Aqueon Betta Falls quick look review

Hey everybody, this is my first look/first thoughts on the new Aqueon Betta Falls fish tank. It has 3 separate compartments so you can have 3 bettas in it without them trying to kill each other! Looks like it should be a nice tank, I’ll do an update once I add in gravel, decorations and of course, bettas:) Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it.


Dennis Younger says:

too bad you mumbled….

Ajplayer1212 articwolf says:

This kills fish because they are sucked under

Blake Martin says:

Tank is too small


1) what are they made of
2) what would you recommend? Gravel, sand or glass pebbles
3) how many liters does the smallest compartment hold


is it good guppys, frys any other fish like chiclids.?

taskmasterblaster says:

People need to understand that just because Bettas can survive in less water than other tropical fish does not mean they enjoy having only enough room to hover on the spot. 5 gallon minimum for any small fish people, seriously.

Russia CCCP says:

So you are transferring bettas from cups to a larger cup? This tank is horrible.

Hickster58 says:

I uploaded an update yesturday to this tank, check it out on my channel!

James Straub says:

This Setup Is A Menace. Deadly to the fish. Do not buy this.

shanice turner says:

this tank is horrible

Mic Micson says:

Hi, Hick,

I am looking for Aqueon Kit Betta Falls for Aquarium, Black ONLY (not three glass aquariums). Because black aquarium had been cracked. So, do you know where to find ONLY black aquarium? Thanks.

Gen X says:

I hope one of the big aquarium manufacturers see’s this design and makes a much bigger version – I’ve been looking for a multiple tank setup that cascades like this one does and like the way it curves round, but it’s way to small, I have a Fluval Duo 800 in the corner of my dining room which will soon be replaced with Fluval Fresh 90 as I like the modern aquarium look. Excellent eyecatching design and would definitely buy one only if it were available in a much bigger size 🙂

Jessica Agosta says:

I just ordered it but reading the comments now I’m scared

Kozo Maeda says:

can I use 100v outlet?

Amanda Harker says:

It’s a nice looking tank but it’s way too small. I wouldn’t keep any Bettas in it, it would be better if it was once piece. There’s simply not enough room for a proper environment, Bettas like to hide behind things and when given enough space they also show very vibrate personalities. My first Betta, Ben, was really curious he loved having the orniments changed weekly, he’d swim to the front of the tank when I went into the room, and he developed a cheeky habit of jumping at my fingers at feeding time. Betta are quite intelligent, more so than schooling fish (I’ve got anther tropical tank with a couple of different schooling fish) and yet so many people don’t give them a chance to express it because they’re kept in tanks which are too small and often boring. Do your fish a favor and buy them a bigger tank, change the decorations often, and keep them nice and warm, and they’ll be a lot more active. 

r says:

This tank SUCKS. I just came home from the mall. ( Gone 2 hours ) and the filter sucked up my Beta from the back tank. I panicked and unplugged the tank, and removed him. He lost half of his fin and his tail is RIPPED. Kopitar’s new name is Nemo. Thanks tank, you almost killed my baby. 
Don’t get me started on the first tank. My baby I’ve had for 3 months now, Tristan, is low in health due to fin rot, which I cured a week or so ago. He was getting caught in the filter, and I had to turn it off. He is okay now that it is off.
This is a good tank without the filter/waterfall feature. But with it, it is a DEATHTRAP! Do not buy this tank!

Emilee Payton says:


erik perez says:

I read. that they were bad for bettas

Melissa Jekic says:

Is this a self cleaning tank? So
I don’t have to take the fish
Out and change the water clean the gravel
And plants and all

TheBoredGuy97 says:

$50 sounds like a lot for 3 small tanks with 1 filter. Great video, but too much money.

Kinda Blake says:

Do not add bettas!! Babies may be all right but bettas need a 2.5 GALLON TANK ATLEAST! Please do not put them in there.

Wish Martinez says:

If it was bigger i would buy it for sure. my bettas like to swim. they would be crammed in their.

Avenged says:

aqueon is like james comey full of lies

steven bone says:

I’ve got 2 of these its easy to add a heater. but it’s hard to clean of the algae

Liz Roberts says:

I really like this setup although I wish it came in a larger size. (.4 gallons is kinda small for adult bettas) However I feel you add a heater at the bottom you could get baby bettas from Petco and this would be good! It’s convenient as well how you can adjust the flow of the water. Thanks for the video.

Rochelle Kern says:

How do you keep it heated?

Cassandra dionne says:

Is it plastic or glass ?

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