard glofish are dipped in an acid and then dipped in a dye………..is this true?

J C says:

Why do you need a black light for a GlowFish you should just show off there natural look without a light. Why….

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