aqua culture aquarium starter kit 10 unboxing

Unboxing of the aqua culture aquarium starter kit 10. Check out my channel to watch my setup guide and review.


Jessica Albarran says:

where do u buy the light replacement for this kind of hood??

sungodApollo says:

Wanted to check out the LED lighting cover on.

Robert Bragg Jr. says:

Yours looks nice I can’t wait until I get mine soon cause the kinda fish I am keeping is comet goldfish but I might end up doing a tropical environment community fish tank lol but nice video

BIGTOOO9 says:

Great video can’t wait to see the setup

Bri Bri says:

How much was it?

TheBGBstudio says:


Alberto Rodriguez says:

How much was it?

Cameron Cole Plays says:

I would not suggest that filter get an aqua tech 10 it is way better than that tetra 2-10. The tetra 2-10 is more like a tetra 2-5.

Angelu Quijencio says:

Did it have any leaks

mao dsi says:

I got this for a rose petal halfmoon betta and some neon tetras, and I think the filter was wayy too strong for them. The waterfall pushes the betta down, and after two days, he died, because he his extra long fancy fins got suctioned into the filtering openings. He was suffocating and had some damages, so he died. My tetras couldn’t swim around when I turn it on. I found the delicate fishes stuck on the openings and all died. I think the filter is too strong for a small tank. I don’t think this is suitable for very small fishes or very slow fishes. I think it’ll suck in baby fishes and etc…

BIGTOOO9 says:

Video coming out next week

Adam Barber says:

I looked in target for this fish tank and found it in Walmart

DiscoMovilMartinez says:

i got this one too about a month ago and it is a great tank let me give you and advice what i did i got blue leds waterproof from abay 12v and cut the white ones that came with the tank i put double side tape to stick to the hood and then install the blue ones than i bought glofish and it looks great of course you can get any color leds you want…i hope it was a good advice 🙂

Aqua Watcher says:

fish tank update just uploaded! check it out thx

Denna Marie Valdez says:

I just got one too

Savage Ness says:

It’s glass or plastic ?

Angelu Quijencio says:

did it have any leaking problem.

Insert Name Here says:

Can 3 goldfish fit in that same tank?

Bruno de Oliveira says:

I just got the same one but I think that they changed the box

Candy Lanes says:

walmart aquariums

Angelu Quijencio says:

$30 that’s pretty cheap was it on sale

Insert Name Here says:

Is this a ten gallon tank?

jessy martin says:

wheres the setup vid?

TotalGamer 890 says:

Can you put tropical fish in the tank

I T says:

should I get this or a 5 gallon for my 1 elephant ear betta fish?

Nonya Busi says:

Senseless as no skill is needed to unbox… the set up as in the tank with water the filter put together and running, assemble lights on hood….

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