Aqua culture .5 gallon betta view fish tank review

I review the Aqua culture betta view 1/2 gallon aquarium fish tank. It is about $5 from walmart and comes with a divider. Thanks for watching:)


TimmyME says:

Looks cheap and terrible. Who would ever want such trash in their home?

ChampionChad says:

Just do you know,a .5 gallon tank is like you living in a SMALL bathroom.

Layla Pratt says:

Oh thanks for getting back to me so quickly

Amelia T says:

That’s a male

Jenna a says:

Okay , so I know we all make mistakes but this betta needs a bigger tank. The minimum for a betta is 3.5 gallons and this is way below that. Anyone who is watching this who needs to know more about bettas this is not a good video to watch because this is not very good information. I have a 5 gallon for my betta and he’s very happy so do your research before getting a animal.

Diego's Dc says:

thats for a smaller fish not the betta

Raahim Hussain says:


Ghost says:

wish I could find link 🙁

Elias Zambrano says:

That’s not 5 gallon that’s 1/2 gallons

The Diabetic's Journal says:

I bought one of these before I knew much about bettas.  Now I know that this is way too small for a betta.  I now have a 5 gallon and my betta is super happy.  These little half gallon tanks aren’t good for bettas at all.  In fact, they probably aren’t good for any living aquatic creature..

Just8 Bits says:

That tank isn’t a half gallon in capacity, the box says that because of the divider, and they assume that you using the divider, giving the betta 1/2 a gallon of space. So, taking out the divider means that the tank actually holds 1 gallon, if you don’t believe me, just go get a gallon of milk and compare their capacity.



Jayden Cool says:

I think this is big enough for a a desk and a beta so yah

roy marquez says:

I buy that tank and I don’t like it

l l says:

way to small for a betta!!!!

shirley martinze says:

The thing that is good you can put them in there for water changes

Layla Pratt says:

Where did you get that tiny heater?

Mr.Endercat HD says:

Hell nah this is way too small!

Axel C says:

If you put your fish in this you are an actual animal abuser

Ghost says:

thanks for the upload!

BrunoTheHamster says:

Boi 5 gallon is the minimum

Ryan Russell says:

you could fit two guppies in there but that is all you could put in there tho

ST0RM says:

It’s a good hospital tank for bettas that’s what I use mine for

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