All-in-One Reef Aquarium including livestock for $399?? You don’t say… Biota Aquarium launched!

Biota Aquarium finally released their 30% off pricing – $399 for an all inclusive 13.5g tank. Here are my thoughts. To learn more:

* Video footage came from Biota


John SM says:

I agree with Shuwen Huang. I believe that a new reefer coming in to the hobby should read into what a reef tank is, what the different fish available to us need and where they come from, as well as supporting their local fish store. I am very much against anyone who tries to monopolise any kind of market also.

Marine Aquarium says:

These no research, quick ‘starter’ deals are doomed for failure. I would not recommend such a tiny aquarium for a beginner. Just my opinion.

The Glitch says:

It’ll be great for beginners who just want to try ou saltwater, or who have kids demanding a nemo for xmas. I’m torn over this tbh, seems a bit too gimmicky. Not to mention everyone will have exactly the same tank, with exactly the same live rock and socking, it’s all a bit bland.

Abbey Lee says:

Another great video! I like how you emphasized “REALLY GOOD FRIEND” 🙂

shuwen Huang says:


Aricii Sunt Homosexuali says:

Lizard on the tree at 4:20

Stef Styl says:

3:22 what fish is this ??? Not the clownfish

Kevin Hsu says:

well I really hope its not Fluval Evo Marine Aquarium KIt because its only 180ish on the market rite now…I would be very disappointed if they would just scam us by using Fluval Evo tank. I hope its a brand new tank they stated they “engineered” just for novice reefers…

MileHighReefers says:

Its a good looking tank, but ill pass.

Thomas Krafft says:

Do you know if Biota includes a cleaner crew?

goodall1bay says:

The biggest problem I see with this system an arrangement. The average person will buy the setup and not understand the basics of keeping fish despite clear instructions. People and especially those who are the target market for this are highly unlikely to keep to the instructions and maintenance. Second it removes the relationship people have with their local store and advice etc people have come to expect when starting out and especially marine fish keeping.

SirenSea_Reviews_Aquariums says:

I’d consider it. i dont keep any saltwater aquariums. it kind of gives me anxiety. i always thought saltwater was expensive and high maintenance the idea of it i like. the price point i dont know. id have to more research. id do it if i had the space

_Noah_trap_ says:

Ok so
13.5 gallon saltwater tank $160
2 orange clownfish around $24 ( its hard to find an average price
Rainfords goby – $16
Live sand $10
Live rock 7$ a pound I’m guessing they need about 4 pounds that’s 42$ if I’m correct
Live corals vary
That’s 252 dollars for the standard package

Metalman says:

sump/overflow on the side looks ridiculous

DeAndre Ellison says:

suburbanization for reefing? it’s like tract housing developments but for reef tanks

WoLfGlam says:

Can anyone understand that your not keeping fish in this salt water hubby but you are actually keeping water that is number 1 thing beginners should know

Keagan Wilson says:

Buy aquaculture whenever save this hobby it helps me live!

Flame122345 says:

Why do they advertise clowns in such a small tank

Bay Area Reefs says:

You know what bro there are pros and cons to this you could buy a 20 gallon all in one system for 200 and rock and sand will be around 300 so it’s close but I think this comes with a light ,fish and the rest of the stuff so it’s really what you want you know

Jay Moro says:

will it be available in the UK??


Perfect for a office tank… I wonder if they would sell the tank setup without livestock, rock or sand for cheaper…

tyrone burgess says:

they might have took it down i just checked site was working a week ago

Jason Doucette says:

good vid as always, I think it’s a niche market tank, like you said it’s for an office etc. All the comments about how they wouldn’t let someone choose their rocks etc… they are not targeting that type of user here. It’s not for the advanced aquarist for sure, but it seems to be a nice little bundle.. maybe priced a tad high if it gets up to $500 but you pay for having someone else do the thinking.

Rick Song says:

Its a great idea but im concerned about this, the light most definitely not strong enough for anemones, furthermore I see issues with the way this is sold. The prepackaged salt is going to run into issues, really imo just buy the salt by yourself. If you know what you’re doing you should be able to see most parasites and know about them so pest free coral isn’t much of a concern to me. Another issue is testing which I don’t think this includes. You can really do this for way cheaper and I setup a 20 gallon long and filled it with some corals for around $300. heres the thread. In that point this is a bit overpriced. This package creates the issue that people are going to buy this without doing enough research and just spend the cash just thinking it has everything you need like consumables. I think the reef hobby is really just a progressive journey. To have everything prepackaged really gives a false sense of security to those who buy it and think that its not a large commitment. Good idea, but things need to be fixed to do this properly

Kingjj34 says:

Do u suggest this for a new person into this hobbie

EN Reefs says:

i got the evo 13… there is no room for upgrades… yes, this is not enough….

flipflopsneeded says:

The loop video made me sick.

Liam Ackermann says:

They should make this in a 20. Would have bought it if it was larger, would’ve saved me a lot of time and running around. Ended up going with the nuvo fusion 20. Great first tank.

David Tang says:

For a beginner do your research before ANYTHING .

Thomas torode says:

5:45 people who want to own a reef aquarium as a “decoration” should not have one.

John Zimm says:

It looks cool. It would be neat to get one and do exactly what they say and see how it turns out. Thanks for the video.

is_that_evan says:

get the Fuck out, Let me choose my livestock

Donovan Del says:

I was gonna do my own 10 gal build but i may try this

BADU GM says:

It would be great if only it was bigger

tyrone burgess says:

take a look at this looks real interesting for

cplcouture says:

Now 499 plus 60$ shipping!


Honestly what I like the most is the kitchens that they show on your video lovely stoves and lovely kitchens furniture definitely European


for me its the same as the bio cube got me through the first week of the new hobby. i love my bio cube but i added and threw away alot now its a mod cube

Franklin Michael says:

in their indiegogo campain it says that 400$ is a 50% off of their final price. 400$ would be reasonable, 800$ for such a small aquarium with one coral is a rip off.

TexasReeferUSA says:

Great video!! Thanks

shuwen Huang says:

for beginner, i would recommend them to do the saltwater aquarium step by step instead of directly to all in one.

Alex S says:

RBT in a brand new nano tank…. asking for trouble

camryds says:

Everything with this package is okay — the ONLY Thing i’m afraid of is the rainfordi gobi dying and then then polluting the tank. As far as the rainfordi gobi, I love it — I was never able to keep one alive, even with tisbe and other pods. I want to know what they include to keep the rainfordi alive and happy. since those are temperamental fish with food.

Chris Viscønti says:

good video love the channel!!!

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