In this video I will be reviewing my Aqueon 65 gallon aquarium. I have had this tank for over a year now. Watch for an update on how my aquarium is holding up and what fish are currently occupying this tank!


ReelinTension says:

looking at this tank and the 75 gallon tank that they sale at pet smart. Can you tell me if this tank stand is made out of reel wood and not that mdf stuff.. Thanks in advance

Trevor Whitley says:

I like the video I subscribed to your channel can you subscribe to mine

Anything Axolotl says:

Looks like a great aquarium and stand. Thanks for a good honest review.

Milwaukee_414 says:

Nice Video , Very Informative!

Sherry Swinney's Fishroom says:

Nice review on your 65 gallon.  Loved  all the information.  subbed

Deon 0026 says:

Haha look at the cat he wants food

Scottie_ R_Jr says:

Nice setup man. Keep up the good work

E. J. Brinegar says:

Dear Sir:
I’ve used plastic plants with weighted bases for years.  I have enough of them so that I always have a 5-gallon bucket of them soaking in bleach water to replace the ones which I remove from a tank when I do a water change.  This is because the bleach water completely eradicates the unsightly algae.  I rinse bleached plants thoroughly before adding them to a tank, of course.  You can also add dechlorinator, but I haven’t needed to do so when doing only about a 10-gallon water chance in my 75-gallon tank or my 112-gallon tank.  If you don’t want the plants to get moved around by digging cichlids, I’ve also used lace rock with cichlids.  I have soaked it in bleach water using the same rotating method with successful results.  I think that lace rock would look very nice in this tank, especially if you add a natural-looking backdrop.
Keep up your, great aquarist hobby and videos!  
E. J. Brinegar

Amadeus Sertain says:

I’m Amadeus sertain

Matthew Moore Cichlids says:

Subbed u up Ernie! Looks great. Excellent review. check us out you might enjoy it!

Tim's fish says:

Great video, just subbed

ReelinTension says:

Do you have any tiny bubbles in the seams when you filled your tank with water.

bullitlbc says:

What filtration size do you have

Sam Melyanets says:

Good review! I subscribed!

Zzz Yyy says:

its too bad aqueon doesnt make a 55 gallon assemble. not sure what fish benefit from having such a deep tank but not long so they can swim back and forth

David's Fish Tanks says:

I have same tank man great video !

Matthew Fragola says:

Wow very nice tank!

Fish Keeping Jamaica says:

Hi, interesting vid. How about I sub you, you sub me?

Mohd Haroon says:

Ur aquarium dimensions

Brian and Xman's Aquariums says:

Nice video, i like entire set-up. I have a few aqueon aquariums and i am happy with them all. I subbed your channel, thanks for stopping by my channel.

Rod Cichlid City Harrington says:

Thanks for the sub, subbed you back…. btw the tank and stand are nice!!

D Aquariums says:

Very nice fish and tank. You may have to upgrade size for the flowerhorn later on. Great video. I just subscribed.

pavan kumar.m says:

Super good tank.. beautiful

Jaclyn Gallant says:

My aquarium looks fantastic I think you should do yours just like mine, emjoi theme. Poop emjois all over, not bothered!

Deon 0026 says:

Awesome aquarium I love aqueon

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