Aqua Farm Review

This is a review video of the Back to the Roots Aqua Farm V2. This video is recorded after having the Aqua Farm running for close to three weeks.

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Amalia Arriola-Siefker says:

love your tank, did you put in al the rocks to the top of each little basket ?

Sarah Dobbins MUA says:

Did you have problems with the seeds falling through the grow stones and ending up in the tank? I’ve removed the ones that fell through and now that the plants are making roots they’re less susceptible to falling through the wholes. It makes me crazy because they try to get sucked up by the pump. I am considering dousing a layer of gauze in fish water and rubber banding it around the wholes that let the water back into the tank.  

Stephanie Ray says:

Where does the heater cord go? Is there other filter media also or just plant roots?

Stefan Daniele says:

I must say this … people MUST really wash the pebbles or sand or rocks that they got THROROUGHLY before putting them into the aquarium!!! Because even with this aquarium I’m seeing various sand or dusty debris floating in the water which makes it look cloudy and unclean, and it’s really not good for the fish!!!

Dave's Aquarium Journey's says:

I love seeing systems like this the only thing I dislike is when there sold not enough info go’s out about how to care for the fish and that is not the consumers fault he’s told he can just buy this kit and throw a beta in it and the producers of this kit recommend betas bc they can take the most punishment but they should tell you to research the fish you get for the tank what water requirements ph hard or soft what tempeture Bette prefer upper 70 low 80 ph average around 7. I love this idea I just wish more thought went in the care of the living thing there product is supposed to help care for a fish keeper must know the nitrogen cycle and other basics it’s not complicated at all so I don’t know why a product can’t come with a pamphlet about things like that and extra knowledge like for example be carful of plastic plants with the beta bc there fins are fragile beta stay at the top of the water and prefer a leaf hammock or plant to rest in betas don’t like to be in a tank with nothing in it they feel most secure when they have a cave or plant to hide in. It’s a great idea though

YKLB Fish says:

A goldfish also works too, very hardy fish, but only a temporary fish.

Sarah Dobbins MUA says:

Your roots look so nice and white. Have you ever had any problems with them turning brown at all or finding brown spots in the plastic tub?

Sarah Dobbins MUA says:

Nice to know it’s not just me. I’m thinking it’s an oxygen problem. If this were meant for higher production there would be an air stone and a bell siphon involved.

EeeE Ddd says:

OK I guarantee you the fish you bought has been living chemically treated water that are not meant for human consumption and now you’re going to mix that altogether and then eat these plants

Taylor Russell says:

I recommend putting a small heater or red grow lamp to it to warm the betta


How much did the aqua farm 3 gallon tank cost

Happy Hammies says:

The tank is to small, and betta fish needs a heater, and if you really want a fish in there, go to the toy store and buy a plastic one. A plastic one is the same thing, its just you dont need to do any work.

Jillian Leigh says:

You said you keep your house cold, please get that poor fish a heater.

Jeremy R says:

Does a Goldfish work in here?+

Travis Ramirez says:

does the aqua farm require to be plugged in or need batteries?

Tiffany Vu says:

any updates?

Jaxson Heggem says:

What’s the price

Endfinx says:

Still clean the tank

Makaykay Lazare says:

I have the same pump as you…mine seems to be not pushing water….how did u set it up?

Susan Hopper says:

how do you keep the water so clear I’ve seen this guy do the set up and after a month he went to clean it, it was still cloudy

jeanineflynn says:

I have one and love it!!Your betta fish does need more plants to hide. Petco carries betta friendly silk plants safe for their fins. I also have a snail to help keep the tank clean.

Roteek O. says:

There is no real growth in those plants, they’re just sprouts. Very leggy sprouts. Meaning they’re reaching for light but it’s insufficient and will eventually die. You can grow sprouts just like those with only water, so if you’re using this to only grow sprouts, it’s a bit pointless. With the addition of sprouts not consuming the nitrates as you’re harvesting before they can develop and settle. Your fish will die this way, so I would do water changes until you get more matured plants on there. Try some herbs and put them near a window for more sunlight. You will get more algae, but you can wipe it down if you don’t like it. Algae isn’t bad for your fish, but it is for the plant’s roots, so make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. You can also get an algae eater to help you out.

P.S. I know this video is two years old and you may have learned some of this stuff, so this is just in case you are still doing this and info for other people.

Edit: And get a heater for the fish if the water is below 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cherie Speese says:

Betas are actually tropical fish and do need a heater! They like there water in the high 70 degrease!

Charnay Peacock says:

How often do you clean the tank?

Mellody Pennington says:

Do you actually eat the herbs you grow?

Janet Webster says:

Wow! Yours looks beautiful. My plants have yellowed and began to die and the water has a brown tint. Suggestions?

Mx 636 Nxt says:

Does the fish look okay yes it does now shut up

Angelinabug says:

Your betta is so beautiful

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