Aqua culture 5 gallon fish tank/aquarium kit

I unbox the aqua culture 5 gallon led aquarium kit from walmart. It was about $30. Thanks for watching:)


Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank says:

I just got a new small tank like that so I am going to put small fish in the tank

David-Christian Clark says:

I got mine for $15.00.

Daniel says:

Is this food for a betta and 6 neon tetras? And is the filter good because when u look at the live Walmart fish they get stuck on the filter and this is Walmart brand so is the filter really good for 7 fish

Ugandan Freddy says:

And my 20 gall for 86 dollars

Gavin Seaver says:

Do a fish room tour 2016

Monkeypieo MSP says:

Im getting this tank for my betta 😀

Ethanfishz SG says:

I place a red tail catfish i there since it was a baby, it’s been 2 years now it’s still alive

Jack Plays - Roblox&More! says:

I have a 5 gallon with 7 tropical fish, But I Bought a bigger filter and It seems to do fine.

Miguel GutierrezYT says:

How much did this tank cost?

Giancarlo Soto-Cervantes says:

I got 2 Quality top fin 5.5 tanks for the same price as this cheap one, don’t waste money on things that will end up not working

Soraima Deniz says:

Hi can you please tell me the measures of the tank? Thank you!

Haha You loose says:

They got three goldfish on the package those three goldfish need a 30 gallon tank aqua animal abuse

Junior Meza says:

you sound like a piece of shit

Ugandan Freddy says:

I got my 10 gall for 33 dollars

Lazy Town And Food Reviews M8 says:

If I were to get this it would be for my beta. Out of the fish possible which ones can I put with it and how many? My betta is male.

Kingdom Hearts Daily says:

I got this tank and the filter started to leak within the first week. Worst investment i ever made.

Charlie Yang says:

I went into my Walmart to get a tank for my koi betta and I went to one of the tanks and the fish of the month was a iridescent shark and on the sticker it said they need minimum of 10 gallons…
Me: Why? This fish can get to 4 feet long and weight up to 200 pounds. You would need either a giant tank or a pond!!!!!!!

BoltGaming says:

goldfish do not need a 20 gallon tank for one unless its huge

I T says:

I’m saving up for this for my betta

GamingGyoza! says:

In this tank

Matthew Zito says:

I wish they would just stop putting stocking suggestions on the box. Bad info is worse than no info.

Daniel says:

Will I need a heater and a air pump and also a air pump for a betta and neon tetras

Venom says:

I have 1 pleco and 5 Cory’s and 2 guppies they have been living in it for 2yrs and they are happy.

Serena Marsh says:

the wire goes in the tank?

Bruno de Oliveira says:

I just got the same one but 10 gallons instead of 5 it wasn’t a good deal for the 5 gallon
5 gallon 27:97$
10 gallon 29:98
see that’s exactly why is not a good deal


Will says:

I baught it and put 3 GOLDFISH IN IT

LonelyMexican says:

Hey we are keeping 2 common goldfish in one of these tanks but my sister and I dont trust this filter is their a better filter that i can use?

nikki joyce says:

Have you had any problems with the tank leaking? I have the 10-gallon tank and I have not opened it yet due to some of the comments online stating the tank leaks.

Gymnastics Fantastics says:

Hickster58 will u please tell me how the filter is I bought the tank today along with another filter not realizing there was already a filter with the tank??

Lv Rider says:

Does the filter hurt Betta fins? I’m scared it will be too strong

Ivanna G says:

+Hickster58 Does this tank come with the filter cartridge?

Naomi'sAnimals says:

I’m trying to find a tank that is a good size but not to big ://

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