An Introduction to the Fluval Roma 240 Fish Tank Aquarium

We have had this tank established for a few months, I wanted to film a brief introduction to the tank. I highly recommend the Fluval.

Any questions or comments, please pop them in the comments and I will try and come back to you.



Jazz G says:

Could you tell me the make and model of the filter please

mark barnard says:

I’ve noticed the input connection under the tank is leaking a bit.will I have to drain water down below input level in tank.i think if I try and tighten it I could leak everywhere and go on electrics.theres not enough room for two pairs of hands inside….

Alfie Howie says:

Do u get any leaks from underneath.Just got mine today and av stupidly put it right above pluge socket av not filled it yet waiting on sand

DjXtreme says:

MATE!As I said before.I found information about the light.important is lumens no wats because is LED the light is has only 1270lumes what is nothing.I spoke with aquatics and the tank 240 l need it minimum 10000lumens.I already order it light from other in UK is have to spent at least 600 quit to get that way.from my country light with 11230 lumens and 6000k.that will be different this!

fish / Geek says:

I’m looking to get this tank. Would the fluval 406 fit in the cabinet? I’d keep the 306 as a back up.

I was also alittle concerned about the filtration coming in from the bottom of the tank.
Did u get round to making that filter video. Would like to watch that if you did.

Beginnero 33 says:

Hey DUDE!You forgot most of the important part what is nessesary..Where is information about lighting ?How many lumens have it:Its inaf strong for all plants?

mark barnard says:

Do the output nozzles move up and down as well as sideways

mark barnard says:

I think I will put on another jubilee clip above the existing one just to be sure

sarah jane wilkinson says:

Wow. I’ve got same tank. Can I ask why did the base take you 2 hours to put up. My hubby did it in 45 minutes it was so easy. Beautiful

Richard Brown says:

How are you finding the filter connectors, I have been offered a new roma 240 with stand for £499 but am worried about the way the intake and outlet get into the tank…

jericho2877 says:

will any of the fluval fx series filters fit in cabinet?

bettybobo99 says:

Had my eye on this tank for a while, definitely decided on it now. Pond planet still have it on for £529 and if you sign up with email you get 5% off your first order too, knocking about another £26 off it. Thanks for the video, one of the most useful and clearest on you tube. I was thinking of buying the spray bar extension for the input pipe, anybody tried this?

GoogleMe says:

Where can you purchase for 400? I am getting it on friday.

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