5 gallon aquaculture aquarium kit review

I review the 5 gallon aquaculture fish tank aquarium from Walmart. Thanks for watching:)


Dev says:

I have my betta in this too and I love it, especially with that price. Do you know if the LED lights would be enough for a planted tank? I’m considering going live plants but I’m very much a newbie. Thanks if you can help! 🙂

Vicki Walker says:

I didn’t see a heater in your tank do you need one for a betta?

Jonathan Antunez says:

Your tank isn’t level lol

Aaliyah Cienfuegos says:

you could also put some neon tetras in there to!

DPineAppleSquad says:

How long do you keep your light on and is the filter good

Pete Yell says:

What is the actual size of the glass tank?

Noelle Danielle says:

is the light a plug in? Or is it battery ran?

Anonymous Person says:

Just picked up this tank a fee days ago for my betta, 7! It’s currently in the cycling process and then he will go from 3.5 gallons to 5 gallons!

Soraima Deniz says:

Hi can you please tell me the measures of the tank? Thank you!

Tucking Fypo's says:

i think your water level is a bit high but, otherwise good job 🙂

My Vuong says:

Where did you got the stuff in your tank

Vicki Walker says:

Thanks for the info I live in Wyoming where the winters are pretty cold I would probably need one .

DPineAppleSquad says:

When u got your tank did it have like a glue substance on the corners and edges

Ludwig Von Cocksucker says:

how many inches is this in height n width?

Jorge Toro says:

What’s The Size Of The Cartridge For The Filter ?

the mini a says:

is there room by the filter to add in a small heater through the cut out? Thanks!!

Mr Gamer says:

Does that filter make bubbles

Tia Rawz says:

do you just put the cartridge in the filter and it starts working?

Matthew Mckinney says:

your tank is unlevel which could cause a leak

I T says:

do you recommend this for my betta fish?

rnugitt says:

I paid $30.00 for mine and I felt like that was too pricey. The filter doesn’t do much for cleaning the bottom substrate.

DPineAppleSquad says:

Did u cycle this tank

wcslim760 says:

I just got this tank today and really like it for my betta
You think the led light would be ok for bamboo plants

Tucking Fypo's says:

you need heater

InfinityPets says:

Can you do an review on the 360 3 gallon aquaculture Aquarium

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