A Must Have For Any Fish Keeper: Seachem Prime Review

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Golden State Warriors Fan says:

I tried Amquel + but when my pH was at 7.0 it droped to 6.4 so i been using prime love prime better

Wallywutsizface says:

Does prime have bacteria for cycling tanks?

Upturnedfish 79 says:

It’s fantastic, saved my fish many a time. I only now use Seacem products.
Also Seacem Stability is fantastic


I use Safe…does the same job and is better value.

9Nails says:

That stuff smells like farts (sulfer) but you’re right, it’s the best protection you can trust with regular water changes. I’ve not had any fish loss for years with good routine water maintenance. I’ve been curious if it has a shelf life tho.

chris jones says:

prime nutralizes ammonia so it still shows as high on your test kit

shiva kumar says:

should we remove carbon while adding this product to tank

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

I bought this to use in a 75 gallon tank to start for my daughters. If I am starting a brand new tank should I use this to dechlorinate? I was concerned this would not allow my tank to cycle before adding fish. Thanks, nice videos.

Rusli mohd diah says:

hello…my tank is 4ft x 1.8ft x 1.8ft….how much of prime is required? in cap volumes…tenkiu from malaysia..

TheBedardz says:

Can you use Seachem Prime and Stability together when you starting a new tank

joel maldonado says:

If there is no chlorine or metals in your water it kills the beneficial bacteria by starving it from nutrients.

Eddie Thorne says:

Does this work instantly?

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